Quantico: LCFlutter – Games and Rhythm (Review)


Quantico begins with Alex doing a “Riggs” aka, yanking her shoulder out of joint to escape after Lydia tied her up. “LCFlutter” follows her abortive effort to keep up her John McClane act and teases the viewer with more Miranda contortions. The episode then moves into a rhythm and follows the games being played back at The Farm.

The rhythm became evident after watching the flashbacks where the class undergoes being tortured and then use what they learned on their instructor. Owen is put through the paces and only folds when the classmates go outside the scenario.

The suggestion to waterboard Lydia, Owen’s daughter, comes from Dayana, the same trainee who explained that putting rocks in the tub of ice would stop it moving. Turns out that the lawyer lied about her time in Zimbabwe. She appears to have learned her torture techniques from President Mugabe’s goons.

Back at The Farm, the lesson Dayana teaches her classmates is that threatening, or harming, someone the subject cares about will make them crack. Later, in the interrogation room, Dayana is the second “hostage” brought in to “break” Alex.

Before Parrish is taken captive, she calls Shelby and manages to get off six digits of the satellite phone used to give the terrorists information.  Miranda  palms off the tracked phone to her lover and just misses being caught.

When the terrorists threaten to kill Dayana, Alex “breaks.” She tells her interrogators that Lydia has the drives. Parrish also tells them they can track Lydia by her cell phone number if they turn off the cell phone blockers.

This move allows the FBI to get a snapshot of where everyone on the building is. A very smooth move from Alex. Dayana is clearly a plant. The first unfortunate chap was the real deal, easily distinguishable by his messy death after Alex failed to give up any information.

It is all games now. This is how, according to their training, to operate in the field.  Alex quite clearly set up the terrorists in order to give the outside agencies tracking events to get a fix on everyone.

The choice to use Dayana as bait has misfired. Alex would remember The Farm and the breaking of Owen as well as who suggested it.

The games continue as seconds after Alex goes to speak with Dayana, Harry, Chen and Leon come bursting through the door following the sounds of gunfire. They untie Dayana and Alex. Harry tells Parrish that “this is a rescue mission.”

It may well seem that way, but the clues point to all of the players in this scene, bar Alex, being on the other team.  Had Dayana not been chosen to “break” Alex the rescue would have seemed that bit more genuine.

Alex tells the small team of saviors that they need to head back to the bunker, where there are medical supplies.  She also says “I’m tired of playing nice.”

Doyle and his two amigos could well be the real deal, but it seems very unlikely.  For one thing the timing is very suspect and for another, how the devil did they know where Alex was?

This is, undoubtably, a big building. Plus, the terrorists have been keeping a tight lid on the hostages. Would they really slip up so much as to allow three of their captives to band together, grab weapons and escape?

Besides, if the lessons learned back at The Farm are to be believed, there has been subterfuge from within the FBI’s camp from day one.  There is also the question of Ryan Booth’s whereabouts.

He was taken out of the room and has not been seen since. Back at the farm, Booth is knocked out and given a burner phone. It rings and when Ryan answers, a voice on the other end of the phone tells him he has been chosen.

This must mean that Booth has now been given access to this season’s big bad, the AIC.  Another occurrence at The Farm has Shelby going undercover to spy on Leon.  Which in turn makes his part on the rescue team doubly suspect.

As it stands now, Alex is armed and playing along. This may be more fun and games on the part of the terrorist to find out how much she knows. There is a good chance that Lydia is not on the side of the terrorists at all.

Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.  Tune in and see if Dayana and the guys really are good guys.


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