Con Man: Back to the Past and Dawn of Girth (Review)

Ep 9 Stan Lee 2

Just when it seems that Con Man cannot bring in any more celebs for cameo’s along comes Stan Lee, aka The Generalissimo, for a quick turn at “Shock-a-Con” in the VVIP room. After last week’s musical theme, this week sees Wray at the big con, the one that Jack has been so desperate for his Spectrum cast-mates to attend.

Wray arrives and upon entering his room finds that Bobbie has been living in his accommodation for three days. She has eaten his complimentary welcome basket, slept in his bed, and left it damp, and basically trashed the place.

Stutter is in his room, camouflaged as a potted plant, and he offers to shoot the last Hemsworth who is up for Doctor, Cop, Lawyer. The rest of the Spectrum cast arrive and Tiffany is still in rehab, Brenda has seven pounds of fat around her neck and Dawn still, seemingly, has the hots for Wray.

He kicks everyone out of his room and just as it seems that he and Dawn will have wild sex, she reveals that motherhood has changed her. She leaves to breastfeed one of the twins. After learning that her children are four years old, Wray asks why she is only feeding one. “The other one was getting hands-y,” she replies.

Wray goes down to speak with Jack who is in the VVIP room. Everything is free, laser surgery, manicures, pedicures, massages, et al, are included for the very, very important people. Wray is stopped by security until Jack clears him.

Once inside the room, Wray learns that another perk of being a VVIP, is to have a lifelike cardboard cutout to fool the con crowd. Wray does not have one as he is only an IP. Jack explains about his agent turnaround and just why he is so keen to have Spectrum made into a film.

Wray, touched that he old friend confided in him, begins to tell Jack about his journey only to find that Moore has departed and left  his cardboard cutout on the chair next to Wray.

Ep 10 Alan and nathan cut out

“Dawn of Girth” has the last remaining Hemsworth queueing up to get Wray’s autograph. He claims to be a huge fan of the actor. It is a ruse set up by Hemsworth to point out that Wray is a science fiction actor.

Girth appeals to the crowd and amid their cheers maintains that Wray could never convincingly play a cop, doctor, or lawyer. The “lost” Hemsworth is hoping that this puts him in the lead for Doctor, Cop, Lawyer.

Bobbie’s plan is for Wray to “sex up” the female star of Doctor, Cop, Lawyer, who is rumored to have co-star approval on the upcoming show. As the stars of Spectrum participate in group photos at the con, sans Jack who is represented by his cardboard cut-out, Bobbie keeps reminding Wray that he needs to have sex with Finley.

Dawn, who previously decided that she no longer found Wray irresistible, suddenly changes her mind. As the group gets smaller and smaller, Dawn goes on the attack.

Some of the standout moments in this episode had Stutter (Henry Rollins) as a plant and then part of the damp bed. The unhinged co-star is also selling guns, aka pieces of art, at the con and Wray accidentally causes the thing to go off.

The season two finale is rapidly approaching and the reunion of Wray with his old Spectrum co-stars promises to end things with a bang. (Pun intended.) Wray learns in episode 10 that Jack has not nailed down all the funding required to make the film.

As Wray tells his friend earlier, just seeing his old co-stars has made him feel crazy, and he worries for his own sanity. If Jack cannot get the film funded, he may well join his old pal/co-star on the “loony list.”

Con Man continues to be brilliantly funny and it is going to be interesting to see where the Doctor, Cop, Lawyer thing goes. Will Bobbie manage to get  Wray the part or will Finley Farrow opt for Girth Hemsworth?

Ep 10 Mindy

Guest stars Ricki Lindhome as Janey Carney, Josh Dean as Rico Java, Liam McIntyre as Girth Hemsworth, Laura Vandervoort as Finley Farrow.

Fresh Off the Boat: The Best of Orlando – Loving Constance Wu (Review)


Season three of Fresh Off the Boat has made it easier than ever to fall in love with Constance Wu and her brilliant comic nuances. In “The Best of Orlando” Wu, as Jessica Huang is the clear winner in the story of Louis forgetting to thank her after winning Orlando Small Businessman of the Year.

Her displeasure at being forgotten, along with Evan’s expert advice to his father, make her journey, and Louis’, the funniest bit of the show. Not to denigrate the Eddie/Emery/Grandma Huang trouser business tale. It too was amusing and it shows once again just how different Eddie is from his brothers.

This episode did feel very familiar, there was one where Louis did something that either displeased Jessica, or along those lines; gave an incorrect account of something, and had to ring all the neighbors and admit he was at fault.

This time around, he has to go around the neighborhood and read his “acceptance” speech to each house. So despite Constance Wu killing it in “The Best of Orlando” this episode did have a deja vu quality.

Constance Wu has had more than her fair share of comic moments in season three.  The previous episode, “How to be an American” also allowed Wu to shine. The actress is at her best when she gets all shiny eyed at the thought of being an American citizen or when she is making money.

As Jessica, Constance is able to express volumes without saying a word. While she is able to knock it out of the park with minimal effort via her dialogue, usually a sound or her endearing, and oh so funny, “Oh Louis,” in other episodes, it is Wu’s visage and her expressions that drive the comedy home.

The double act that is Ian Chen and Constance Wu also plays extremely well. Although this ensemble cast all bring something to the comic table. This week Eddie and Emery do knock off “G” (for Gangsta, or as Eddie whispers, Grandma) trousers that they sell at school.

The principle steals their thunder by buying the newest “real deal” and they find that between keeping Grandma Huang in Green Blow pops and her share of the cut, they have not earned a thing.

Evan helps Louis make things up to Jessica after the Orlando GMA cuts into his televised thank you to her with news of a Fez of armadillo’s that block traffic on the main road.

The instant devotion of the youngest Huang is brilliantly funny, as is Jessica’s belief that Evan is the smartest of their three sons. Clearly, the youngest Huang is a cut above his brothers, but Emery is just as studios as his little brother.

This Fresh Off the Boat episode is not the best of the season, except for Constance Wu’s performance, but the show is double dipping this week with a special show tonight for Chinese New Year,

Tune in and catch the show tonight on ABC.


Agents of SHIELD: The Patriot – Phil Coulson Back in Charge (Review)


So, at long last, Jeffrey Mace’s secret is out. The official leader of SHIELD is not an inhuman at all. He is, in fact, a manufactured hero set up by General Talbot as part of a PR exercise. The move was made to help rekindle the public’s faith in the spy organization.

Mace, a man that media made a hero based on one photograph,  was tasked by his country to serve and he did, as he tells Phil Coulson later.  Agent Coulson was surprisingly forgiving of the new leader’s lie. He does, however, explain that while Mace can continue to be the figurehead of SHIELD Phil will now resume operational control of the organization again.

The Aida/Darkhold/Agent May, storyline continues with the real May waking up due to the disturbing nature of the scenario being run by Aida. This violent reaction was caused by repeated trips, in May’s mind, to a relaxing spa.

Radcliffe tells the second Aida, or Aida 2.0, that she needs to reschedule the program running in May’s brain to include some sort of conflict. The scientist also realizes that with his new Aida, he needs to reprogram her responses to threats and make them less lethal.

The LMD May, still has no idea that she is an android. The robot’s responses, memories and instincts mirror that of the real Agent May. Later, when saving Mace, Mack and Coulson from the Watchdog soldiers, android May is injured.

Back at the base, the android discovers a lot of metal underneath her skin. Interestingly, LMD May does not mention this disturbing new development to Daisy.  The android keeps the news a secret.

Someone else who has a secret is Fitz. Rather than leaving the severed head of Aida 1.0 alone, as directed by Simmons, he lies to her and continues trying to fix whatever went wrong in her programming.

There was less levity in this week’s episode; no Yo-Yo and Mack double act bemoaning the stupidity of Radcliffe’s venturing into Terminator territory. This week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD was full of death, close to home deceit and a slow move forward in the Agent May storyline.

The very start of the episode saw an unseen agent killed by sniper Yuri Zaikin who then tries to kill Jeffrey Mace with an exploding bullet. (Recently seen as the projectile sent to kill Luke Cage over on Netflix.)

Phil Coulson, Mack, the soon-to-be-dead Agent Burrows and Mace are made to retreat to the omnijet and make good their escape. The aircraft has been compromised, however, and Burrows, along with that special case that Mace is never far away from, are sucked out of the jet.

The jet then crashes and as Talbot, Simmons and May question Zaikin and look for the downed craft, Mack and Phil learn Mace’s secret. His “superpowers” are from an injection which are part of the Project Patriot program.

By the end of the credits, May, the real one, has broken loose twice and almost had her neck snapped by Aida once. May also manages to smack Radcliffe into a desk before being subdued the second time. Mace is revealed to be a phony, Fitz is secretly working on Aida’s head and Phil Coulson is now back in charge of SHIELD.

All in all a pretty busy little episode. It did take a long time to put Coulson where he belongs and it looks like the May storyline will be taking precedence over everything else, running parallel with the Aida plot line.

One this is certain, however, Simmons is going to have a few things to say to Fitz about his dalliance with Aida’s severed head. None of which will be “happy birthday.”

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC.



Guest starring Patrick Cavanaugh as Agent Burrows and Troy Caylak as Yuri Zaikin.

Rosewood: Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch – Fly Away (Review)


Rosewood “Bacterium and the Brothers Panitch” was a good start to the second part of the season. It featured a hostage situation and a chance for Ira Hornstock to prove yet again that he is one hell of a cop.  There is a glance into Captain Slade’s past and, at long last, all of those fans who never really liked Tawnya now know why.

This episode had a nasty twist in its tail. Throughout the episode, Tawnya provides a narrative that ends when the events of this segment finish. Alls well that ends well for everyone but Rosie.

Owen Panitch takes a cop hostage and borrows his uniform. Then he takes the station hostage with the help of two accomplices. The man wants his brother Walter either released or declared innocent.

It seems that Slade, back in his old precinct, was approached by Owen when his gentle giant of a brother reacted badly at his arrest. Slade ignored Owen which was the trigger for this latest action by the free Panitch brother.

Rosewood this week was all about relationships behind all the explosives, shooting of accomplishes and the primary story of brotherly love. There was the secondary character of Agent Harrows who turned out to be more of a problem than a solution and Floyd Butters made a welcome if short reappearance.

Rosie and Ira help Owen but the hostage taker pays a steep price for the actions he has taken. Walter is indeed a gentle giant who only acted out after a bad dentist visit.

By the end of the episode, Villa and Adrian sort out their differences. So too do TMI and Pippy, Rosewood, however has been caught with his pants down, so to speak.

Tawnya, it seems, despite her farewell note’s claim to the contrary, was never about Team Rosie at all. She has cleaned the pathologist out, his checking and savings accounts have been emptied along with the safe in his home.

Rosewood managed to hook up with a con artist who made him her latest mark.  He was so busy with his mother’s problems that whatever warning he may have had was lost in his almost urgent need to be a “family man.”

This was an interesting story arc and the end, where Tawnya’s note is verified by Rosie finding that the two new women in his life have taken him for everything,  was shocking and a little disappointing.

Beaumont Rosewood Jr. has always seemed to have an internal radar that was capable of sniffing out the fakers, cheats and liars. This move by show creator Todd Harthan feels like a move meant to make up for the lack of quality in the second season.

Could Rosie be fooled so easily? Fans may not think so but perhaps his move away from Annalise could explain the loss of his mojo. There are two episodes left. Number 12 airs on Friday, January 13. “Mummies and Meltdowns” is the title. Could one of the meltdowns be Rosie’s?

Rosewood now airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see what Rosie’s next move will be.


Guest starring Michael Weston as Owen Panitch, Julianna Guill as Astrid, Dawn Olivieri as Agent Harrows, Daniel Buran as Duke and Kurt Fuller as Floyd Butters.

Son of Zorn: Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend – Plus One (Review)


Son of Zorn manages to beat its record for outlandish storylines with “Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend.” Edie and Craig send out invitations for their engagement party and invite Zorn. They do not, however, give him the option of a “plus one.” Edie’s ex is not overly impressed by the oversight and he decides to bring a former flame to the party.

Radiana is an ex that spells trouble for Zorn in more ways than one. She is not only radioactive but the green goddess is jealous and possessive.  As the two spend time having sex repeatedly, Zorn is getting radiation poisoning.

Alan wants to do something special for his mother’s and Craig’s engagement party. He decides to play the “glass harp” aka crystal water glasses.  Edie is not pleased at the announcement since Alan “sucks” at anything musical.

Alan is excited about playing the glass harp for Edie and Craig and he is hoping to impress Layla with his nonexistent musical skills.

Meanwhile everyone tells Zorn that Radiana is literally not good for him. As the days go by, he starts spitting glowing phlegm and has green stuff under his eyes. By the time the engagement party arrives, Zorn is a shadow of his former self.

His hair is falling out, as well as a few teeth, there are green radiation sores all over his body and he cannot stand on his own. Radiana is killing him. Alan has to take him to the toilet and since Zorn cannot stand, he sits on the toilet instead.

Alan goes to bring Radiana into the toilet and Zorn breaks up with her. The radioactive woman starts to have a literal meltdown. Craig, who has been trying to get everyone to let him be their therapist, talks Radiana down.

By the end of the episode, Zorn is single again, and alive, Edie is proud of Alan for “trying” to play the glass harp and Linda suggests that she and Zorn go and “bang those two waiters over there.”

“Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend” dips even further into the realm of surrealistic humor. We all know that Zorn’s radioactive poisoning will be cured by the next episode, just as it is a certainty that no “real” person will be affected by the radiation.

Craig continues to be the unsung hero here. His blandness, aka vanilla-ness, which is something that Zorn is accused of, is so overpowering it is amazing that he and Edie even began dating. Of course he is the total antithesis of Edie’s own ex so it makes perfect sense that these two would be together.

Less is made of Alan’s “lower half” in the episode, and the previous one, but suffice to say, if the romance between Layla and Alan continues it is bound to “come up.” (See what we did there?)

Sudeikis is still the funniest thing in the show, but the rest of the cast also contribute to the comedy. Pemberton is spot on as the awkward yet slowly accepting son, Hines is just brilliant as Edie and, as mentioned before, Meadows is the unsung hero as Craig.

Kudos to the show’s creators; Reed Agnew and Eli Jorne, for giving Artemis Pebdani and Cameron Monaghan more time on the series. Both of Zorn’s co-workers are funny in their own right. 

Son of Zorn airs Sundays on FOX.


Guest starring Olivia Wilde as Radiana and Clara Mamet as Layla.

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