Agents of SHIELD: Wake Up – Melinda May (Review)


Agents of SHIELD “Wake Up” answers a few questions while posing at least one more.  Will the Melinda May LMD (Life Model Decoy) somehow try to rescue the real Agent May? There is one more question, though, that begs answering…How long has Talbot been in Senator Nadeen’s camp and is he the other LMD that Radcliffe refers to?

The LMD storyline is very good. The camera work on the show has been concreting on odd angle closeups of the main players. Mallory Jansen as Aida has gone from being coldly pleasing to fairly sinister with those almost extreme zoom shots of her eyes looking pretty darned scary.

Kudos are in order for the fight scenes between May and Aida. The long running fight between the android and the agent were convincing and exciting to watch. Well done.

On top of the keeping May calm via those programmed fights with her captor, in her mind,  (which, incidentally, the agent keeps getting better at…) there was the Fitzsimmons reveal.

In the previous episode Fitz is seen talking to the Aida head and, apparently, checking the system out after being told to leave it alone. This week, Simmons catches Fitz out and accuses him of being obsessed with the robot.

She is wrong. Fitz is obsessed but with investigating his “friend” Radcliffe. He has suspected the not-so good doctor for some time. The end result of his work is that Holden is arrested and placed in holding. (See what we did there?)

It is interesting to note that in this episode, like the previous one, agents are shown acting oddly. This keeps the viewer guessing about just who the other LMD actually is. Mack and Yo-Yo, with their moment being spoiled by his rushing off and not participating in the mission.

Fitz with his apparent preoccupation with Aida’s severed head, Daisy with her odd reactions to things and so on. Even Phil is not acting “normally.” The big surprise, although not really as Talbot has always been a treacherous character, was the general being a lapdog to Ellen Nadeer, the woman who “killed” her own brother.

It does seem rather odd that Coulson missed this one. But then the operational head of SHIELD has been acting odd lately. His fixation on Melinda May and her cultivation of same, is also out of character. The two have always been close, but this close?

Another reveal had to do with May getting the nickname of “The cavalry.” She apparently rescued a young Daisy from her mother…

Fitz arresting Radcliffe and being all bad-arsed about it was brilliant. Apparently the addition of all that bearded scruff has allowed Leo to become a tougher, and rougher, agent.

Hopefully, the LMD May will help rescue the real one and Talbot will turn out to be another android clone. After all, the Holden that Fitz shot was yet another LMD. It seems that Radcliffe has been a very busy little villain…

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC.



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