Independent Film Submission

Independent filmmakers who wish to have their work reviewed need to follow these guidelines:

1] Please send all inquiries about reviews to or Inquiries should mention film length, genre and story outline.

2] After confirmation that MikesFilmTalk will review the film, any hard copy screeners, aka DVD’s need to be sent to PO Box 2254 Quartzsite, AZ 85346.

3] Online screeners need to be emailed to or with links to the account along with any passwords.

4] Films may be any length, either short film format or feature length film and should be listed for festival circuit at a minimum. In other words it needs to be a professional film. No YouTube amateur dramatics or, as another website has stated, some sort of political, religious message film. Adult films are also not appropriate for this site.

5] All submissions should be complete films. Nothing in post production, i.e. temporary soundtracks, et al. All should have cast and production information included in either the inquiring email or the posted package.

6] All films in DVD, or blu-ray, format should have proper cases and be in the final packaging.

7] Failure to respond to review  links forwarded will result in further requests being denied. We are reviewing your work for free, acknowledgment of the review is the least we require in terms of recompense.

8] Images should be sent via email with photographer credits attached. Image sizes cannot be smaller than 450X300. Any images sent that are smaller than 450X300 will result in the film not being reviewed.

9] Mike’s Film Talk reserves the right to refuse reviewing any films that do not fit the guidelines or issues of  time constraints.