‘Gotham’ Mad City: Ghosts – Destroying Penguin (Review)


Gotham: Mad City “Ghosts” sees Ed’s plan to destroy Penguin, for his murder of Isabella, take root and reap a bountiful harvest. He uses Clayface to haunt Oswald, driving him to a murderous frenzy.

Cobblepot has moved on from his devotion to his mother and he is now focused upon his dead father, Elijah Van Dahl. His dad’s “ghost” reveals that his body been stolen and he cannot rest until it is returned and the thief punished.

The episode follows Oswald’s journey towards a complete meltdown, which culminates in his murdering his new assistant and then blowing the big live interview with Margaret Hearst.

Ed tricking Oswald into confessing his love was done very well. “I was talking about becoming business partners.”

Lee orders Jim Gordon killed and then, at the last moment reneges. Selina and her mother spend some turbulent time together and bond by the end of the episode. This process is aided somewhat by both Alfred and Bruce.

Dwight Pollard is busily rejuvenating the dead and it looks like Jerome, whom Galavan killed last season, will be making a return to the city. A face from Maria Kyle’s past turns up demanding money. He is told to ask Bruce Wayne for the cash.

The episode ends with a close up on Jerome’s resting face, his mouth stretched into a disturbing rictus sans any real color.

Gotham “Ghosts” was a good follow on to last week’s episode. While that one did have a good bit of humor, Jim Gordon speaking in rhyme to force Tetch to reveal who had Alice’s blood was beyond brilliant, this episode allowed Penguin to deteriorate spectacularly before the end credits rolled.

(Speaking of humorous moments, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean last week  killed it with her Isabella death scene mime.)

This week’s episode also seemed to indicate that Lee does still love Jim, she gets Carmine to call off the hit, and Zsasz (Carrigan) provided some more amusing moments. “I’m going to miss you” and “Good shot on Mario, I never liked him,” were funny as was the bright smile and his “okay boss” when told the job was cancelled.

The uneasy alliance between Tabitha, Butch, Barbara and Ed will be interesting. Although not as interesting as the resurrection of Jerome, who  will, at last, be allowed to become The Joker.

Kudos to Michael Chiklis and his “guilty” rant at Lee. That actor can do enraged madness like no one else.

Gotham: Mad City airs Mondays on FOX.


Guest starring Ivana Milicevic as Maria Kyle, Jan Maxwell as Margaret Hearst, Brian McManamon as Clayface, Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska, David Dastmalchian as Dwight Pollard and Paul Reubens as Elijah Van Dahl.

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