Sky (2015): Norman Reedus and Diane Kruger Melodrama (Review)

Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus in Sky

Directed and co-written by Fabienne Berthaud (helming her third feature length film) Sky is a melodrama that staggers its way from Palm Springs to Las Vegas.  Starring Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus  as two ships whose paths cross in the town of Vegas, it follows a journey of self discovery and reluctant love. 

The film starts with Kruger as one half of a French couple who are in the American Southwest to tour and patch up their marriage. Unfortunately, Romy (Kruger) and Richard (Gilles Lellouche) come unstuck at a Palm Springs motel. He gets drunk and tries to rape his wife. Her reaction it to hit him in the head with a lamp several times. 

Romy flees the room and the husband she thinks is dead.

The first of the film meanders all over the place. She purchases a junker car for a $1000 and makes her escape.  Finally she turns herself into Detective Ruther (played by Joshua Jackson) who tells the French citizen that her husband is not dead. 

She visits Richard only to tell him that she is leaving.  Romy gets a lift to Las Vegas from Duane (played by Lou Diamond Phillips in a “blink and you’ll miss him” cameo) where she finally meets Diego (Reedus).

The two start an unlikely romance that deepens eventually into an uneasy relationship. Diego has a secret that he is reluctant to share and Romy, despite her claims to the contrary, falls head over heels in love with the veteran.  His coughing is alarming but like a true “old fashioned kind of guy” he explains nothing till later.

Lena Dunham has a small role as Diego’s sister-in-law, Billie.  Dunham does a brilliant job as the dumpster diving wife of Joe (Trevor Peterson). She is oddly likable even though Billie is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  

Overall, Berthaud gives us a film that wanders. It  loses itself at times but, to be fair, the director does get things back on track. This is clearly melodrama bordering on tragedy.

For a third of the film, Kruger’s character bounces from one place to the next and  meets  a variety of different people. (One of whom ends up dead shortly after talking to Romy in a diner.) The French woman seems to have plenty of money and the luck of the devil.

She is trusting, open and quite naive.  In reality, Romy would have wound up being a statistic.  She meets Diego in a casino and he thinks she is a hooker. Later she gets kicked out of the place she was staying and she contacts the man in the cowboy hat, Diego. This begins the next two-thirds of the film.

Kruger shines in the movie.  We fall in love with her character even as Reedus’s ranger falls for her.

In Sky Norman Reedus comes across as a modern day Robert Mitchum. He is laconic, deep voiced and a man’s man. The Walking Dead star proves that he does not need zombies or a crossbow to play a convincing character.

Sky is a solid 3 star film. The performances are top-notch but the plot rambles. The film is streaming on Netflix at the moment. It is definitely worth a look and Reedus fans will enjoy his performance, but may not like the ending.

Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus in May to December Romance

PDA of Emily and Norman at Hulu Plus Event
While it may be a little unfair to refer to the news of Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus allegedly dating as a May to December romance, but to be honest a lot of months in this supposed relationship lay between the two. 46 year-old Reedus plays Daryl Dixon in the AMC cult hit The Walking Dead and until recently 29 year-old Kinney played Beth Green in TWD.

The two characters got really close in season four, after the breakdown of the group’s prison sanctuary, only for Beth to be kidnapped and then killed in season 5. Many fans of the show believed that the two would have become a couple in the show had the younger Green sister lived. Certainly Dixon’s reaction was on par with a man who just discovered his true feelings for the girl. There was even talk of a petition to bring Beth back.

In real life, according to Emily, Norman was very supportive, and still is, with her transition from The Walking Dead regular to singing at concerts. Firstly it was all about texting and showing up at conventions and singing gigs. This attention to Kinney has led to love according to a source close to the “new” couple.

Other media publications are full of pictures that seem to prove that with that much PDA going on, there can be little doubt that the two former cast members have found love between the cons.

Kinney was distraught and shocked to learn of her character’s death as were her many fans. Beth may not have existed in the comic book world of The Walking Dead, but she was a favorite in the TV verse. Sadly, her story was cut cruelly short just as the girl’s character arc made an upward swing. That Beth died so soon after growing so much was bitter and ironic, proving that she did not “need” Daryl apparently doomed the girl.

Reedus has been a fan favorite from the beginning. The crossbow carrying laconic character, brother of Merle, was rumored to be gay or have a thing for Carol. In real life, Norman, father of a 15 year-old boy, named Mingus, is now attached to Emily Kinney, although the romantic aspect of their relationship is a recent thing according to sources.

Looking at the pictures splashed across the Internet, the two seem to be in that delirious stage of the relationship where they find it hard to not touch one another. While a chorus of “awww’s” may be drowned out with loud hisses of dismay, Norman as Daryl is the show’s biggest “pinup,” the two do look very happy and excited about this recent development.

‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Killing His Darlings

‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Killing His Darlings

The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have gotten the formula for success right, with the comic creator killing his darlings on the television show at opportune times. The voluntary sacrifice of Beth Greene, who does not exist in the comic verse of the dead, managed to skyrocket the mid season finale rating through the AMC roof. According to TV by the Numbers from zap2it, the viewing figures for Sunday’s episode reached 14.8 million. This particular feat is not unusual for the television show that is apparently the number one series in the country, even beating out Sunday Night Football a staggering five times this year.

Inside The Walking Dead: Behind the Scenes Revealed

Inside The Walking Dead: Behind the Scenes Revealed

As if the Fourth of July marathon was not enough to get fans hyped up for season five of TWD Inside The Walking Dead, the special that took fans behind the scenes to reveal secrets of how the show works, piled on a little bit more excitement for those addicted to the AMC series. From stunts to makeup this show fave real insight on just how the “magic” happens.

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

About two years ago it became apparent that the way we watch TV has changed with the increased presence of the Internet, but waiting for the season four finale of The Walking Dead, in sheer agony wondering who will die and who will survive to the next season, it is clear that social networking has specifically changed how we react to popular and unpopular television. Shows like American Idol and X Factor already rely on social networks to spread the word of who has made into the next round and who’s been voted out.

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