Secrets and Lies: The Liar – Searching for Liam (Recap/Review)


Eric Warner is continuing his own investigations into his dead wife’s secrets and he is discovering more lies and unexplainable events. In “The Liar” he learns that Liam Connors, his wife’s favorite assistant, does not really exist.

As Warner puts the pieces together, he learns that Connors’ credentials were fake as were his references.  Eric also finds out that Kate meet Shane Campbell at a hotel. Warner also believes that Kate figured out Connors was a fake as well.

More is learned about the ex-girlfriend witness that Cornell dug up; Tina Sawyer. It turns out that Sawyer was a “bunny boiler” lover who tried to blackmail Eric into staying with her. Tina gave herself cuts and bruises and threatened to tell police that Eric beat her.

Amanda takes out a temporary restraining order against Eric’s former girlfriend and,  amazingly, Cornell pushes it through a judge and extends the time period of the court order.  It seems that the detective has taken Eric out of the main suspect spot for the time being.

Warner keeps bumping into Danny, the mysterious man who was searching Liam’s apartment and who beat up Neil.  The gun carrying stranger is searching for Connors as well.

Eric goes through the company’s CCTV footage and sees Liam leaving the building with a box. He can see the plate of the car Connors gets into. He asks Amanda to run the plate and goes to the address.

After banging on the door a young girl answers, seconds later Danny steps out from behind the door. Both men are looking for answers but it looks like Danny may be prepared to do whatever it takes to get them.

This episode of Secrets and Lies steps back from Kate’s pregnancy and centers on Eric’s search to reveal what was really going on in his dead wife’s life.  There is some focus on the family business and it seems that his father will not hesitate to get “rough” if he needs to.

We finally learn what happened to John Warner’s wife, she drunkenly fell down some stairs when Eric, Amanda and Patrick were children. She is in hospital and apparently in a coma. John visits her every Monday.

Eric initially believes that Kate was having an affair with Shane.  He learns that this was not the case at all when Campbell comes to see him.  (Eric came dangerously close to assaulting Shane the night before. Only the memories of the boy he killed in high school and, oddly, the death of Kate, stops him.)

Campbell reveals that Kate was investigating a hack of the company’s records. Someone was creating fictitious credit accounts and bilking the company.  Eric continues the investigation and shuts down a number of fake accounts.

He also figures out that the hotel where Kate met Shane was right across the street from the blackmailer’s drop off location. He believes that there is a connection between the two.

Secrets and Lies has managed to keep things interesting thus far. It seems that every rock Eric turns over deepens the mystery of who his wife really was and what she was up to.  At this point it feels like Warner is doing Cornell’s job for her.

The detective was a tad more “human” this week. She is still that stone faced and dour cop from earlier episodes but she has toned down the aggression factor a notch or two.

Amanda’s belief that Cornell’s gaze has shifted away from her brother may be very optimistic.  One gets the feeling that the detective is like a dog with a bone. Cornell  will worry her suspect until she gets what she wants.

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays on ABC.


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