Superstore: Dog Adoption Day – Volunteering (Recap/Review)

Superstore - Season 2

Superstore “Dog Adoption Day” is not quite as funny as the previous  dare episode. Every time Jonah and Amy are paired up the comedy goes off the chain. This week Mateo and Jonah work together and it is not quite the same.

Amy supports Cheyenne and Glem, aka Glenn helps out Bo. The young couple are having issues while living in Cheyenne’s mother’s basement.  Jonah and Mateo volunteer at the early morning meeting and end up running the Adopt a Dog shelter scheme for the day.

Cheyenne and Bo have a massive argument in the store and throw bags of potato chips  all over the aisle. Amy and Glenn try to help the young couple. Cheyenne thinks that she and Bo should hurry up and get married. Amy is horrified at the thought and Glenn tells Bo that his church can do the wedding.

Amy suggests that Bo may not be the best fit for Cheyenne. Glenn tempts Cheyenne’s boyfriend with a house rental. Both Amy and Glenn are disturbed by the young couple’s thought process.

Glenn ends up cosigning the rental agreement and Amy learns that Cheyenne’s other romantic choice is her former middle-aged school teacher, Cole. Bo returns and starts fighting with Cole who is also his former teacher. Customers rush to record the scrap while Glenn yells that there is nothing to see.

Jonah and Mateo manage to get every dog adopted by working together. The shelter lady, Lydia, is upset as this means the euthanizing expert will not be showing up (they are dating.) Sondra comes in and finds all the dogs gone. She asks, “Were they cuddly?”

Both men are horrified to see Sondra is covered with hornet stings.

Garrett takes on Dina over an argument about the time clock. Garrett forgot to clock in and Dina refuses to alter the time sheet. She is, says Dina, just following the rules.

Throughout the rest of the shift, Garrett shadows Dina’s every move and he stops each potential violation of the Cloud 9 rules.  By the end of the day Garrett has won this particular battle. Dina threatens retaliation.

Jeff, Mateo’s “love interest” was not in this episode and no mention was made of the middle manager. There were no “store customer gags” in this episode either. “Dog Adoption Day” focussed on the employees and there were no sight gags of customers doing odd things.

Comic Highlights:

Glenn doing Batman, The Joker and Bane and Bo’s reaction to the last impression, yo.

Amy learning that Bo thinks she is a poser and her reaction. “Bo’s a poser.” So Napoleon Dynamite.

Seymour, George Clooney and Bo taking the last of the dogs.

Glenn realizing that he made a big mistake cosigning for Bo.

Sondra volunteering and getting hornet’s nest removal detail.

Sondra coming in from her detail covered in stings and Mateo and Jonah’s reaction to her.


Kudos to Nichole Bloom and Johnny Pemberton (so different here from his Son of Zorn character) for knocking it out of the park this episode. Bloom, when she is given the chance rocks her character comically. She and Pemberton are so good at being bad for each other.

Superstore managed once again to make a social statement, this time about adopting dogs, and did it well.  Jonah’s statement about people spending so much on pets when millions of children are staving was spot on. (As was his co-workers’ reactions to his non-attachment to dogs.)

The series airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune in and catch the thinly veiled Walmart humor…



Guest starring Kevin Kirkpatrick as Cole

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