Secrets and Lies: The Statement – Serious Jail Time (Review)


Right up until the last few moments of Secrets and Lies “The Statement” we had John Warner, the patriarchal head of the Warner clan and current owner of the family business as the top suspect for Kate’s murder. His little talk with Amanda and Eric and his sad confession that he only wanted to protect his family shoved John Warner into first place.

That statement, added to the fact that he lied about the flip phone, made is seem all too obvious that he was the one who tossed Kate Warner off the office building roof.  He also apparently knew a lot more about Eric’s wife than he let on previously.

There are, however, more suspects than you can shake a stick at.  The Warner family do, as the title suggests, have more secrets and lies than your average family run business.

Patrick, who proved that he can commit major fraud when he puts his mind to it, still looks good as a suspect.  Even Danny the cop could be seen as a viable challenger for the crown. There is, however, one more major  suspect on the list.

Melanie Warner, the woman that no-one in the Warner clan would put out if she was on fire.  Ms. Unpopular has more than a few things against her.

Consider if you will, the whorehouse adjacent to the non-PGA certified golf course.   One of the many bought by Patrick with SEG funds and now serving discriminating golfer’s in town a varied menu of young hookers.

Eric talks Danny into searching the place after Patrick told him about it. Warner tells the cop that his missing daughter was seen there. There is one thing, however, that brother dear forgot to pass on to Eric.

Melanie, the blond bit of stuff that Patrick is married to, is running the bordello with all those golf carts in front.  Neil Oliver drops that bombshell  at the end of the episode when he mistakenly believes that Eric knew already.

This new bit of info could mean that Patrick, Melanie or even Danny can not be added to the list of suspects.  But Melanie as “Madam” seems to indicate that she was the one who “offed” Kate.

There is one bit of good news for Detective Cornell, other than her kid re-checkng herself into rehab, the M.E. found blood in the planter dirt. All Andrea  needs to do now is find out who it belongs to and Andrea will have the killer.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, the Major questions Melanie and proves to doubting Thomas Detective Ralston that the big boss knows what he is doing.

Eric learns that Patrick’s actions as a thief are endangering not only his family, but the company as well. That $12 million fraudulent investment may destroy them all. It could also cost Eric and his brother some serious jail time.

While Patrick, or more accurately his wife Melanie, now looks like the best pick for murdering Kate, there is still Danny to consider.  The big cop has a hair trigger temper and if he and Kate argued on that rooftop, he could very well have tossed Mrs. Warner off the roof.

Stepping away from the case, we got a look at Detective Anderea Cornell as concerned mother.  It was a nice touch that. Seeing the harsh and unforgiving homicide cop showing her maternal side was a bonus.  There are feelings under that grim exterior after all.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see if your favorite suspect turns out to be the killer.


Guest starring Jake Weber as Ethan Barrett, Al Coronel as Detective Oscar Reyna and Cole Bernstein as Jennifer Barrett.

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