Lethal Weapon: Brotherly Love – The Ring (Review)


Lethal Weapon “Brotherly Love” is almost a play on words is also a tale of two sets of brothers. A pair of real ones and  a couple of brothers in blue; Riggs and Murtaugh. Last week’s episode “Lawmen” had Roger and Martin bonding even more as friends and partners.

“Brotherly Love” sees the bond tested when Roger has heart problems and asks Riggs to lie about it. Martin agrees but later Murtaugh implies that his partner lost the tow truck that tried to steal $2 million in cocaine from the impound lot. Things get a bit tense between the two as a result.

Martin is so concerned about Roger that he heads to investigate a suspect, one Dino Brant,  on his own. The ex-con pulls a gun on Riggs, mainly because he does not believe that Martin is a cop. Roger arrives in time to help calm the situation by getting the drop on Dino.

The episode has Dino covering for his brother Jerry and Riggs covering for his “brother” Roger. “Brotherly Love” also has its fair share of comic and awkward moments. Roger briefing his team on just how terrifying Trish can be and Rigg’s agreeing that he too is scared to death of “that tiny little lady.”

Other comic moments include  Scorsese’s observation that Riggs and Murtaugh are,  “Adorable.” Martin’s own observation that he and Roger are adorable and the two detective’s “playing” Monty to get the evidence ($2 million in cocaine) released to them.

“That’s how you win the war on drugs. Two big duffel bags full of cocaine. Now let’s go clean up this city.”

The awkwardness ensues at the “arraignment” where Trish takes Riggs apart on the stand. She also forces him to reveal that Roger had a “heart attack” while they were chasing the cocaine filled car.

Later, after Roger angrily confronts his partner for dropping him in it, Riggs replies that he was under oath. “What did you want me to do? Lie?”

Roger Jr. is made to feel awkward with the long running argument about the evidence against Dino. This crops up while they look at prospective first cars for the younger Murtaugh.

Riggs and Dr. Cahill actually have two awkward moments. She questions the scars on his fingers and knuckles, he explains that his wedding ring went down the disposal and he rescued it.

The session then goes to what Martin’s reaction would be if he lost the ring and that perhaps that would be a good thing. Riggs does not agree and leaves the session early. Later, he departs again before Cahill has finished. Each time he is less than pleased with the shrink.

Toward the end of the episode, when Roger and Martin work with Dino to save his brother Jerry, who Angelo has hostage, the car that contains Riggs is pushed into the bay. He loses the handcuff key. In order to save himself, Martin forces the cuff on his left wrist off.

The action takes his wedding ring off and he watches the thing sink into the depths of the water. Worried about his partner Riggs opts to let the ring go and heads to the surface. Murtaugh, who is concerned about Martin,  plunges into the bay.

At the very end of the episode, Roger learns that his heart is fine, but his pacemaker needs replacing. Martin buys a second hand ring to replace the one Miranda slipped on his finger when they got married. Trish and Roger also kiss and make up.

This episode of Lethal Weapon was chock-a-block with moments. The car chase at the start with a laughing Riggs cheerfully chasing the bad guy, while Photronique’s  Poppin Non Stop rips it up in the background was a brilliant start. Roger having a heart attack changed the whole thing immediately.

The brothers storylines were very busy and, overall, quite funny and touching. It was, however, the plot thread dealing with the ring that carried the most weight.

Show creator Matthew Miller has never allowed Miranda Riggs to fade into the background for long. The loss of Martin’s wedding ring, and his replacing it with a reasonable facsimile, means that he is not ready to “let go.”  It was a splendid moment.

Lethal Weapon continues to be the best “cop buddy movie” made into a television series. It airs Wednesdays on FOX. Do not miss out on a great show.


Guest starring Chris Coy as Dino Brant, Luke O’Sullivan as Jerry Brant, George Sharperson as Monty and Jim Pirri as Angelo.

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