Alec Baldwin Too Little Too Late

Alec Baldwin Too Little Too Late

Alec Baldwin, after first denying it, admitted to using a homophobic slur; unfortunately for the actor, it is too little too late. His “fessing up” of the anti-gay comment has not stopped MSNBC from yanking his show Up Late on Friday this week and it has been cancelled for next Friday as well.

Alec Baldwin Liberal Homophobe and Paparazzi Bully?

Alec Baldwin Liberal Homophobe and Paparazzi Bully?

New MSNBC talk show host Alec Baldwin is well known for being a liberal, he is also becoming well known as a homophone and paparazzi bully. Is the 55 year-old actor and former star of 30 Rock really as homophobic as his remarks suggest? He definitely seems to fall back on these anti-gay slurs at the drop of a hat, or, at least at the drop of a paparazzi.


Alec Baldwin Sex Lies and Courtroom Theatrics

Alec Baldwin Sex Lies and Courtroom Theatrics

Alec Baldwin and his “fatal attraction” case saw him take the witness stand today and it was a case of sex, lies and courtroom theatrics. Baldwin was not in the best of moods before he entered the courtroom. He paused to trade words the paparazzi G.N. Miller who he spotted outside the Manhattan Criminal Court on his way into testify.

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