Shadowhunters: This Guilty Blood – Hunting Jace (Review)


The return of Shadowhunters “This Guilty Blood” sees Jace still with his father Valentine. Alec has his first fight with Magnus and his mother goes behind his former fiancé’s back to take control of the Institute via The Clave’s “company man” Victor Aldertree.

Aldertree questions everyone and puts Jace on a most wanted poster, he forces Clary and Jocelyn to stay on lockdown and banishes Simon and Luke. He threatens to de-rune Isabelle and Jace learns that he has demon blood.

Valentine injected his son while still in utero and infected him to make Jace the perfect warrior.

The season two opener of Shadowhunters proves that the more things change the more they stay the same. There is still a power struggle going on in the Institute and Maryse works hard to protect her own standing in the community by following Aldertree’s orders to the letter.

At the start of the episode, Jace pulls a Hamlet and kills his father twice. Alas, poor Jace is only killing replicas as the real deal watches how well his son does in combat. Later, after being beaten repeatedly by Valentine’s minions, Jace is released and he tries to kill his father again.

Jocelyn has some catching up to do and the first shocking thing she learns is that Jonathan, aka Jace, is still alive. She agrees with Clary that lying is not something she should continue to do.

Luke allows Simon to stay on the docks but his followers chuck him out of the restaurant and put him in the storage room. Clary, after getting a hint from Isabelle, leaves the Institute and finds Simon. Jocelyn arrives shortly after and takes her cell phone and stele.

Clary’s mother is hunting Jace and when she finds him, along with Valentine, she tries to kill him. Valentine leaps in front of his son and take the crossbow bolt meant for him. As she re-arms the crossbow Jace takes his wounded father and escapes through a portal.

Alec and Magnes make up and just as the magician begins helping Lightwood to find his parabatai Alec senses Jace on his own.  But by the end of the opening episode, Jace has vanished once again, this time voluntarily, with his father.

This season of Shadowhunters starts off with a few instances of characters changing their appearance. Valentine puts his likeness on some of his demon army followers and Clary takes on the appearance of Aldertree to escape the Institute.

It would not be too farfetched to believe that the “Jocelyn” who tricked Clary and tried to kill Jace is not the real article either.  There is also the new interference of The Clave, whom Maryse called in to replace the new leader, which will obviously be a continuing problem this season.

This second season seems to prove that the younger members of the Shadowhunters cannot trust anyone over 30 (except for Luke) or anyone who represents The Clave. There are also plenty of Shadowhunters who willingly follow whomever is in charge. This puts Isabelle, Alec, Clary and Jocelyn in a very small minority.

Jace’s father also explains that the reason he “wanted” Clary is because of the demon blood he injected into him. It will, says Valentine, always make him want her.

Valentine then tricks Jace into breaking the Accord, aka the rules, before being wounded. The end of this episode feels like another Valentine trick, or set up, aimed at forcing his son to side with him.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays on Freeform. The next episode airs on January 9. Stop by and check out this “good-looking” cast and the demon war they are trying to prevent.


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