Quantico: Aquiline – Double Act and Battle Royale (Review)


Things are heating up in Quantico this week.  “Aquiline” goes deeper into who’s who despite the cover stories and before the episode ends we learn that  Raina and Nimah have resurrected their double act, albeit reluctantly on one twin’s part.

This episode also sees the first death of the hostages left behind. Leigh is taken out and then brought back in to the room. Seconds after she arrives, her electronic garrote is activated and the thing goes all Battle Royale, spurting arterial blood everywhere.

The next two  hostages taken out are “Raina” and Dayana. We learn that the interpreter is actually Nimah and that her twin is being held in another room.

Alex, who bumped into Lydia  last week,  finally lets her guard down around the CIA agent. The two women cooperate in order to find the hard drives that Lydia says need to be destroyed. Once they find their targets, Lydia turns on Alex. It seems that Lydia is working with the terrorists.

In the moments leading up to Lydia’s attack we learn that  Alex was forced out of The Farm by her temporary partner.  Ryan, however, went on to finish the training apparently.

There was no sign of Miranda this week as all the present day action took place within the building where the hostages are being kept.  The former classmates all reveal why they are at the G20 conference with the exception of Sebastian.

They also compare notes on where,  over the last year, they have travelled. Leigh mentions Jakarta and is immediately frogmarched out of the room. It was this bit of news that got her killed.

Back at The Farm, Harry Doyle continues his harassment of Alex and Ryan, he swears he will rat them out if they do not reveal why they are there. The MI6 operative is not just focusing on the FBI double act, he is apparently working up profiles on all his classmates.

Top of the list, after Parrish and Booth, is his roommate Sebastian. Presumably potential CIA agent Chen has a secret and Harry, who has already proven he bats on the boy’s team, is trying to crack his roomie.

He tells Chen that an old boyfriend killed himself. Sebastian believes him but Ryan is skeptical.  The lesson learned at The Farm this week is how to kill a target via drone. Owen sets his class up into seven teams.

Each team must decide if there is enough evidence (they have a handy-dandy checklist) to warrant a kill order. The decision will be made on the anniversary of Simon’s death. This causes Alex to doubt the group decision and she votes no on the kill.

Other’s back her up but Owen Hall overrides the group edict and orders the drone attack anyway. The target is killed.

Hall has issues of his own as Lydia is still angry with him.  He asks her to verify names on a list of people.  Owen is still trying to find out who burned him. Lydia is clearly not on Team Hall at the moment.

Back to present day and Lydia has overpowered Alex and tied her up. She then sets off an alarm so the other terrorists can find her.

Plot threads include Shelby sleeping with Leon and lying about it. Nimah figures it out and later hints that Shelby should be going undercover. She says that she will ask Miranda about it. The first clue that Nimah is not on the level.

There is one touching moment where Nimah, Ryan and Alex, and Shelby visit Simon’s grave and as Nimah recites a Jewish prayer, the group put rocks on his headstone.

Clearly both Miranda and Nimah are working to the same end. Lydia may, or may not,  be playing on their team but she is obviously not using the same play book as Alex.

Quantico  airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in and see who gets garroted next and whether or not Alex is captured.


Guest starring Tate Ellington as Simon Asher.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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