Guilt: Eyes Wide Open – Prince Theo Vs DS Bruno (Review)


Guilt is trundling on to a trial for Grace; a hearing where the crown has to prove that it has enough evidence to actually proceed. Atwood was thrown in prison for Molly’s murder last week.  In rapid succession she was accosted in the showers and she then stabbed herself. In “Eyes Wide Open” Grace undergoes hypnosis and DS Bruno takes  on Prince Theo. It is the crown, versus the “Crown,” so to speak.

Grace Atwood learns, through her regression with the psychiatrist,  that she did not murder Molly Ryan after all.  During the regression, Grace relieves several memories. Some nice and others less enjoyable. The night that Molly was killed Atwood was furious at the Irish girl  for flirting with Luc.

Grace finally remembers finding Molly’s body and stepping in her blood. She sees a man covered in blood but cannot make out his features in the session.  At this juncture Grace appears to be innocent.

Natalie urges DS Bruno to speak with Neville (Ryan Gerald) who  has been placed in a  psych ward.  The detective sergeant is not overly thrilled with Atwood’s interference. He claims that the mentally challenged young man will not be believed. He does however  agree to check the vehicle’s registration number in the system.

Roz  and Kaley (Amber Jean Rowan) have a massive falling out after Finch is killed by the prostitute.  The DJ attempts to calm her savior, but Kaley kicks Roz out.  She heads over to ask Luc (Zachary Fall) is she can “crash” at his place. The French artist is busy doing drugs. We learn that he too worked at The Courtenay. 

Prince Theo and Charlotte (Katie Clarkson-Hill)  also have a fight.  She is certain that Theo killed Molly. His story about his dog, which she knew was false when she saw the headlines, aroused her suspicion.  

Stan Gutterie goes to see Veena Patel (Sujaya Dasgupta) he promises her exclusive coverage of Grace’s trial. She warily agrees to help and invites him to her flat. Once there, Stan finds that the husband of the Judge who was to set the trial was a client of The Courtenay.

James does a runner. He leaves in case the Russian mob try to make Grace pay for his indiscretions.

Bruno runs the registration and learns that it was Prince Theo’s minder’s  car. Philip obviously drove the Prince to Molly’s flat. The detective then plants Molly’s blood on the car. Unfortunately Philip sees him do it.

Natalie agrees to meet with Bruno at his apartment. He tells her to come in the back entrance.  Philip and Prince Theo come in the front door. The young royal and the cop exchange words, none of which are Happy Christmas.  Theo punches Bruno in the face and   says he will  expose the detective for falsifying evidence in another case.

Bruno says he will take the prince down with him. Philip and Prince Theo remind the cop that he violated Molly Ryan’s corpse to get blood and used it to falsify evidence.  He also mentions the cop “shagging the prime suspect’s sister.”   The two leave and Natalie has witnessed the entire incident. Atwood is not pleased with the cop.

DS Bruno later goes to see Gutterie and tells the lawyer he will take the stand against the prince. It now really is a case of Prince Theo versus the cop.

Meanwhile Patrick Ryan gets a sniper rifle from his cousin to kill Theo.  The IRA has managed to keep a few weapons after all.

Bruno stands up Gwendolyn Hall and Stan stops by to tell her that Judge Manning has been replaced.  Gutterie obviously now believes he will have the advantage in the courtroom.

It will be interesting to see where the series heads next. Regardless of whether they do the preliminary trial or not there are still a number of questions that need answers.

While it looks like Theo may be guilty it is not necessarily true. Neville may have seen the prince standing over Molly with a knife but that does not prove he killed the Irish girl. The royal says he loved his little part-time prostitute even if she was pregnant with his child.

Roz may have much more to do with Molly’s death than the prince. Plus Daisy is still not necessarily  in the clear. Hypnotic regression is not an exact science. Take hypnosis in general; someone being “put under” cannot do something that they would not ordinarily do. It therefore stands to reason that Grace would not incriminate herself while  “under.”

Guilt airs Mondays on Freeform.  Tune in and see if Grace goes to trial, if Patrick shoots Theo and to learn who really killed Molly.


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