Legends of Tomorrow: The Justice Society of America – Origin (Review)

Justice Society of America

There is just something about beating up Nazis that brings out the inner Indiana Jones in all of us. Legends of Tomorrow “The Justice Society of America” follows up last week’s episode. The new gang of legends have to explain who they are to the “old school” superheroes in 1942.

Before the end of the episode there is a disturbing death, the Reverse Flash  returns and the origin story of one Nate Heywood, aka Citizen Steel is revealed. This was a good look at how superhero styles have obviously changed since the early 1940’s.

All of the future heroes, aka Legends, are nothing like their early counterparts. The JSA is organized and cohesive. The newbies are quirky and full of one-liners.  Commander Steel is not impressed.

The gang return to the present and while Sara rips a strip off of Heywood, he discovers that his grandfather’s dog tags have gone missing. He and Sara realize that history has been changed.

The legends have to go back as Nate learns that his grandfather will die on this day in history. They head to the place where Steel and the rest of the team are due to perish.

A serum was given to Baron Krieger who injects himself and he becomes a giant super soldier. In essence the Baron turns into a less colorful version of the Hulk. The first time Krieger fights both sets of heroes they lose. He takes Vixen and Ray Palmer prisoner.

Dr. Stein is put in charge  of the Legends for a very short time, he steps down after a few moments of indecision in the heat of battle, and Sara is then made the fearless leader. It makes sense, the missing Rip was training her for the task after all.

Before Sara takes over, Nate and his new colleagues infiltrate a Nazi bar where Stein passes himself off as a famed French vocalist; a favorite of Hitler’s.  He sings Edelweiss and boy scout Palmer messes things up because he cannot Sieg Heil the Fuhrer. Ray punches a general instead and an old fashioned bar fight ensues.

Palmer may not be able to “Heil Hitler” but he does win over Vixen. Earlier she tells the scientist he is not a hero. Later, when Ray gives the serum to hemophiliac Heywood to save his life, she changes her mind.

While the gang are feeling all warm and fuzzy after their victory, Reverse Flash pops in, steals the amulet and kills Rex Tyler. Dying, Tyler manages to gasp out “time traveler”  before expiring on the floor.


Clearly the Justice Society of America will believe that the Legends of Tomorrow must have something to do with this. They may have to go back and sort this one out.

Season two is pretty entertaining. Rip, who was a tad too serious, is not around to keep a lid on his heroes.  He may still return, but for the time being, the gang are doing very well for themselves.

Nate Heywood is now well on his way to becoming Citizen Steel and Sara is in charge.  The band may have a new leader but it looks like things are going full steam ahead for the heroes.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on CW.


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