Ben Woolf Dies From Injuries

Ben Woolf died on Monday from his injuries after being hit in the head by a car while he crossed the street on Hollywood Boulevard. The actor, whose glandular condition kept his height at 4 feet 4 inches, played Meep on the FX series “American Horror Story Freakshow”.

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Citizen Four: Disturbing Documentary (Review and Trailer)

Citizen Four: Disturbing Documentary (Review and Trailer)

Director, producer and cinematographer Laura Poitras reveals her interviews with Edward Snowden after being approached by him when Snowden sent her emails under the name Citizen Four and this disturbing documentary about the whistleblower who shined the light on the NSA and its illegal and nefarious spying on the public in the film. There may be someone in the world who has not heard of Snowden, or Julian Assange or the NSA or the FBI but it is unlikely unless said individual has been living under a rock or in outer space. Snowdon is the American who now lives in Russia, until further notice, and is “the world’s most wanted man.”

Twitter Teens Changing the Application?

Twitter Teens Changing the Application?

According to many media sites teens are leaving their prior social application of choice, Facebook, and signing up to Twitter, with the possible result of changing the face of their new networking site. Proof that the micro blogging site is undergoing a certain amount of evolutionary change is apparent from reading the news or Twitter.

Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter

Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is suing a pharmaceutical company, aka a drugstore, that used a “misleading” photograph of her on Twitter as an advertisement. The paparazzi snap caught the 35 year-old actress and film producer walking down a New York sidewalk carrying two Duane Reade store bags. The company cheekily posted the twitpic shot of Heigl and linked it to a story which intimated that Katherine had been spotted in the drugstore back on March 16 this year.

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

About two years ago it became apparent that the way we watch TV has changed with the increased presence of the Internet, but waiting for the season four finale of The Walking Dead, in sheer agony wondering who will die and who will survive to the next season, it is clear that social networking has specifically changed how we react to popular and unpopular television. Shows like American Idol and X Factor already rely on social networks to spread the word of who has made into the next round and who’s been voted out.

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