UnREAL: Season 2 Finale: Friendly Fire in the Hole (Review)

Quinn and her minions in UnREAL

The season finale of UnREAL was an explosion, or an implosion,  waiting to happen. Last week’s “sh*t storm” took Yael out of the running. The disgraced contestant still planned to tear Quinn and Rachel’s playhouse down though. Unfortunately Wasserman gets his toys taken away and he is escorted off the set.  There was nothing friendly about this episode. With the impending explosion about to go off any minute, it could have been titled, “Fire in the Hole.”

UnREAL has upped the stakes.  Last season ended with Mary jumping off the roof, it was murder plain and simple.  This year the show ends with what appears to be a double homicide instigated by Jeremy (Josh Kelly).  (This lovelorn ex of Rachel will do anything to redeem himself, including killing the two people who could destroy her.)

Coleman continues to sink to new depths.  The former showrunner has managed to become an even bigger douche.  His plan to shuffle Rachel off to an asylum while he took over was pretty bad. He now intends to destroy her and Quinn with his shocking documentary.

Unfortunately, since Quinn has taken his source material it will be difficult to put the thing together.  Although, as Rachel found out, his award winning documentary was a lie. He hired actors to play the “real” subjects in his film.

Throughout the Wasserman vs Goldberg storyline, Quinn orchestrates an “Everlasting” finale that is guaranteed to blow up the ratings. She tells both the finalists that Darius has chosen them. Quinn also relates that he will be marrying them on live television.

Both families are invited to attend the finale screening.  Quinn then attempts to screw over Chet and Tiffany on air using Yael as the bearer of ill tidings.  She learns that Chet has been sleeping with  the finalist via the anklet he gave her. It is, she tells a bemused Chet, his “signature move.”

Wasserman sneaks back on the set and arranges to have Yael tell the world she is an investigative reporter on the live finale.  She will expose the show’s murder of Mary.  Jeremy has been included in this plan. He then learns of Rachel’s rape when she was 12. He is horrified to learn that her mother tried to cover it up.

Darius is fed up with the entire thing. Even Romeo has trouble getting him to cooperate. The “live marriage” is sprung on him at the last minute and he is furious.  Rachel, in an attempt at controlling Yael locks her in a room and has security take Coleman away from the live set.

Goldberg also calls Ruby and asks her to appear on the show as a surprise guest.  On the Everlasting set, Tiffany (Kim Matula) and Chantal (Meagan Tandy) both turn up in their wedding dresses.  The women walk up the aisle which is separated by a long screen, both have family seated along the walkway. 

Quinn is in the production room waiting for Yael to provide an explosive moment when Ruby (Denée Benton) arrives. Darius is pleased and proposes to her.  She turns him down but says that she loves him. The two leave in the “Just Married” limousine. It is a happy ending. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy is guilt stricken and he apologizes to Rachel profusely. He is furious with her mother for covering up the rape and for drugging her. Rachel tells him that is it too late for them.  Jeremy tells her he would do anything to protect her.

Yael and Coleman drive off the set in the “Everlasting” car. Jeremy calls Chet out of the production office. The two men come back in.  Jeremy explains that Yael and Coleman left to “break” their story to CNN. He then says they do not have to worry about the couple. Turning to Rachel he says, “I told you I would do anything to protect you.”

Over the news they see footage of the “Everlasting” car crumpled up at the bottom of a canyon. The episode ends with Rachel, Jeremy, Chet and Quinn on chaise lounges. All are sitting  in a row, their lives are now inexorably linked to a potential double murder.

This was a brilliant episode. All the machinations by Quinn and Rachel to  make the finale  a hit and prevent Team Yaelman from destroying the show and the two women running it were impressive.

Quinn in her bid to make “one of these b*tches bleed” on national television was a little frightening.  Still, at her very core, Quinn is touched by the “true love” found by Darius and Ruby on the show. Her expression speaks volumes and in that moment, one feels a deep sympathy for this driven woman.

Despite all of her constant disclaimers, Quinn wants love as well. She knows, however, that  it is beyond her reach. It is fitting that she and Chet are together to witness Darius’ triumph.

UnREAL leaves on a murderous note.  But before the end credits roll we have seen the “real” Quinn underneath that powerful exterior. We learn that  Rachel really is the master of “Everlasting.” There is no doubt that Wasserman is a pig, even if he is dead, and that he and Yael make the perfect couple.

When Emmy time comes rolling around there should be gongs for Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby. These two powerful actors rocked their performances and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that strong female characters are not just mesmerizing to watch but are damned sexy as well.


Author: Mike's Film Talk

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