Timeless: Party at Castle Varlar – James Bond, Bombs and the Masons (Review)

 Timeless - Season 1

Leave it to Hollywood to focus on the screen status of a man who never once put pen to paper for a screenplay of any Bond film.  Ever.  Ian Fleming is the historical figure who shares the limelight with Wernher Van Braun in this episode of Timeless. Fleming, who did indeed work in the /with the OSS during the war, puts the make on Lucy in “Party at Castle Varlar” and helps save the mission as well.

The trio of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus follow Flynn to Nazi Germany in 1944.  Flynn is there to hand over von Braun to the Russians. This move will change the face of American History forever.

However, the history protecting trio believe that Flynn means to make an atomic bomb and present it to Hitler. This would also change history but they learn that their supposition was wrong.

On the mission Wyatt is an unabashed fanboy of, and Lucy gets to flirt with, the father of James Bond. Rufus is having a crisis of conscience. He asks Fleming about being a spy, where learns that you can trust no one, and he has a different talk with von Braun.

The rocket scientist is asked about all the people he is responsible for killing.  Wernher responds that he never thinks of them. Rufus tells him that he invented something that far surpasses von Braun’s and that every death weighs heavily on him.

Von Braun replies that this may be true, but Rufus never thought of the deaths while working on his project. Later Rufus refuses to continue spying on his friends and colleagues. Mason is upset at the news.

As Rufus drives home, his car stops and an unidentified man threatens Rufus’ family unless he continues. The man is from the Rittenhouse group and the implication is clear. Rufus agrees to keep spying on his friends.

Lucy tells Agent Denise Christopher that she needs a cover and the right to bring her sister back. The agent is not overly pleased but she agrees.

This was another episode where history was changed yet again. Only this time it was the inclusion of another Bond film, “Weapon of Choice” where Fleming told the tale of Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt and The Third Reich.

Once again creators Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, and their writers, have let the side down a bit. Fleming never wrote one single Bond film.  His books were the inspiration for the films. Annoyingly, out of the two films mentioned by a starstruck Wyatt, one; Skyfall was not written by Fleming at all and the other; Never Say Never was a “one off” remake of Thunderball

(Incidentally, Fleming did collaborate on the script of Thunderball but he was one of five writers who did so. He shared credit by means of a court decision – wikipedia)

It says a lot about Wyatt’s fascination with Fleming that never once does he mention any of the Bond novels. Nor do the writers mention any titles from the “old” Bond franchise focusing instead on the newer films.

Leaving aside the storyline with its emphasis on bombs and the father of Jame Bond, has anyone else made the connection with Masons and the changing of history?

The Masons, an off shoot or direct part of, the Illuminati are part of history. These nefarious chaps are bent on changing the world stage according to their own agenda.

The message of Timeless is clear: The Masons, aka Connor Mason and the Rittenhouse group have a mission to “save history.” Flynn, who swears he is a patriot, seemingly wants to destroy the world’s existing history by changing key events.

Mason and his group want to keep it as it is. Yet…these same people who hire Lucy as a history specialist to keep things straight, also fob off the idea of any change, no matter how small, as being acceptable.

(Another issue is Wyatt’s trigger happy tendencies.  He kills one Nazi soldier, it is meant to be two but the first man was shot in the arm, without hesitation. These deaths also change history but no one cares. Not a good sign at all.)

At the risk of sounding like a placard carrying conspiracist, Timeless appears to be a show about the Masons either saving the world or endangering it, depending on whose side you take, Flynn’s or Lucy’s.

Apart from the occasional faux pas, like last week’s Atomic City Sinatra/JFK connection,  there appears to be a lot more going on here than meets the eye.

Timeless airs Mondays on NBC. Tune in and see what you think. Is there a Masons or Illuminati thing going on here in the plot?


Guest starring Sean Maguire as Ian Fleming.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, http://MikesFilmTalk.com Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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