Lucifer: Weaponizer – Family Squabble (Recap/Review)


Lucifer’s brother Uriel is the force behind Chloe’s car accident and his big brother is far from done. While Lucifer gets caught up in this latest family squabble, he and Decker work to solve the murder of action man actor Wesley Cabot. The main suspect is another actor who used to costar in his films, Kimo Vanzandt, aka The Weaponizer.

This was a rather humorous episode. Dan, the douche, and Lucifer find they share the same enthusiasm for the late Cabot’s action films.  The two can quote lines from the films as well as plots and catchphrases of the dead star.

Charlotte, aka Mum, is still struggling with her human life. Later in the episode both Amenadiel and Maze stop by to check on her.  Meanwhile, Lucifer talks his big brother into visiting Uriel and warning him off.

As Lucifer and Chloe work the case, he protects her by changing her patterns of behavior. Uriel uses patterns to affect peoples lives and this how he will kill Decker if Lucifer does not send their mum back to hell.

Chloe and Lucifer  pick up Vanzandt for questioning and find out that he is  working as a leg breaker for the mob. Times have been hard for the “B” movie star.  The duo meet his manager, Goldburg, and learn that the former box office hit is broke.

Amenadiel attempts to bluff Uriel into leaving Chloe and Charlotte alone. It works for about two seconds and then Uriel beats his older brother to a pulp.  He guesses that Amenadiel’s powers have waned and gets his own back for years of abuse at the hands of his big brother.

Vanzandt’s alibi for the time of Cabot’s murder checks out. Dan finds out that both Cabot and Kimo were getting swindled out of merchandise revenue. This points Chloe towards Goldburg. Dan also works out that the two men received the same “fight” award (the murder weapon.).

Amenadiel finally reveals that he no longer has his powers. He tell Lucifer that he is now a fallen angel.  Lucifer has no sympathy for his big brother. He heads off to stop Uriel himself.

Meanwhile, the pattern shifter Uriel, sets up Chloe to die at the hands of Vanzandt. It turns out that Cabot’s widow and Goldburg worked together to bilk both Vanzandt and Wesley. Kimo turns up as Chloe questions the suspects.

He has a shotgun and Lucifer tries to intercede but Decker talks Kimo down.

Lucifer prepares himself to face Uriel and Charlotte tells him she will allow Uriel to take her back to hell. Mazikeen insists it is the right thing to do and Lucifer disagrees.  Charlotte reminds Lucifer that Uriel as the brother no one wanted to play with when they were children. She also points out that he will not give up.

The two brother’s meet in an old dilapidated church and end up fighting. Uriel reveals that he never intended to take Charlotte back to hell but to kill her. He has Azrael’s sword and he will use it to remove their mum from existence. No heaven or hell, Charlotte will  vanish completely.

He starts to set his pattern in motion and the two fight.  Maze steps in and takes a few hits for the team and Lucifer grabs the sword, which fell to the floor, and kills his brother.

As Uriel dies he whispers something  to Lucifer but he cannot understand what it was. Chloe reads Trixie her bedtime story, “Coraline,” and Charlotte learns what happened to Uriel.

This season has been interesting so far.  Amenadiel has lost his aggression and powers. Mazikeen ends up helping people and Charlotte. Lucifer kills his brother (shades of Cain and Abel here) and Chloe is blissfully ignorant of all the chaos going on around her.

There were a number of amusing moments in this episode. The Dan and Lucifer interaction where both men were besotted with Wesley Cabot’s character in the “Body Bag” franchise was funny. Chloe tells them both that the fanboy display makes them oddly adorable.

Lucifer killing Uriel was unexpected and the act has clearly affected him.  This may well be a game changer for Morningstar and he may start seeing Linda again for therapy.

(Sidenote: During the climatic fight between Maze, Uriel and Lucifer, the sword is knocked to the ground. The article which is shown hitting the floor looks nothing like the sword shown moments earlier. Oops.)

The series airs Mondays on FOX. Tune in and see what happens next, will “Father” make his wishes known?


Guest starring Charisma Carpenter as Jamie Lee Adrienne, Phil LaMarr as Ryan Goldburg, Michael Imperioli as Uriel and Mark Dacascos  as Kimo Vanzandt.

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