Citizen Four: Disturbing Documentary (Review and Trailer)

Citizen Four: Disturbing Documentary (Review and Trailer)

Director, producer and cinematographer Laura Poitras reveals her interviews with Edward Snowden after being approached by him when Snowden sent her emails under the name Citizen Four and this disturbing documentary about the whistleblower who shined the light on the NSA and its illegal and nefarious spying on the public in the film. There may be someone in the world who has not heard of Snowden, or Julian Assange or the NSA or the FBI but it is unlikely unless said individual has been living under a rock or in outer space. Snowdon is the American who now lives in Russia, until further notice, and is “the world’s most wanted man.”

Kim Kardashian Bruce Jenner to Give Her Away After Kanye West Snub

Kim Kardashian Bruce Jenner to Give Her Away After Kanye West Snub

Kim Kardashian wants Bruce Jenner to give her away even after Kanye West snubbed Jenner by not inviting him to his surprise engagement party at AT&T Park. The lack of invite is not too hard to believe as sources say that the two men have never really spoken to one another.

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