Gotham: The Red Queen – Tetch’s Last Stand (Review)


Gotham this week could be  all about true love, much as last week’s episode was focused on all that love in the air. However, “The Red Queen” is more about The Mad Hatter’s last stand in the city. Tetch is now focused on  taking his revenge on all the citizens of Gotham.

He drains his dead sister of her thickening blood and mixes it with the Red Queen hallucinogen. He plans to infect the entire city with the stuff.

Love Makes the World Go Around:

It is still about relationships and triangles this week as well. Everyone seems to be sweet on someone, except for Harvey and Captain Barnes that is.

There are James Gordon and Valerie Vale, and Lee Thompkins who in turn is loved by Mario. Tetch’s twisted love for his dead sister Alice is still there.  Then we have Oswald and Edward Nygma.

And there is Ed and his feelings for the Kristen Kringle blond doppelgänger; Isabella.  While the Ed, Oswald and Isabella triangle seems pretty much doomed from the start,  for Oswald at any rate, all three are motivated by their love.

Lastly there is Bruce Wayne and that sumptuous meal he made with his own millionaire hands for Selina Kyle.  She dragged herself in late (See what we did there?) and Bruce gave her a bit of attitude and the old “I’ve been slaving over a hot stove” look.

All was soon forgiven, however,  and it was time for them to eat cake. Although there is the question of just what the future Catwoman was up to.

Busy, Busy, Busy:

There was a lot going on in this week’s episode. Oswald got to meet the Owl lady, aka Kathryn,  who intimidated Bruce in an earlier episode. She also picked up the Bruce Wayne clone.

The real Bruce Wayne

Kathryn made a lasting impression on Oswald in “The Red Queen.” Meanwhile Tetch is still on the warpath. He and his two henchmen, Dumfree and Deever Tweed are causing problems all over town.

(Does anyone else immediately flash back to the old Batman series with Adam West? The Tweed’s are one step next to old time camp with their matching outfits and when they are on screen it would not be surprising to see a few “Bat Pop Ups.” “BAM! BOP! POW!”)

Barnes and Harvey save the well-to-do guests at the party with some help from other members of the GCPD. Barnes slaps Tetch around after he correctly identifies the presence of his sisters blood in the good captain.

Valerie forgives James for making the Mad Hatter  shoot her and not Lee.  Captain Barnes and Harvey Bullock are not so understanding  with Gordon.

Basically both men tell James to stop shuffling the deck and deal those cards. He can no longer play cop, not on their watch.

Unfortunately James still wants to do things his way, at least till the end of the episode when he decides to return to the GCPD.  Barnes gruffly welcomes Gordon back.

The Red Queen:

Before James’ return to the fold, Tetch blows some of the Red Queen dust onto his face. James starts hallucinating big time. (It is interesting to note that his hallucinatory “playmate” in this sequence was Barbara Kean. Gordon’s “first” love.)

James has visit with his dead father who tells him to look for the ring. Mario, son of Falcone, saves Jim’s life.  As Lee’s fiancé turns away the camera focuses Mario’s neck, a bandaid has been placed there but we do not, as yet, know why.


Oswald attempts to thwart Ed and Isabella’s budding romance.  After the couple stay up all night talking on the stairs leading to her brownstone, Cobblepot sews some disturbing seeds of thought.  The Kristen Kringle lookalike seems very perturbed and Oswald leaves. He seems certain that this new information has killed this new affair.

Lovesick Penguin

After the attempted attack by Tetch and his minions, Mayor Cobblepot rushes in to tell Ed about his night. He is horrified to see that his attempt at thwarting the romance has failed. Isabella has made her choice and will stick by her man.

There is something about a bit…off about Ed’s new infatuation.  It seems certain that any woman who can overlook Nygma’s homicidal past must have a few unsavory skeletons lurking in her closet.

Final Thoughts:

The ring that James Gordon’s father wears, that he finds later, is also on the finger of the mysterious man talking to Kathryn.  This definitely does not bode well for James.

Since Kathryn seems to be on the side of Gotham’s richer villains, the ring wearing chap she is conspiring with must be as well.

Gotham airs Mondays on FOX. Tune in and see what show creator Bruno Heller has up his sleeve for the next episode.


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