Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter

Katherine Heigl Sues Over Misleading Photograph on Twitter

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is suing a pharmaceutical company, aka a drugstore, that used a “misleading” photograph of her on Twitter as an advertisement. The paparazzi snap caught the 35 year-old actress and film producer walking down a New York sidewalk carrying two Duane Reade store bags. The company cheekily posted the twitpic shot of Heigl and linked it to a JustJared.com story which intimated that Katherine had been spotted in the drugstore back on March 16 this year.

Kanye West Plea Bargain Leaves Him Open to Lawsuit

Kanye West Plea Bargain Leaves Him Open to Lawsuit

Kanye West entered a plea of no contest to the battery charges brought against him for the assault of paparazzi Daniel Ramos in 2013; the rapper has missed any jail time as his lawyer set up a plea bargain which leaves him open to a lawsuit by the pap photographer. Despite the deal struck by his legal rep, West is still on a two year probation and must have anger management counseling as well as 250 hours of community service.

Lisa Kudrow Friends Should Not Sue Ex Friends

Lisa Kudrow Friends Should Not Sue Ex Friends

Lisa Kudrow has learned the hard way that friends should not sue ex friends because they might just lose and that is what the actress did; lose. She now owes her former friend and manager Scott Howard a huge settlement amount. $1.6 million in commissions not paid. The 50 year-old actress lost out to a jury who felt Kudrow had acted inappropriately in her dealings with her former manager.

Remember the Sophia Stewart Story? Well…

Remember the Sophia Stewart Story? Well…

Rather sadly, the story that I linked yesterday is not true. Read on…

The AfricanGlobe has printed a “clarifying” article retracting its early information.

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