Son of Zorn: Battle of Thanksgiving (Recap/Review)


In Son of Zorn “Battle of Thanksgiving”  Zorn gatecrashes the Thanksgiving day meal at Craig and Edie’s house.  After running a 5K charity marathon Zorn gets runners rash and we learn that Zephyrian males have more than one penis.

Zorn decides to hang out at the office for Thanksgiving and bonds with Linda who hates the holiday since her best friend growing up was a turkey. As Zorn and Linda talk, he decides to invite himself to the family meal.

When he turns up Edie is going to turn him away and Craig actually stands up for Edie’s ex. She allows him to join them and the first thing Roberta does is make fun of Zorn.

Zorn does try very hard to behave himself, even extending his pinkie fingers while eating. Roberta picks on Zorn throughout the entire meal. She suggests that he does not know how to put on trousers. He takes Craig’s trousers and struggles to put them on.

Roberta cranks up her campaign against Zorn and Craig comes to the rescue. He tells Zorn to come look at the soda pop collection and coaches Zorn on how to deal with Edie’s mother. He just has to agree with everything she says.

Roberta scuttles Zorn and Craig’s plan by telling him about a documentary she saw about Zephyeria  online. The whole family go to watch the program. The show paints Zorn as a wanted war criminal and his enemy Vulchazor as the hero.

Zorn destroys the television and rips a strip off of Roberta.  Edie’s mother goes to her room, or Alan’s room, and Zorn rants about the documentary. He goes to apologize to Roberta and takes her a piece of snorkleberry pie.

Roberta admits that she hates Zorn and believes that he ruined Edie’s life. She takes the slice of pie and slams the door. Zorn, enters the room and finds Edie’s mother laying dead on the floor.  He got the pie rhyme wrong and has killed Roberta.

After practicing on how to tell Edie he killed her mother, Zorn calls Dr. Klorpins to see if he can save Roberta. The doctor helps him out and Alan has to find the ingredients needed to bring her back from the dead.

One of the items is a “bone of the beast” and Alan grabs the turkey wishbone. Craig tries to take it back and ends up following Alan into his bedroom. He offers to help bring Roberta back from the dead.

Alan gives his grandmother the potion and it does not work. Zorn calls the doctor who tells him that he has to kiss her for the potion to work.  Craig follows the doctor’s directions, “more tongue,” and “you have to chew on her lower lip,” and it works.

Edie is angry that Zorn killed her mom. He apologizes and leaves. Roberta finally offers to pay for Alan’s summer music program if he never speaks to his father again.  Edie talks with Roberta and tells her that this is not okay.

Her mother then admits that she was picking on Zorn. Edie is disappointed in her mother’s behavior and Roberta leaves. Zorn sits in his apartment watching the documentary. Edie, Craig and Alan turn up to finish the meal.

Craig acts all soppy and Zorn swears at him.

Highlights of this episode include:

Painting eyes on Roberta’s eyelids. Simple, yes. And it has also been done before but it was funny.

Zorn’s “Wow I should have killed your mother years ago.”

Lastly, Jenny O’Hara’s guest stint as the ex mother-in-law from Hell was nothing short of perfect.

As a character Zorn is actually changing as each episode airs. He is not evolving in great leaps and bounds but his behavior is getting fractionally better.


The Son of Zorn continues to tickle the funny bone and manages to blend the CG animation with the real actors almost flawlessly.  (Check out the spray cheese can smacking Zorn on the face. It looks perfect.)

Son of Zorn airs Sundays on FOX. Tune in and get your giggle on.


Guest starring Jenny O’Hara as Roberta.

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