Secrets and Lies: The Racket – Thrown Under the Bus (Recap/Review)


Secrets and Lies “The Racket” does indeed throw someone under the bus, a few someone’s actually.  Apart from learning who is actually running the Mint Hill brothel this episode allows Detective Cornell to actually focus on the case. Her new partner Detective Ralston is a lot more hands on this week and Danny helps Eric with his passcode problem.

As Cornell and Ralston look over the whore house that Eric’s wife runs, they discover hidden cameras and the hard drives. The drives have been wiped clean but vice have a sleeper camera outside the premises.

The cops have no warrant but they do have probable cause and later, when Ralston takes  Cornell to his old Vice stomping grounds, a colleague reluctantly agrees to hand over the pictures taken from outside the residence.  Cornell agrees to reciprocate by returning the favor.

Eric throws Patrick under the bus by giving his illegal activities and the proof of same to Cornell.  The detective arrests Eric’s brother and he then throws his “trashy” wife under the same vehicle.  She, in turn, promises to give up Kate’s murderer to Cornell.

This was an interesting episode. The finger of suspicion pointed to Patrick last week. The evidence found at the Mint Hill bordello sealed his fate in this episode and  prompted his removal from S.E.G. as well as his arrest.

Melanie was also taken in, Eric’s wife was picked up from her yoga class mid-stretch. Ralston, somewhat amusingly, says “Namaste,” to the instructor as they lead the handcuffed woman from the room.

Danny is still desperate to find his daughter Rachel. He comes within a gnat’s whisker of kidnapping Melanie Warner. Just as he posies himself to take her, Danny spots two Vice cops watching Patrick’s wife.

The New York detective was spotted by Ralston’s former colleagues on the sleeper camera footage and the detective who helps Andrea smiles at the obsessed father.  Patrick learns that Melanie has been sleeping with his lawyer and when the man enters the interrogation room, Warner attacks him.

Eric believes his brother and Melanie were blackmailing him and after Danny breaks the passcode on Kate’s iPad, they find that the tracker on the money moving.  Eric knows that both Eric and his wife are in custody so it cannot be either of them.

He and Danny follow the signal and Eric sees his father driving down the road where the tracker was pinged by the software. Once again, we are privy to the sadness and pain behind the carefully maintained facade that the Warner’s previously projected to the public.

Eric raised both his siblings since their alcoholic mother was unable and their father was away so often.  Patrick has always been desperate to be as able and clever as his big brother and father.  Melanie, is indeed, “trashy” as she worked in a brothel before she met Patrick.

Secrets and Lies has done a pretty good job of peeling back the layers of deceit and it looks like the Eric’s company and many of its main players  will end up doing jail time. Between the money syphoned off by Eric and the house of prostitution, S.E.G. will definitely be going down.

Juliette Lewis was spot on in this episode. Her character’s taunting of Patrick was crucial in forcing the man to turn over his wife. The writing this week was taut and followed a lot of trails that seemingly all ended up with the prime suspect(s) being a member of the Warner family.

Michael Ealy is splendid as the widower who is doggedly searching for clues while watching the company he inherited from his father crash and burn.

There are two episodes left in this season and it will be interesting to see who will actually wear the mantle of murderer.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see who actually killed Kate Warner.


Secrets and Lies: The Statement – Serious Jail Time (Review)


Right up until the last few moments of Secrets and Lies “The Statement” we had John Warner, the patriarchal head of the Warner clan and current owner of the family business as the top suspect for Kate’s murder. His little talk with Amanda and Eric and his sad confession that he only wanted to protect his family shoved John Warner into first place.

That statement, added to the fact that he lied about the flip phone, made is seem all too obvious that he was the one who tossed Kate Warner off the office building roof.  He also apparently knew a lot more about Eric’s wife than he let on previously.

There are, however, more suspects than you can shake a stick at.  The Warner family do, as the title suggests, have more secrets and lies than your average family run business.

Patrick, who proved that he can commit major fraud when he puts his mind to it, still looks good as a suspect.  Even Danny the cop could be seen as a viable challenger for the crown. There is, however, one more major  suspect on the list.

Melanie Warner, the woman that no-one in the Warner clan would put out if she was on fire.  Ms. Unpopular has more than a few things against her.

Consider if you will, the whorehouse adjacent to the non-PGA certified golf course.   One of the many bought by Patrick with SEG funds and now serving discriminating golfer’s in town a varied menu of young hookers.

Eric talks Danny into searching the place after Patrick told him about it. Warner tells the cop that his missing daughter was seen there. There is one thing, however, that brother dear forgot to pass on to Eric.

Melanie, the blond bit of stuff that Patrick is married to, is running the bordello with all those golf carts in front.  Neil Oliver drops that bombshell  at the end of the episode when he mistakenly believes that Eric knew already.

This new bit of info could mean that Patrick, Melanie or even Danny can not be added to the list of suspects.  But Melanie as “Madam” seems to indicate that she was the one who “offed” Kate.

There is one bit of good news for Detective Cornell, other than her kid re-checkng herself into rehab, the M.E. found blood in the planter dirt. All Andrea  needs to do now is find out who it belongs to and Andrea will have the killer.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, the Major questions Melanie and proves to doubting Thomas Detective Ralston that the big boss knows what he is doing.

Eric learns that Patrick’s actions as a thief are endangering not only his family, but the company as well. That $12 million fraudulent investment may destroy them all. It could also cost Eric and his brother some serious jail time.

While Patrick, or more accurately his wife Melanie, now looks like the best pick for murdering Kate, there is still Danny to consider.  The big cop has a hair trigger temper and if he and Kate argued on that rooftop, he could very well have tossed Mrs. Warner off the roof.

Stepping away from the case, we got a look at Detective Anderea Cornell as concerned mother.  It was a nice touch that. Seeing the harsh and unforgiving homicide cop showing her maternal side was a bonus.  There are feelings under that grim exterior after all.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see if your favorite suspect turns out to be the killer.


Guest starring Jake Weber as Ethan Barrett, Al Coronel as Detective Oscar Reyna and Cole Bernstein as Jennifer Barrett.

Secrets and Lies: The Parent – I Speak for the Dead (Recap/Review)


Secrets and Lies this week may just be the best episode of this season. “The Parent” focuses not on just one parent but several. We also learn a lot more about what makes Cornell run. Other revelations include the recently departed Neil having sex with Melanie.

The amount of lies and deception in the Warner family is staggering. While Eric keeps searching for answers he learns that no one in the family has been upfront with him.

Amanda lies to him about why her husband left and Patrick has followed Neil’s lead and quit the company as well. Kate’s secrets continue to unfold and Cornell has problems of her own.

It is the anniversary of her partner’s death. He was shot while they were out canvassing a neighborhood for witnesses. Cornell feels responsible and she is not allowed to investigate.

On top of her frustration about her partner’s unsolved murder, she is estranged from her addict daughter who lives with her ex husband. Cornell’s life, away from the job, is a mess. It is no wonder her countenance is sour and grim.

Eric learns that the woman on the security feed, in front of the building on the day of the party, is the adoptive mother to Kate’s child; Belinda.  He tracks her down after her husband Mike comes in to see Kate.

He learns that Kate wanted to meet with Charlie, her son, but Belinda was against it. Mike came in to smooth out the problem and had no idea that Kate was dead.

As he talks to the Peterson’s, Charlie comes and introduces himself. The young man saw Eric and Kate together, he says.

Detective Cornell has “adopted” a new partner; Detective Ralston. Her new partner has mixed feelings about working with Andrea. Major Bryant orders her to arrest the New York detective, Danny or face disciplinary actions.

Cornell takes Ralston to pick Danny up.  When they arrive the cop looking for his daughter is gone. Ralston accuses Andrea of warning Danny and leaves the scene angrily after checking her mobile phone.

Later Cornell meets with Danny and urges him to testify in the drugs case and leave the area. Andrea explains that her boss has left her no choice. Danny, however, refuses to stop searching for Rachel.Cornell tells the distraught father that she will arrest him if he shows up again.

Melanie aggressively confronts Eric about Patrick. She makes veiled threats and leaves angrily when they do not have the desired effect. It is interesting to note that no one in the Warner family likes or accepts Patrick’s wife.

Eric learns from his secretary that Neil and Kate had a major argument before she died. Apparently Kate caught Neil having sex with Melanie in his office.

Cornell meets with her ex, Ethan. The two talk in an interrogation room and the therapist brings up the anniversary of her partner’s death. Andrea is actually moved to tears although they are most likely tears of anger and frustration at not being allowed to work on her partner’s case.

Later, the detective meets with Eric. She admonishes him for speaking with the Peterson family. He asks what her stake is in the investigation and her answer is revealing.

“I speak for the dead.”

Beneath that cold and harsh exterior, Cornell does care deeply about the victim. Unfortunately she is not very good at showing the victim’s family that she cares.

Secrets and Lies is picking up momentum. Each episode peels back another layer revealing that no one is innocent of distorting the truth. Everyone has a reason for hiding things perhaps even Eric.

The series airs Sundays on ABC.


Guest starring Jake Weber as Ethan Barrett, Romy Rosemont as Belinda Peterson, Cody Longo as Charlie Peterson and Larry Poindexter as Mike Peterson.

Secrets and Lies: The Liar – Searching for Liam (Recap/Review)


Eric Warner is continuing his own investigations into his dead wife’s secrets and he is discovering more lies and unexplainable events. In “The Liar” he learns that Liam Connors, his wife’s favorite assistant, does not really exist.

As Warner puts the pieces together, he learns that Connors’ credentials were fake as were his references.  Eric also finds out that Kate meet Shane Campbell at a hotel. Warner also believes that Kate figured out Connors was a fake as well.

More is learned about the ex-girlfriend witness that Cornell dug up; Tina Sawyer. It turns out that Sawyer was a “bunny boiler” lover who tried to blackmail Eric into staying with her. Tina gave herself cuts and bruises and threatened to tell police that Eric beat her.

Amanda takes out a temporary restraining order against Eric’s former girlfriend and,  amazingly, Cornell pushes it through a judge and extends the time period of the court order.  It seems that the detective has taken Eric out of the main suspect spot for the time being.

Warner keeps bumping into Danny, the mysterious man who was searching Liam’s apartment and who beat up Neil.  The gun carrying stranger is searching for Connors as well.

Eric goes through the company’s CCTV footage and sees Liam leaving the building with a box. He can see the plate of the car Connors gets into. He asks Amanda to run the plate and goes to the address.

After banging on the door a young girl answers, seconds later Danny steps out from behind the door. Both men are looking for answers but it looks like Danny may be prepared to do whatever it takes to get them.

This episode of Secrets and Lies steps back from Kate’s pregnancy and centers on Eric’s search to reveal what was really going on in his dead wife’s life.  There is some focus on the family business and it seems that his father will not hesitate to get “rough” if he needs to.

We finally learn what happened to John Warner’s wife, she drunkenly fell down some stairs when Eric, Amanda and Patrick were children. She is in hospital and apparently in a coma. John visits her every Monday.

Eric initially believes that Kate was having an affair with Shane.  He learns that this was not the case at all when Campbell comes to see him.  (Eric came dangerously close to assaulting Shane the night before. Only the memories of the boy he killed in high school and, oddly, the death of Kate, stops him.)

Campbell reveals that Kate was investigating a hack of the company’s records. Someone was creating fictitious credit accounts and bilking the company.  Eric continues the investigation and shuts down a number of fake accounts.

He also figures out that the hotel where Kate met Shane was right across the street from the blackmailer’s drop off location. He believes that there is a connection between the two.

Secrets and Lies has managed to keep things interesting thus far. It seems that every rock Eric turns over deepens the mystery of who his wife really was and what she was up to.  At this point it feels like Warner is doing Cornell’s job for her.

The detective was a tad more “human” this week. She is still that stone faced and dour cop from earlier episodes but she has toned down the aggression factor a notch or two.

Amanda’s belief that Cornell’s gaze has shifted away from her brother may be very optimistic.  One gets the feeling that the detective is like a dog with a bone. Cornell  will worry her suspect until she gets what she wants.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC.


Secrets and Lies: The Husband – Repeat Offender (Recap/Review)


Secrets and Lies  this week reveals more about the murdered woman. In “The Husband” Cornell questions whether Eric is a repeat offender when it comes to murder. His sister Amanda “Mandy” actually points out that the detective put one innocent man in jail, Ben Crawford, and that she should not be a repeat offender in terms of her brother.

Eric learns more about Kate. She withdrew $100 thousand from his savings account. Also, the baby she had before meeting him was put up for adoption when she was 16.

All this gets to the grieving widower and he searches their apartment looking for evidence of even more secrets. Later in the episode his sister tells him to look in the bathroom.

They find a blackmail letter and a DNA report.

The company is struggling as clients demand to know what is going on. John Warner has been answering their questions and Eric takes over. He calls everyone on the list and explains what is going on.

On the way into work, he finds his best friend and co-worker Neil being worked over by a stocky blond man. Eric intervenes and the man runs off. Eric gives chase but is stopped by reporters in front of the building.

Later, Cornell talks to the men about the attack and Neil swears he has no idea who the man was. In fact, Oliver is not helpful at all as the detective tries to learn more. She produces a photofit of the assailant and Neil says nothing. It is Eric who confirms that this was the man who beat up his friend.

Eric is angry with Neil for lying and he tells him to leave.

John Warner gives his son the baby’s birth certificate. The one that Kate gave up for adoption. It is intended to give Eric some piece of mind.

After Mandy drops by and they discover the secrets in the bathroom, Eric wants to take the note and the DNA report to Cornell. It explains the 100K that Kate withdrew and he believes the report will lead to her murderer.


Amanda advises against it. She tells Eric that Cornell is convinced that he killed his wife. She firmly believes that the biased detective will take it as an attempt to distract Cornell from his own guilt.

Eric ignores her pleas and heads off to see Cornell. His father, already at the police station, stops him. John explains that Cornell sees Eric as the only suspect. As the two men stand talking the detective comes out of an elevator with an old girlfriend of Eric’s.

He changes his mind,  keeps the letter and report and asks Cornell about the secret post office box of Kate’s.

Kate’s assistant, Liam Connors, has not returned to work. His phone goes to voicemail and as he was a friend of Kate’s Eric gets his address and goes to check on him personally.

Outside the man’s apartment Eric discovers the door has been forced open and  there are sounds coming from inside the flat.  As he starts to call the police, the man who attacked Neil opens the apartment door.

So far Secrets and Lies is piling on the pressure. Eric Warner is being torn apart with all the things he has learned about his dead wife.  On top of losing her and their unborn child, there are Cornell’s allegations and her bringing up his juvenile murder conviction.  All this is driving him to distraction.

Incidentally, what Cornell is doing with the juvenile records is actually illegal and this may cause her problems later on.

Mandy bringing up Ben Crawford’s conviction, from last season, and his subsequent death in prison is disturbing. Eric may well suffer the same fate if Cornell has her way.

The news about Crawford reveals a lot about Cornell. She has a definite attitude, aka a chip on her shoulder and it shows.

Eric may be the innocent party here, after all Kate was meeting with her old boyfriend prior to her death.  Was he her baby’s father? Or, was he the blackmailer?

The former boyfriend has obviously been questioned as Cornell knew all about the visit. The mystery is deepening and it will be interesting to see who the blond man is and why he was in Liam Connors’ apartment.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see what poor Eric learns next.


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