Fresh Off the Boat: The Best of Orlando – Loving Constance Wu (Review)


Season three of Fresh Off the Boat has made it easier than ever to fall in love with Constance Wu and her brilliant comic nuances. In “The Best of Orlando” Wu, as Jessica Huang is the clear winner in the story of Louis forgetting to thank her after winning Orlando Small Businessman of the Year.

Her displeasure at being forgotten, along with Evan’s expert advice to his father, make her journey, and Louis’, the funniest bit of the show. Not to denigrate the Eddie/Emery/Grandma Huang trouser business tale. It too was amusing and it shows once again just how different Eddie is from his brothers.

This episode did feel very familiar, there was one where Louis did something that either displeased Jessica, or along those lines; gave an incorrect account of something, and had to ring all the neighbors and admit he was at fault.

This time around, he has to go around the neighborhood and read his “acceptance” speech to each house. So despite Constance Wu killing it in “The Best of Orlando” this episode did have a deja vu quality.

Constance Wu has had more than her fair share of comic moments in season three.  The previous episode, “How to be an American” also allowed Wu to shine. The actress is at her best when she gets all shiny eyed at the thought of being an American citizen or when she is making money.

As Jessica, Constance is able to express volumes without saying a word. While she is able to knock it out of the park with minimal effort via her dialogue, usually a sound or her endearing, and oh so funny, “Oh Louis,” in other episodes, it is Wu’s visage and her expressions that drive the comedy home.

The double act that is Ian Chen and Constance Wu also plays extremely well. Although this ensemble cast all bring something to the comic table. This week Eddie and Emery do knock off “G” (for Gangsta, or as Eddie whispers, Grandma) trousers that they sell at school.

The principle steals their thunder by buying the newest “real deal” and they find that between keeping Grandma Huang in Green Blow pops and her share of the cut, they have not earned a thing.

Evan helps Louis make things up to Jessica after the Orlando GMA cuts into his televised thank you to her with news of a Fez of armadillo’s that block traffic on the main road.

The instant devotion of the youngest Huang is brilliantly funny, as is Jessica’s belief that Evan is the smartest of their three sons. Clearly, the youngest Huang is a cut above his brothers, but Emery is just as studios as his little brother.

This Fresh Off the Boat episode is not the best of the season, except for Constance Wu’s performance, but the show is double dipping this week with a special show tonight for Chinese New Year,

Tune in and catch the show tonight on ABC.


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