‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Killing His Darlings

‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Killing His Darlings

The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have gotten the formula for success right, with the comic creator killing his darlings on the television show at opportune times. The voluntary sacrifice of Beth Greene, who does not exist in the comic verse of the dead, managed to skyrocket the mid season finale rating through the AMC roof. According to TV by the Numbers from zap2it, the viewing figures for Sunday’s episode reached 14.8 million. This particular feat is not unusual for the television show that is apparently the number one series in the country, even beating out Sunday Night Football a staggering five times this year.

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4 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead’ Robert Kirkman Killing His Darlings”

  1. One thing that disappointed me about Beth being killed off was how her character developed recently

    I loved how Beth was figuring out people’s motives and putting it all together

    She should have been smart enough to play dumb though

    She paid for her last confrontation with her life

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  2. I hated how they offed Beth! It was a powerful scene though.

    What really did it for me was the new and improved Rick Grimes. I like how he ran down the bad guy just like the bad guys did to Carol and Beth. We know the guy is full of it-there will be no compromises-he’s just saying anything to snow somebody else into letting him go. I think Rick knew that too and he knows the guy can’t be trusted so he tells him to shut up and shoots him

    Yep, Rick is better now. He is still human enough not to become a brutal dictator but hard times have made him smart enough to get it done when he has too

    Rick just shoved Daryl Dixon out of the way as heartthrob material in the opening scene

    Daryl who?

    Happy Carol survived. She went from a victim to the ultimate badass who could give Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name a run for his money, poncho and everything.


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