Lucifer: Monster – Oily Balls (Recap/Review)


Lucifer is on a downward spiral after killing Uriel and in “Monster” he acts out against Chloe. She is not happy with Lucifer’s “new”  attitude. So she reprimands him and “benches” her partner. It is not just Chloe that Lucifer strikes out at, he also targets strangers and Linda Martin.

Morningstar is not the only one suffering. Amenadiel feels as much guilt as Lucifer. Charlotte is dealing with her son’s death quite calmly and Maze is not bothered at all.

The episode begins with  a “zombie” themed wedding. The bride and groom are about to take their vows when shots ring out. The groom is wounded but the bride is shot twice and she dies.

There appears to be a sniper running about.

Dan actually ends up working the case with his soon-to-be ex. Lucifer spends all his time wallowing in guilt. Drinking and playing the piano or acting very inappropriately at the crime scene. He spends most of the episode breaking rules and ignoring protocol.

Following clues, Morningstar and Chloe end up at a Dutch food truck.  As Decker questions the van’s owners, Lucifer orders, quite loudly, Oliebollen, aka Dutch donuts, which explains mean literally “oily balls.”

(Major points to Tom Ellis and the writers for this episode for having Lucifer pronounce “stroopwafels” correctly.)

As Lucifer stands shouting out his order, the sniper shoots the van owner’s partner.  The death barely registers with Lucifer.

Chloe laying down some ground rules.

At home Chloe is beginning to regret house sharing with Maze. She comes into the room to find Trixie giggling and being pushed in a “sex swing.”  She lays down some ground rules and Mazikeen reluctantly agrees to them.

Charlotte takes a grieving Amenadiel out to where Lucifer buried Uriel.  They talk and the angel gets angry with his Father, who he says should have prevented the death and the issues with Lucifer and Charlotte.


Later, as  Decker gets more involved with the case, she has to ask her “roomie” to take Trixie trick or treating.  Again, Maze reluctantly agrees.  She helps the kid change costumes and the two do very well at candy gathering.

The sniper turns out to be a military man whose wife died from cancer. He is punishing those he holds responsible. Dan and Chloe rush to save the last two names on the killer’s list.

Lucifer turns up, after drunkenly telling everyone in Lux to leave, and stands in front of the sniper’s target. He demands the man shoot him.  The sniper shoots all around Lucifer and Chloe gets the drop on the killer.

Chloe  tells Lucifer that she does not believe him to be bad at all. He explains that she really knows nothing about him

While trick or treating Maze intimidates the people giving out sweets and later, at Trixie’s urgings, dons her own costume. Trixie loves it.  After the case is solved, Chloe returns home to find both Maze and Trixie asleep in front of the television.

Both of them have apparently gorged themselves on candy and the film playing on the telly is Nightmare on Elm Street.  Chloe covers the two sleeping beauties up.

Lucifer goes to see Dr. Martin and he apologizes for being so horrible to her before. She insists on total honesty or the sessions will have to stop. She tells Lucifer to show her his real self. He agrees to this request and does so.

Hiding his human countenance, Lucifer appears in his true form complete with those red eyes. Linda says nothing. She stares in complete silence, quivering like a frightened rabbit.

Lucifer leaves.

“Monster” brought out the best in the script writers and the actors on Lucifer. Morningstar’s explanation behind his grief was brilliant. He  explains that he has never killed anyone.

He has only ever punished the dead, he says, not the living.  Amenadiel’s anger at their Father, is really anger at himself. He lost his powers because of his reluctance to take action. (That and his having sex with a demon.)

Looking at the previews to next week’s episode, it appears that Linda may finally believe that Lucifer is the devil.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.


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4 thoughts on “Lucifer: Monster – Oily Balls (Recap/Review)”

  1. (Major points to Tom Ellis and the writers for this episode for having Lucifer pronounce “stroopwafels” correctly.)

    No, the correct pronounciation of stroopwafel is the O like in “cope”, and the A should sound more like the last A in America.


    1. The double o is pronounced “oa” in other word “loon” is pronounced Loan’ Ellis’ character says Stroop as stroap. Lived there learned the language. Chloe Decker later mispronounces the treats saying stroop as it is spelled. Used to eat and purchase the blooming things. Don’t try to teach your grandma how to suck eggs mate.


      1. Stroop should indeed be pronounced like cope. Not like oa. Wafel sounds like Waahh)as in open wide)fE(as in ‘electric’)l


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