Alec Baldwin Liberal Homophobe and Paparazzi Bully?

Alec Baldwin Liberal Homophobe and Paparazzi Bully?

New MSNBC talk show host Alec Baldwin is well known for being a liberal, he is also becoming well known as a homophone and paparazzi bully. Is the 55 year-old actor and former star of 30 Rock really as homophobic as his remarks suggest? He definitely seems to fall back on these anti-gay slurs at the drop of a hat, or, at least at the drop of a paparazzi.


Madonna Wants Fans to Revolt

Madonna Wants Fans to Revolt

Madonna wants her fans to revolt or at least join the revolution. She is asking them to join her new project which began life as #secretprojectrevolution. She later changed the name to Art for Freedom. She has requested that her fans put forward original projects from music, poetry, photography or videos that relate a message