Alec Baldwin Sex Lies and Courtroom Theatrics

Alec Baldwin Sex Lies and Courtroom Theatrics

Alec Baldwin and his “fatal attraction” case saw him take the witness stand today and it was a case of sex, lies and courtroom theatrics. Baldwin was not in the best of moods before he entered the courtroom. He paused to trade words the paparazzi G.N. Miller who he spotted outside the Manhattan Criminal Court on his way into testify.

Breaking Bad Finale Say Hello to My Little Friend

Breaking Bad Finale Say Hello to My Little Friend

As the countdown to the Breaking Bad finale grows closer, fans are dying to find out how this five year roller coaster ends. Regardless of who the ricin is for and who lives or dies when the gun smoke clears, it is pretty certain that Walter White will be having his own “say hello to my little friend” moment.

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