Blindspot: Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron – It’s Complicated (Review)

 Blindspot - Season 2

After what seemed like an eternity, aka the mid-winter break, Blindspot came back with a vengeance.  Episode 10 “Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron” started off by letting us know that Patterson was the loser in that fight for the gun. Wounded and unconscious she is taken by Borden to Shepherd for questioning.

Things become quite complicated while the puzzle solving agent was held captive and tortured by Shepherd.  Roman, who was ZIP-ed by Jane in the mid-season finale wakes up wounded and disoriented. This does not stop him from escaping from the stranger next to him who claims to be his sister.

Nas is fired from her job by the new man we love to hate, FBI Director Pellington.  (You have to hand it to creator Martin Gero. No sooner do Weller and his team get past one grade A arsehat than the show’s runner gives them another to deal with.) 

Pellington blames Nas for the trap set by Shepherd. The deaths of 12 FBI agents are on her head, according to him, and he takes her out of the equation.  Borden, whose real name is Nigel Thornton, really does care for Patterson and does not kill her as ordered.

Roman is finally hunted down by constantly ringing his cell phone until he picks up. Jane repeats that she is his sister and that she wants to help him. He gives her directions, somewhat cryptically, and the team head to a diner to pick him up.

Despite having his memory wiped, Roman proves to be a tough customer. Shepherd, who is monitoring the call, sends her men to collect Jane’s brother. He gets the waitress and her daughter to leave before attacking the men.

After a brief shoot out, Roman is collected by Weller and Jane. They take him to the FBI headquarters for protection and questioning.

Shepherd proves to be as nasty as ever when she knocks Patterson unconscious after the special agent predicts that all her followers will leave her, just like both her children have done.  

Borden spares Patterson just as Weller, Tash and Jane arrive to save the day. Their vehicle hits  a land mine and is blown onto its side. Borden runs for it and Weller follows. Tash and Jane rescue Patterson. Weller, who is at a bit of a disadvantage after just being blown up, is bested by the Sandstorm mole who escapes.

Kurt still does not know why Shepherd is so intent on having him involved. Meanwhile, Pellington is questioning Roman who remembers nothing. He turns him over to the CIA. Jane and Weller arrive before they can remove Roman.

Weller tells Pellington that if he gives Roman to the CIA he will walk. Kurt also demands that Nas be returned. Angrily, the FBI director agrees to let Jane’s brother stay and tells Weller that if Nas makes any mistake, Weller will pay for it.

Roman starts remembering things from his childhood after Jane brings him a warm meal and his coin.

Blindspot managed to crank up the tension by yet again threatening fan favorite Special Agent Patterson. This time it seemed that she might not make it out alive after being tortured by Shepherd. While Borden did cave in at the last moment, it is clear that deep down he would have killed his temporary girlfriend/lover had she not talked him down.

It is complicated this season, even more so than the first season with its tattoo a week puzzles and the double dealing by various players. Agent Zapata, for example, managed to switch hit for the other team twice.

As seen by her reaction to Reade’s kiss, the agent doth protest too much methinks, it is clear that Tash still has that guilty conscience to deal with. Sure Edgar is her “best friend” but as he himself says, this move makes sense.

The complications continue as Kurt still does not have a clue about why he is so crucial to the final solution that Shepherd and Sandstorm are planning.  Nor do we.

Gero is playing this one very close to the vest. We still do not know just who the NSA mole is in Sandstorm, although Patterson did gain access to the mole’s phone and discover that one of Jane’s tattoos had been removed.

Roman may well turn out to be less stable than his sister. He was clearly upset by the carnage that Pellington showed him under questioning. His dreams are also full of misery and a young boy’s fear. He may crack before he can remember anything of use to the team.

Blindspot  is still providing some kick-arse moments and this episode was a nail-biting exercise from start to finish. This is good stuff and this return of season two was gripping and full of suspense.

On a sidenote: (One we have mentioned before.) If Martin Gero is going to continue putting Patterson in peril (See what we did there?) can we get a Christian name please. It would be nice to learn it is not “Special Agent.”

The series airs Wednesdays on NBC. Tune in and get caught up in the mystery.


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