Secrets and Lies: The Parent – I Speak for the Dead (Recap/Review)


Secrets and Lies this week may just be the best episode of this season. “The Parent” focuses not on just one parent but several. We also learn a lot more about what makes Cornell run. Other revelations include the recently departed Neil having sex with Melanie.

The amount of lies and deception in the Warner family is staggering. While Eric keeps searching for answers he learns that no one in the family has been upfront with him.

Amanda lies to him about why her husband left and Patrick has followed Neil’s lead and quit the company as well. Kate’s secrets continue to unfold and Cornell has problems of her own.

It is the anniversary of her partner’s death. He was shot while they were out canvassing a neighborhood for witnesses. Cornell feels responsible and she is not allowed to investigate.

On top of her frustration about her partner’s unsolved murder, she is estranged from her addict daughter who lives with her ex husband. Cornell’s life, away from the job, is a mess. It is no wonder her countenance is sour and grim.

Eric learns that the woman on the security feed, in front of the building on the day of the party, is the adoptive mother to Kate’s child; Belinda.  He tracks her down after her husband Mike comes in to see Kate.

He learns that Kate wanted to meet with Charlie, her son, but Belinda was against it. Mike came in to smooth out the problem and had no idea that Kate was dead.

As he talks to the Peterson’s, Charlie comes and introduces himself. The young man saw Eric and Kate together, he says.

Detective Cornell has “adopted” a new partner; Detective Ralston. Her new partner has mixed feelings about working with Andrea. Major Bryant orders her to arrest the New York detective, Danny or face disciplinary actions.

Cornell takes Ralston to pick Danny up.  When they arrive the cop looking for his daughter is gone. Ralston accuses Andrea of warning Danny and leaves the scene angrily after checking her mobile phone.

Later Cornell meets with Danny and urges him to testify in the drugs case and leave the area. Andrea explains that her boss has left her no choice. Danny, however, refuses to stop searching for Rachel.Cornell tells the distraught father that she will arrest him if he shows up again.

Melanie aggressively confronts Eric about Patrick. She makes veiled threats and leaves angrily when they do not have the desired effect. It is interesting to note that no one in the Warner family likes or accepts Patrick’s wife.

Eric learns from his secretary that Neil and Kate had a major argument before she died. Apparently Kate caught Neil having sex with Melanie in his office.

Cornell meets with her ex, Ethan. The two talk in an interrogation room and the therapist brings up the anniversary of her partner’s death. Andrea is actually moved to tears although they are most likely tears of anger and frustration at not being allowed to work on her partner’s case.

Later, the detective meets with Eric. She admonishes him for speaking with the Peterson family. He asks what her stake is in the investigation and her answer is revealing.

“I speak for the dead.”

Beneath that cold and harsh exterior, Cornell does care deeply about the victim. Unfortunately she is not very good at showing the victim’s family that she cares.

Secrets and Lies is picking up momentum. Each episode peels back another layer revealing that no one is innocent of distorting the truth. Everyone has a reason for hiding things perhaps even Eric.

The series airs Sundays on ABC.


Guest starring Jake Weber as Ethan Barrett, Romy Rosemont as Belinda Peterson, Cody Longo as Charlie Peterson and Larry Poindexter as Mike Peterson.

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