Sleepy Hollow: The Way of the Gun – War (Review)


Perhaps one of the best episodes of Sleepy Hollow this season, “The Way of the Gun” offers a lot in terms of time travel and there is a slight nod to “The Terminator” with a plot twist that surprised and entertained.  This season of the show has made mention of time manipulation before and it has been used to good effect in this episode.

An earlier episode featured witches who had lived for centuries and made themselves appear younger, which is a sort of allusion to time travel as well. Another “repeat” feature was Crane’s old buddy Benjamin Banneker who appeared with more magical items in his goody bag.

Dreyfuss is raising the four horsemen and not only are Crane and his team trying to stop the immortal but a mysterious young woman who wears Malcolm’s symbol is also working against Dreyfuss. She retrieves the “gun of war” (which will be used to summon the last horseman) and the young woman attempts to destroy the powerful totem.

This episode begins with Molly, Diana and Crane all interacting after the youngest witness’ Valley Forge play. It is a precursor, or a portent, of the show’s end scene.  The stranger, who tricks Ichabod and Diana by stealing the gun, turns out to be the grown up Molly.

She is now a young woman who carries and uses powerful magic. Molly  returns from the future with the aid of “a very different Ichabod Crane” to save Diana. Her mother is meant to be the horseman of war and she tries to keep Agent Thomas from dying “again.”

Before the climatic end scene, where Crane mutters (in an apt demon voice) “I am become war,” Wells and Alex are captured by Malcolm’s right hand demon Jobe. The entity tortures Jake and kills Alex, except it not real. The exhibition serves to completely un-nerve Wells and he tells Dreyfuss what he needs to know.

We learn, as a result of this almost execution, that Alex Norwood cares much more for Jake than he realizes. Although before she can confess her true feelings, Jenny arrives to save them both.

The final moments of the episode sees Molly succeed in saving her mother but Ichabod takes the bullet meant for Diana and he “dies” instead. While it seems that Crane is now doomed to be the very thing he has been fighting against, it is not too farfetched to think that the very powerful Molly will able to switch things about.

Dreyfuss has indeed started the ball rolling toward his future as a tyrant who tortures Crane on a regular basis. The introduction of the grown Molly, which was  a brilliant touch, has insured that however things turn out, there is at least one very powerful character who has the magic necessary to save the day.

The casting of Seychelle Gabriel as the grown Molly was spot on. She resembles the young Oona Yaffe enough that it is not a stretch to believe that she is the same character as a grown up.

Apart from the whole time travel storyline, there is the parallel plot line of Jenny’s going back into the relic business. It seems certain that both she and Molly, along with the newly saved Agent Thomas, will help to save Ichabod from a fate worse than death.

Sleepy Hollow airs Fridays on FOX.


Guest starring Seychelle Gabriel as Lara/Molly and Edwin Hodge as Benjamin Banneker.

Con Man: Season Two Finale – Shock-A-Con Shocker (Review)

Ep 11 Alan and Laura

The hilarity continues right up till the last moments of the season two finale of Con Man. Episode 11 sees Wray struggling to meet with Finley and Bobbie’s increasingly desperate attempts to take the final Hemsworth out of the picture.

Wray’s agent is not the only person dead set on removing Girth, Stutter is still creeping around with his camouflaged guns.  Later, he shows Wray that his adapted sniper rifle shoots bean bags.

Nerely spends a good bit of time “saving” Tiffany from drinking. He ends up imbibing a good bit of alcohol before going over to speak with Finley. After Tiffany orders Wray a tequila, she reorganizes his shirt. After pulling out the tail of the garment she advises him to “show your tits.”

Yanking open the top buttons of Wray’s shirt reveals a hairy chest. Tiffany is shocked and confused. “What is that?” she asks and upon being told it is chest hair, remarks wonderingly “it grows there?” “Put it away,” she says, “I don’t like it.”

Wray replies that he could if she had not ripped off his buttons. He then goes to speak with Finley only to find Girth there already. As the two men start to compete for Farrow’s attention, Bobbie shows up in an ethnic costume to divert Hemsworth.

Ep 11 Mindy Sterling

The diversion turns into a billabong attack which wounds the actor over his right eye. Bobbie flees and Girth goes to give himself a “stitcheridoo” with some dental floss and a stick.

Wray talks to Finley and Brenda comes up to support him for the lead role in “Doctor Cop Lawyer.” She then attacks a woman serving cocktails dressed in black. Finley gets drink spilt on her back and leaves. Wray is startled by a camouflaged Stutter, whose sniper rifle cleared the room when it went off accidentally earlier.

Episode 12 starts off brilliantly with Wray talking to John the bartender. Nerely believes that he is really Casper Van Dien, after he tells of a boy who dares to dream big.  The entire interaction turn out to be a dream which ends with Wray screaming.

(Kudos to Tudyk and his team for getting Van Dien’s Starship Trooper co-star Dina Meyer for that split second cameo.)

Realizing that he is missing the “Spectrum” board Wray rushes across the comic con floor. He stumbles across Girth, who has stitched up his wound with cinnamon dental floss, and the two almost have a fight.

Ep 12 Liam and Alan
Garth Hemsworth and Wray Nerely

Nerely rushes off before things get physical and Hemsworth chases after Wray.  The two enter the recently closed down “Obstacle Corpse,” following closely behind Brenda who rushes through without a scratch, and Stutter shoots Nerely with a beanbag round.

Girth saves Wray but loses out on the lead in “Doctor Cop Lawyer.” Wray gets the part and learns that shooting on the new series starts on September 15. He gets cast because Finley Farrow believes he is “broken” a quality that she insists is crucial to the character.

Wray makes it to the panel and while struggling to control his contempt for his former cast mates he pays lip service to the idea of the movie. He then goes about the long process of insulting everyone, including fans of the show.

Jack reveals that shooting on the movie will start on September 15 and Wray somewhat spectacularly undergoes a meltdown on stage. He tells the world that he will not be doing the film and his old pal Jack Moore is hurt and a little bit angry.

Ep 12 Nathan
Jack Moore

Tiffany sobers up long enough to recommend moving the start date of the movie to allow Wray to do both projects. Before Jack moves things on to the Q&A portion of the panel, he texts his agent telling him he now wants the lead role in “Doctor Cop Lawyer.”

The last two episodes of Con Man brought everything together perfectly. The long build up to the chase through the deadly obstacle course, that mic drop moment and Wray’s decision to drop the “Spectrum” movie role left Nerely right back where he started. Still unhappy with where his career has  headed since “Spectrum” the television show was cancelled.

A lot of comedy moments were scattered throughout the two episodes. The Shock-a-Con/Talk-a-Thon battle between the hosts, Bobbie’s attack on Girth, that long drawn out fart from Tiffany and the interaction between Wray and the “child star” earlier were hysterically funny.

The sight-gag of Brenda rushing pell mell through those blades of death was also a brilliant comic touch.

Con Man ends on a flat note for Wray.  Somewhat tellingly, it reveals that the actor, whose best friend really was Jack Moore (emphasis on the was), really is his own worst enemy.

With season two ending on an audience member asking Wray about dumping on his old cast and refusing the role it looks like there may well be a third season on the cards.

There are certainly enough actors to keep up a never ending stream of uber cool cameos, think Dina Meyer here, and this fact alone is a good reason to bring the show back again.

For fans of the series, Comic Con HQ have set up a binge session where both seasons can be seen for free over the first seven days. Once the week is up, viewers will have to pay $5 a month, or $50 for an annual pass.


Guest stars Ricki Lindhome as Janey Carney, Josh Dean as Rico Java, Liam McIntyre as Girth Hemsworth, Laura Vandervoort as Finley Farrow and Dina Meyer as other bartender.

Agents of SHIELD: Wake Up – Melinda May (Review)


Agents of SHIELD “Wake Up” answers a few questions while posing at least one more.  Will the Melinda May LMD (Life Model Decoy) somehow try to rescue the real Agent May? There is one more question, though, that begs answering…How long has Talbot been in Senator Nadeen’s camp and is he the other LMD that Radcliffe refers to?

The LMD storyline is very good. The camera work on the show has been concreting on odd angle closeups of the main players. Mallory Jansen as Aida has gone from being coldly pleasing to fairly sinister with those almost extreme zoom shots of her eyes looking pretty darned scary.

Kudos are in order for the fight scenes between May and Aida. The long running fight between the android and the agent were convincing and exciting to watch. Well done.

On top of the keeping May calm via those programmed fights with her captor, in her mind,  (which, incidentally, the agent keeps getting better at…) there was the Fitzsimmons reveal.

In the previous episode Fitz is seen talking to the Aida head and, apparently, checking the system out after being told to leave it alone. This week, Simmons catches Fitz out and accuses him of being obsessed with the robot.

She is wrong. Fitz is obsessed but with investigating his “friend” Radcliffe. He has suspected the not-so good doctor for some time. The end result of his work is that Holden is arrested and placed in holding. (See what we did there?)

It is interesting to note that in this episode, like the previous one, agents are shown acting oddly. This keeps the viewer guessing about just who the other LMD actually is. Mack and Yo-Yo, with their moment being spoiled by his rushing off and not participating in the mission.

Fitz with his apparent preoccupation with Aida’s severed head, Daisy with her odd reactions to things and so on. Even Phil is not acting “normally.” The big surprise, although not really as Talbot has always been a treacherous character, was the general being a lapdog to Ellen Nadeer, the woman who “killed” her own brother.

It does seem rather odd that Coulson missed this one. But then the operational head of SHIELD has been acting odd lately. His fixation on Melinda May and her cultivation of same, is also out of character. The two have always been close, but this close?

Another reveal had to do with May getting the nickname of “The cavalry.” She apparently rescued a young Daisy from her mother…

Fitz arresting Radcliffe and being all bad-arsed about it was brilliant. Apparently the addition of all that bearded scruff has allowed Leo to become a tougher, and rougher, agent.

Hopefully, the LMD May will help rescue the real one and Talbot will turn out to be another android clone. After all, the Holden that Fitz shot was yet another LMD. It seems that Radcliffe has been a very busy little villain…

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC.



Son of Zorn: The Battle of Self Acceptance – No Mo’ Bro’ (Review)


Just when it seems that Son of Zorn cannot outdo itself in terms of comedy along comes “The Battle of Self Acceptance.” There are a number of firsts in this episode. Alangulon becomes addicted to an appearance altering Zephyrian drug, Craig trains to be a warrior and Zorn discovers that Linda is a woman.

This episode kept the gags coming at a rapid pace. From Linda’s worry about the CEO, who does not like her, coming to visit, to Alan’s desire to change his Zephyrian “lower half” everything was up in the air.  The visual jokes ran thick and fast as well.

(The fish oil man gag was hysterical. Alangulon asks about an appearance altering drug that the cave doctor has on offer. “The first taste is free. After that, b*tch better have my money.” Zorn comes back in the room after sucking on the fish guy’s hole. With green stuff on his chin and one leg thrumming, he shouts excitedly “…give me my flu shot and a lollipop…”)

Son of Zorn “The Battle of Self Acceptance” starts with Craig and Edie planning their wedding. Watching a video of Edie’s marriage to Zorn causes Craig some problems. You never, he tells his fiancee, look at me like that.

The first gag of the episode follows soon after when he correctly identifies the braid Edie is wearing as a “Dutch braid.” He then “challenges” Zorn to be able to match his prowess in identifying braid types.

Craig: “I’d like to see Zorn correctly identify a braid.”

Zorn (on the video): “I love you, Edie, and, hey, I love your Dutch braid.”

Craig: “Son of a…

His insecurity increases when Craig and Edie hear a suspicious noise when they are in bed. Craig is clearly terrified and Edie sends a text to Zorn. Her ex comes and saves the two from a tree branch.

Zorn: “Don’t worry, though. I hacked it off, uprooted the tree, and salted the earth so nothing can ever grow there again.”

Feeling very ineffectual, Craig asks Zorn to give him warrior lessons. These include numerous slaps and a montage of training scenarios.

Craig carrying Zorn up the stairs as part of his warrior training.

The training stops after Craig stands up to Zorn. The Zephyrian warrior  drops to his knees in front of Edie’s fiancé and sings his praises. He also explains that for Craig to win as a warrior he needs to sucker punch the opposition.

Alan finds that the free drug he took to change his appearance works but has side effects and severe withdrawal symptoms. He is desperate to get more of the drug, now $500, and as he looks for things to sell, Craig attacks him and beats Alan up.

(The second comedy highlight of the episode was Pemberton’s scream when his character looks into the mirror and sees his Zephyrian nose.)

In the meantime, Linda has been demoted and now works in a cubicle near Zorn. The penny finally drops and he realizes that Linda has been a woman all this time. Later Zorn explains his sense of loss to his former boss.

“You were one of the guys,” he says. “You were my bro’. You know? And now? No mo’ bro… you know?”

Zorn comes over to help with Alan’s drug problem. Craig sees that Zorn has now learned to be more than a murderous barbarian and the bonding between Edie, Alan and Zorn causes Craig to leave.

Edie comes home to a spotless house and “apple and carrot” muffins; left by Craig as a going away gift. Alan learns that Layla likes him just the way he is, Zephyrian legs are, it seems, perfectly acceptable to her.

Uncertain as to what her next move should be, Edie goes to see Zorn. She walks into the apartment and finds that Zorn and Linda have clearly just had sex…twice. (Or as Zorn says, technically one and a half times…)

This was a brilliantly funny episode. The laughs came less from the quirkiness of the Zephyria juxtaposition and more from the standard issues that affect us all.

Alan’s worry that Layla will not like his many penii and his Zephyrian legs and  Craig’s feelings of inadequacy. Zorn’s failure to see Linda as a woman until she worked next to him and Alan’s leg issues were related to the Zephyrian storyline but not reliant upon it.

Son of Zorn continues to be a funny addition to the FOX lineup. The series airs Sundays on the network and it just keeps getting better.


Lucifer: Stewardess Interruptus – A Moment and Maze (Review)


Lucifer “Stewardess Interruptus” may well have been all about Lucifer and Chloe and their rocky path to getting Charlotte and Amenadiel back to heaven. However it was Maze, with her demands for a pat on the back, who made this episode stand out.

As Lucifer has his “moment” interrupted by the soon to be murdered Jana, he clearly believes that his prior love life has messed up the connection he just made with Chloe. The two main storylines has Charlotte working overtime to set her son up with Decker and has past lovers of Lucifer’s being murdered.

Mum’s reasoning behind pushing Chloe and Lucifer together stems from the realization that her husband, aka God, set Decker in her son’s path for a reason. She firmly believes that if these two get together, she and Amenadiel will get “the keys to the kingdom.”

Meanwhile two of a trio of former lovers, male and female, have been bumped off. The path of love for Decker becomes fraught with the realization that Lucifer has slept, apparently, with half of Los Angeles.

Lucifer learns, much to his dismay, that none of his lovers feel anything for him. They all admit to his being the best sexual partner ever but apart from that there was nothing there in the way of feelings.

The main suspect, for quite some time, is Lucifer. The episode follows Chloe and Lucifer following the clues to the final potential victim. They learn that the private flight, with all the dead flight crew on it, was transporting what everyone believed to be drugs.

They are not, as Andy Kleinburg finds out before dying, and they belong to a shadowy figure in a fedora.  The items in the case appear to be some sort of biological weapons, in the form of viruses and are clearly going to reappear later on.

Decker and Lucifer finally get their moment, they kiss on the beach, and from the previews at the end of the show, things look to be heating up quite nicely between the two. Charlotte will be pleased.

While all the police work, questioning of most of LA, in the form of Lucifer’s former sexual partners, and Chloe learning that Dan slept with Charlotte, goes on, Maze is eager to get credit for doing “a good deed.”

She “drops the paper” (like dropping the mic) for Chloe when the front page story is of her father’s killer being murdered by the Russian mob. Instead of Decker being happy with the result, she explains to her demon roomie that she wanted the man to rot in prison.

Later, when Maze goes to collect her bounty at the police station, she wants to celebrate with Dan, who was her ally in the Russian deal. He is not pleased and even panics when she talks about the murder in the police station.

Maze goes to see her friend Linda for some free psychiatric advice. Dr. Martin explains to Maze that she needs to appreciate her own self worth from within and not require her friends to recognize her “awesomeness.” Mazikeen takes this to heart and when she agrees to help Chloe and Lucifer she tells her roommate that “awesomeness comes from within b*tches.”

Between Maze’s quest for praise, and her near rage at not getting it, and her glee at beating up the suspect in the sting, “Can I keep him?” Mazikeen provided some quality levity to the proceeds and managed to show some character evolvement in the process.

It has always been just a matter of time before Decker and Lucifer “connected” and this takes the two one step closer to having the sexual congress that Morningstar has always yearned for.

A standout moment on the episode was Lucifer coming into contact with his stalker Suki. Funny and odd it was a comic highlight that did not rely upon Brandt’s frustrated demon for a laugh.

Kudos to Lesley-Ann Brandt for making Mazikeen a joy to watch this season. The demon was a favorite in season one but Brandt, and the writers, have made Maze something special this time around.  Only Brandt can make those looks of absolute delight, insane rage and massive disappointment to shift effortlessly across her face. An MVP award, or an Emmy, is long overdue here.

The show is becoming, more or less, an ensemble piece. However, Tom Ellis, who proves time and again that he can do more than comedy alone, manages to do so much with his character.

The rest of the cast kill it each week as well and it says a lot about the show that the guest roles manage to impress as well.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.


Guest starring Jamie Kennedy as Andy Kleinburg, Joe Williamson as Burt, Diana Bang as Suki and Toby Levins as Tim Pickman. 

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