Mike’s Film Talk is the culmination of four years spent building a site focussed on the entertainment industry. With emphasis on film, television, YouTube, gaming and literature as well as interviews with professionals from the world of entertainment.

We have interviewed executive producers and performers in the television industry as  well as show creators.

Mike’s Film Talk supports Independent filmmakers and actively seeks to review films on offer by the Independent community. Requests for reviews and or interviews should be sent to editor@mikesfilmtalk.com. DVD Screeners can be sent to PO Box 2254 Quartzsite, AZ 85346.

In terms of integrity no articles will be published on Mike’s Film Talk without proper research and proper source verification. Interviews will only be published with the express permission of the subject involved or their licensed and legal representatives.

This site is a member of Bing News and is currently averaging over 40 thousand visitors per  month and rising.

Any questions can be sent to Michael via editor@mikesfilmtalk.com.


Michael Knox-Smith
Michael Knox-Smith

Michael Knox-Smith has worked as an actor and as a journalist covering not just entertainment news but the world of hard news and investigative journalism. With over 33 years experience writing for professional publications, including United States Air Force Newspapers, Michael has covered news and special events as well as writing broadcasting scripts for live radio and commercial training videos.

MIchael is a member of the Nevada Film Critics Society.

Michael  has a keen interest in the entertainment industry and has worked in television, film and on the radio. His latest role was in the Independent film “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.” Michael is a trained journalist as well as a graduate of multiple university courses on writing.

He worked as journalist/editor/managing editor for two years on the Google news site guardianlv.com an on-line publication with over 7 million visitors per month.  Michael also worked for viralglobalnews.com; another Google news site,  as a reviewer and entertainment journalist.


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