The Mick: The Master – Butt Dial (Review)


The Mick with “The Master” continues to knock it out of the comedy ballpark with more “inappropriate” humor and non-PC gags. Just when it seems that the creators, John and Dave Chernin, cannot possibly top, or at least match, the “Granny Hitler” episode along comes another noteworthy segment.

It all starts off with a horrible meal in an Italian restaurant that “smelly” Jimmy found by accident. After spilling red wine on Mickey’s dress and then choking on spaghetti bolognese, his girlfriend dumps him for the power puncher Teddy Grant.

This is followed by Chip being “butt dialed” by the missing parents and Ben watching highly inappropriate movies, starting with A Clockwork Orange, aka the annoying orange. (This long running gag ended with Jimmy, Mickey and Ben watching Aliens on a tablet together.)

The Mick this week had it all: An almost non-stop quota of more laughs per minute than any other episode so far. Mickey taking too much motion sickness medication and falling overboard, the sex butt dial, the battle for the master bedroom between Chip and Sabrina and the culmination of that fight where Teddy gets it in the eye.

Mickey in too deep…

The main storyline runs parallel with the master bedroom battle. Mickey zeroes in on the man with the money; Teddy, while at home the group find themselves focussing on the luxurious boudoir.

Everyone in this episode just killed it. Olson with her OTT behavior with her latest “man.” Jimenez giving that seduction scene her all, including the savage teeth chomping, was spot on.

Major kudos to both Black-D’Elia and Barbusca and their epic bedroom fight. Headbutting, with Sabrina hurting her forehead, leaping through windows, Chip and that falsetto scream, “I killed her,” and that shoe shot all took this episode to insane heights of physical comedy.

The pinnacle of the entire episode had to be Teddy getting that high-heeled shoe skewered into his left eye. As the entire group react in horror, Ben, who has been immunized against grotesque scenes of violence with his steady diet of inappropriate films, pulls the heel from Grant’s eye.

“Cool,” says Ben as Chip passes out. This was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the comedy highpoint in this series thus far. Even funnier than Mickey’s drunken high dive off of Grant’s yacht earlier.

The Mick also manages to give us a touching moment at the end of this episode. After Chip tries so hard to decipher the butt dialed messages left on his phone, he finally realizes, with some help from Sabrina, that their parents do not care about any of them.

Chip takes his phone out to the police who are watching the house and gives it to the two men. He has decided to help the cops catch his “unloving” parents. Seconds after handing the phone over, Chip’s father calls and explains why they have not called before and to say that he and Poodle love them and miss them.

FOX have given us a family that are shallow, supercilious and comically unlikeable. (With the exception of Alba who is absolutely lovable.) This show is full of comic genius and one can only hope that Mickey and the kids stick together for a long time.

The Mick airs Tuesdays on FOX.


Guest starring Dave Annable as Teddy Grant.

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