Shadowhunters: Parabatai Lost – Jace and Alec (Recap/Review)


Shadowhunters “Parabatai Lost” picks up after last week’s escape from Valentine’s boat. Clary is missing from the shore, but Jace and the dead body of Gretel are laying beside the water. Jace has lost his stele.

A jogger believes Jace to be responsible and shouts for someone to call 911.

Jace runs off and ends up in a werewolf bar. Maia recognizes Jace and after allowing him to use the bar’s phone, lets the other wolves in the bar attack him  for killing Gretel.

Jace escapes and Maia follows the shadowhunter. He falls and a mundane calls 911 for the wounded young man.  Simon wakes to find that he has received 30 calls from his worried mother. He calls off his search for Camille to see his mom.

Raphael is not pleased at this and tells Simon that not only will he outlive his mother, but he will soon forget her. The new vampire goes to see his mother only to find that she has apparently been drinking. She is also missing. He panics and calls Clary for help.

At the Institute Magnus is failing to bring Alec back from his parabatai search. His partner is semi conscious and Magnus’ magic is not working apart from sustaining the fallen shadowhunter.

Aldertree refuses to allow Alec to leave the Institute and Izzy, along with Magnus, spirit him out leaving Raj in his place. The new leader of the Institute is furious but allows Izzy to make a deal to keep Alec and Jace alive.

Luke and Maia find Jace at the hospital. Maia turns to attack the shadowhunter and Jocelyn manages to get him out of harm’s way before the werewolf can harm him. Jace rushes to help Alec but is stopped by Maia and her little pack.

Luke, Clary and Izzy step in and Luke backs the pack down.  Jace then tries to bond with his parabatai at Magnus’s. At first it does not work, but at the last moment Alec returns from the limbo he was trapped in.

The second  that Alec recovers Aldertree and his follows arrive and take Jace captive. The new leader charges him with treason against The Clave.

Throughout the episode, there are flashbacks that show a younger Alec and Jace bonding and then undertaking the parabatai ceremony.  It serves as an excellent reminder that Alec has loved Jace since they were kids.

Alec loves Jace so much that he tries to stop the parabatai bond from happening. It is a young Izzy who convinces him to continue with the ritual.

Meanwhile, Simon starts to tell his mother the truth, that he is a vampire, after Clary persuades him to. When he finds Elaine, Raphael has beaten him to the punch and lied. Claiming to be Simon’s band manager, he tells the woman that they have been on tour.

Raphael makes a veiled threat, indicating that he will harm Elaine if Simon does not find Camille.

This season sees the former leader of the vampires out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Camille’s presence looms large in the verse as she builds an army to fight the shadowhunters.

Kudos to the writers and Harry Shum Jr. for that touching moment where a desperate Magnus tries that fairytale kiss to bring Alec back. It was tenderly done and spoke volumes of his love for the younger shadowhunter.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays on Freeform. Tune in and see what will happen to Jace now that the Institute have him.



Guest starring Alisha Wainwright as Maia Washington, Leonidas Castrounis as young Alec, Alex Eling as teen Alec, Christina Cox as Elaine Lewis and Joanne Jansen as Gretel.

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