The Unwanted: Tony Todd, Andy Mackenzie and Destin Pfaff Ride Again

Poster of The Unwanter
In 2012, Tony Todd (Candyman, Sushi Girl), Andy Mackenzie (Sushi Girl, True Detective) and Destin Pfaff (Sushi Girl, Married in a Year) all worked on Sushi Girl, Pfaff wrote, produced and had a role in the film. The film was a brilliant look at the total lack of honor among thieves with a great twist at the end and the excellent cast also had a cameo by Japanese legend “Sonny Chiba.” Tony Todd, Andy Mackenzie and Destin Pfaff are ready to mount up and ride again in their latest venture The Unwanted, a film being funded via Kickstarter. The movie is inspired by the real events that took place the same year that Sushi Girl had a limited cinema run and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray; 2013.

The year following their work on that film, a 21 year old Vancouver student named Elisa Lam disappeared and then was found dead in a water tower at the top of Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The notorious inn, where Richard Ramirez stayed while killing his way through a baker’s dozen of unfortunate women, had footage of Lam’s last known moments via their elevator CCTV. The video, uploaded on YouTube, went viral and fired the public’s imagination.

Lam is acting oddly in the footage, which started a slew of theories about just what went on before her body was found naked in the water supply tower on the roof of the hotel. Hollywood has already jumped to make a big budget version of the events and these three are going to be part of a less expensive and, as Andy promises in the Kickstarter video, much scarier movie inspired by the events.

According to the press release, this film The Unwanted has been inspired by that viral footage of Elisa Lam acting very odd in the Hotel Cecil elevator. The release says that the film will “pull from an expansive range of horror elements from films such as The Exorcist, The Gates of Hell, and The Sentinel” and ask the question of whether one person can be possessed by two entities at the same time.

Both Andy and Tony are very excited about the project, as can be seen on their video at the Kickstarter site, and another name has been added to the cast list, as well as another video on the site, one Rachel Federer aka Mrs. Pfaff and another alumnus from Sushi Girl.

This promises to be an excellent film with one icon from the world of horror, Tony Todd, and Andy Mackenzie, who plays one of the best bad guys ever in front of the camera, and that alone makes this an exciting prospect. The fact that Pfaff was inspired by the viral footage, which is creepy and unsettling, shows what creative muses were influenced in his mind.

There are only five days left in the Kickstarter campaign. Follow the link above and see where they are in terms of funding. While you are there check out the awesome things on offer for donations, things that are over and above being part of what promises to be one scary film for fans of the genre. A donation can get you some Sushi Girl “swag” or a chance to be in the film. *These are just some of the things available.*

The Unwanted is the latest screenplay from Destin Pfaff and there are just five days left to reach deep, or not so deep, and chuck some money into the Kickstarter campaign. It is important to point out that these talented folks are not basing their film on the viral footage of Elisa Lam’s apparently last moments. They were, as stated over at the site inspired by the footage and that is a completely different proposition.

In case you missed the viral video, here is the YouTube video of Elisa Lam’s odd behavior in that elevator. Don’t forget to head over to The Unwanted website to see just what getting involved entails.

Kindergarten Cop Remake Destined for Straight to Video Bin?

The original Kindergarten Cop, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, Pamela Reed and the iconic Linda Hunt, is on the remake train and at first glance it is destined for the straight-to-video, or DVD, bin. The first film was directed by Ivan Reitman, a director whose magical touch also graced Evolution (2001), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), Ghostbusters I & II, and a long list of comedic efforts that fared well with the public.

The full article can be read at Viral Global News…

The Taking (2013) BAPartists Update


Since I posted my review of BAPartists first feature length film The Taking and interviewed the extremely talented duo of Lydelle Jackson and Cezil Reed I’ve gotten an update from Lydelle about how their Sidney World Premiere of the movie went.

The Taking premiered on the 13th of April at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival being held at the Dendy cinemas in Newtown in Victoria, Australia and  their screening was sold out!


In Lydelle’s own words, here’s how the night went:

“The audience reaction was very very positive. We held a Q&A after the screening and I would say that about 90% of the audience stuck round for it, Which is good because usually the majority of the audience walks out after a film.

We were one of two films that sold out. The other was a film called cockneys versus zombies [sic] which had a few cast members from Snatch and Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels. It’s a film that had a budget of 4mil pounds or 8mil US dollars approx, So it’s astonishing that our film out of all the others was the only other one to sell out and we had no stars!!”

Lydelle and Cezil are now getting lots of inquiries from potential distributors and we’ll let you know as soon as the film becomes available for viewing.

Cezil Reed
Cezil Reed

To keep updated with what this creative partnership is up to you can visit their website

I am excited and pleased to learn that their film received such a positive reaction and can’t wait to hear when it will be available for distribution. I will post new information as and when I hear from Lydelle about the next stage of their film.

All that’s left for me to say now is, “Congratulations guys!”

Lydelle Jackosn
Lydelle Jackosn

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

This is a link to the indiegogo site where you can make contributions to a new short film that Natasha Harmer (Films and Things) is working on. Natasha is a fellow blogger on WordPress, so lets show some blogger community love!  This will be her first professional project and I will be involved. Please stop by and give her some support! Oh and while you’re there, check out the links to the facebook page and the twitter account, she needs all the publicity she can get. Thanks guys!! 

This Week at the Movies, Yawn…

Okay.You can call me old, jaded, and down-right hard to impress, but… Looking at the selection of movies that IMDb is offering up on their homepage is pretty depressing.

Not to mention unimpressive.

First on the list of “Wait till you see this” is A Good Day to Die Hard. Now I will stand right up and say that, “Yes, I am a Bruce Willis fan-boy.” Since I first saw the guy in Moonlighting back in the day, I’ve been a devout fan. Hell, I even liked Hudson Hawk!

But Die Hard 5??

Come on!

Okay, it looks like we get to see the ever delectable, not to mention talented, Mary Elizabeth Winstead again as she reprises her role as John McClane‘s daughter. But seriously? What the hell is going on?

Is this Hollywoods answer to allegations of plagiarizing superior foreign films into homogenized and pasteurized remakes? It’s like the studios are saying, “See? We can do original films!”

Sorry guys, but another addition of an existing franchise aka sequel spawning series, is not original.  And can someone explain why “American as apple pie and three times as hard” John McClane is having to fight in Russia? Is it now in poor taste for him to fight terrorists in the USA? Or have we run out of cities that the great movie watching public care about?

Die Hard 4 aka Die Harder was the first time we got to see John as a father and ex-husband and (gasp) old guy. The film spent far too much time on the younger members of the cast and the “joke” of the “old guy” showing the youngsters how it was done pretty much got old after McClane took out the helicopter with a car.

I think we can assume (and yes, I know that makes an ass of u and me) that this latest version of McClane and family will be more of the same. My reaction? YAWN.

The second film being touted on page one is Iron Man 3. Robert Downey Jr’s latest offering as Tony Stark. The trailer looks interesting, but…was it all that long ago that we had Iron Man 2?  We won’t even mention Tony Stark’s appearance in Avengers Assemble. It’s another case of “let’s make more money while the audiences are still fresh from being impressed by the Avengers movie.

Okay, not quite as irritating as Die Hard 5, but it’s damn close.

Last on my list of yawn inducing movies is Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. And yes, I know it’s not on the home page of IMDb but I had to list it. I had to!

I could easily waste about a thousand words on the myriad of things wrong with this film. But I won’t. what I will do is ask that you watch the trailer and see if you have the same reaction to it that I did.

Now I won’t mention the fact that this is supposedly taking place in The Brother’s Grimm country (which was another so-so film about “real” fairy tales and the destruction of them) and that the two main protagonists are both speaking in broad American accents (one naturally and one, not so naturally) and that the weapons they use don’t fit into the fairy tale time period.

I won’t even mention that this is yet another variation of the “bad-ass” good guy wasting a villain with the obligatory wisecrack by said good guy or his companion.

What I will say, is that the film seems to have been aimed for the young teen market. Yet, the trailer is recommended for mature audiences. What the fudge?

I might find all the over-the-top blood and gore and the other CG created effects entertaining if I were about 12 years old, 13 at a stretch. But now? Uh, that would be a no.

I like movies that are escapist in nature. I always have. But come on guys, let’s try a little harder next time.

All right?

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