The Good Place: The Eternal Shriek – Murder Most Janet (Review)

The Good Place - Season 1

The Good Place picks up where last week’s episode ended. Michael told everyone that the problems must be his fault. Therefore  he would be leaving  by train and retiring. “The Eternal Shriek” is the fate awaiting Michael, a retirement most foul,  and in desperation Eleanor suggests murdering Janet, the only thing that can operate the train.

Chidi has real problems with this solution as he considers shutting down the robot murder and he cannot stand lying.  Being a moral philosopher means he believes in the truth above all things. Even a little white lie bothered him when he was alive.

Eleanor explains that Janet it not alive at all.  The A.I. tells the two where her shutoff switch is. It is on a remote section of beach and the thing is a red button on a tall chrome stand. They follow Janet there. She very obligingly shows the couple how to end her “life.”

Janet warns that even though she is not alive, she will beg and plead for her life when anyone starts to touch the button. Chidi tries a couple of times but is put off by Janet’s pleading.

Eleanor believes she is made of sterner stuff and goes to push the button. Janet continues to plead for her life and even shows pictures of her three children. Finally Jianyu, aka Jason Mendoza turns up and goes to press the red button.

Chidi tries to intervene but Jianyu hits the button and Janet falls face forward in the sand. Immediately after landing a large screen appears in the sky showing Janet telling The Good Place that she has been murdered.

We see more of the earthly Chidi in this episode and find that even he is not without sin, much like Tahani. He lies about a colleagues hideous looking cowboy boots. He tells Henry that the boots are beautiful and a grateful Henry buys Chidi his own pair and then  declares him his boot buddy.

Later, his friend ends up in hospital and finally Chidi tells Henry he hates the boots.

Back at The Good Place Tahani attempts to throw a going away party for Michael. She learns that the architect’s retirement will be quite painful.  Tahani decides to change the party’s theme around a bit.

After the murder of Janet, Michael is speaking to the inhabitants and the “new” Janet is rebooted missing almost her entire database. Michael says he will not leave till the murder is solved and Eleanor suddenly stands and confesses that the person causing all the problems is her.

Chidi looks on, stunned that Eleanor tells the entire town that she does not belong in The Good Place. Jianyu smiles slightly and this looks to be a game changer all around.

Clearly this place is not all it’s cracked up to be.  The problems; the falling rubbish, the sinkhole and so on, could be down to Eleanor but…

The retirement that Michael faces sounds horrid.  Surely “The Good Place” would not offer such an alternative and bleak future for the man who created the village.  With at least two people being let in by mistake there is apparently a “bug” in the system.

Will Michael find out that it really is Eleanor making the place unsafe or is there something else going on here. More importantly, will Jianyu get in trouble for pushing Janet’s button?

The Good Place airs Thursdays on NBC.


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