Between: Season 2 Us vs Them – Trust (Review)


Between this week starts where last week’s episode ended. Chuck, Samantha and her brother Harrison (and his friend) are driving outside the fence. The little group  are arguing  as Chuck has no real plan. Then “Us vs Them” loses Samantha as a sniper shoots the driver from a considerable distance away.

The rest of the van’s occupants freakout and head back to the fence.  Adam, Wiley and their new “friend” Liam Cullen talk in the tunnel.  Liam explains to the couple that he has a vaccine that will save the occupants of Pretty Lake. As they leave the tunnel, helicopters deliver Liam’s supplies on main street.

Chuck heads back to town after he spots the choppers flying past. He arrives in time to join Adam in the “I don’t trust Liam” brigade.  Neither Adam or Chuck will let Liam open his crates. Wiley argues for letting Cullen open the crate and Harrison goes to open the thing instead.

When Chuck tells Harrison that they cannot trust Liam, the boy goes off on the rich townie.   He tells the group that his sister is dead and that it is Chuck’s fault.  Chuck then punches  Liam and threatens to beat him till he tells the truth.

Wiley explains to Chuck that escaping is not an option any longer.   It appears that the one bit of truth the government passed on about the virus is that the stuff is deadly to anyone outside Pretty Lake.

Renee (Mercedes Morris) returns the gun she stole from Ronnie and the two have sex. Afterward she asks his help in finding her brother. (The lad who fell on his own knife when attacking Mark).

Gord cuts up Franny’s cow and after he loads the  meat in the truck, someone steals all the beef and the vehicle. In town  Ronnie asks Mark if he has seen the Renee’s brother  and both he and Stacey (Samantha Munro) lie and say no. 

Liam (Steven Grayhmexplains the science behind the vaccine. He also reveals that Adam is actually immune.   Before he can inject anyone, Adam injects the outsider. Cullen blows up at Adam telling him that he just wasted a life.

Ronnie argues with Pat on the way back from town.  At the height of the conversation he stops the truck and tearfully cries out that Pat left him.  Wiley confronts  Adam about  not telling her of his immunity and Gord finds his meat.

Franny took it  to Harrison’s group and they refuse to give it back.  When Gord goes to grab the food, Franny says it was not his to give.  The gang of kids threaten “Gordo”  and he leaves without the meat.

At the lab, after  waiting two hours Liam insists that they give someone the injection. Wiley volunteers over Chuck and Adam’s objections.

Gord sees Ronnie eating peaches and he accuses him of hoarding food. The two get into a fight. The altercation ends when Ronnie begins to laugh. He tells Gord that all he has are the peaches he is eating. (These are  ones that Renee gave him.) Gord then asks Ronnie to help him with something.

Wiley gets the injection.

Ronnie and Gord go to retrieve the meet. Harrison is rebellious right up until Ronnie shoots the radio and threatens Harrison. Gord keeps his “attack dog” on a short lease and no one dies or is shot as they grab the food.

Wiley passes out in agony after the injection.  The pains that have been plaguing her since the start of season two have overpowered her.  Later Liam discovers that Wiley has a tumor. Adam believes that Cullen’s vaccine gave it to her.

Adam may have come to grips with shooting his father but he, and to a lesser degree Chuck, has been almost too paranoid in season two. Waving his pistol about and allowing Chuck to “torture” Liam has taken the quietly confident lad from season one and turned him into a whiny little b*tch.

When he is not going on about not trusting  Liam, he is threatening the man. Chuck has always been an annoyance but he is worse now that he got Samantha killed.

Ronnie and Gord go to see the Mennonites. John refuses  to donate food initially.  Hannah and John’s other wife talk him into helping.  (Not before Ronnie gets the line of the episode however. John queries who Gord’s friend is and Ronnie replies, “I’m Jebidiah. What’s up?”)

After the Mennonites donate  the food Ronnie shows them the picture of Renee’s brother and they reveal that the lad is lying dead behind their farm. Ronnie retrieves the body to show Renee.  John then tells Gord and Ronnie never to return.

Harrison holds Samantha as they dig her grave, Adam worries about Wiley, Mark and Stacey are still having sex and Franny comforts Harrison. Ronnie and Gord deliver the food to the orphanage and Tracey sees the body of Renee’s brother.

Stacey also spots the body and Mark realizes it is the kid who attacked him. Wiley reveals that she had pain before the birth of Jason.  Adam tells Wiley about the tumor while Liam uses a satellite phone to report in.

His message ends with, “They’re starting to  trust me.”

Between this season is bleak and even more grim than the first season.  Food is a problem and even though the population is smaller, after the government tried to murder the lot of them, rationing is in effect.

Gord is still the conscience of Pretty Lake  and Chuck  has lost much of his first season over-confidence.  Adam has become  increasingly annoying with his paranoia and at one point it would have been nice to see Liam punch the kid just to shut him up.

The series is available on Netflix to watch all in one go.  Head over and binge the second season or watch it one episode at a time. Between has managed to come back strong for its second season and it is pretty gripping stuff. Check it out.


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