Queen of the South: Lily of the Valley – Blooming in the Dark (Review)

 Queen of the South - Season 1

Queen of the South continues to see Theresa in the circle of trust after Camila’s test last week.  In “Lirio de los Valles”  (Lily of the Valley) things take a turn for Mendoza.  Her future self stops by to relate how some flowers bloom in the dark and Theresa is compared to the fragrant plant that flourishes in the shade.

In essence the “Queen” is saying that things are going to get very bad for Mendoza but it will be what causes her to become a success.   Theresa is allowed to make her first drop and as she learns the ropes Epifanio learns from Cesar that Brenda got a call from Dallas, near Camila’s club.

Camila buys three Roll Royce cars as presents but declines the  “bulletproof” package. “Very popular in Qatar,” says the salesman. She is making another move to get her business back from Epifanio.

Theresa goes to her first drop and a bald “hillbilly” answers the door. As she delivers the product, and the man continues to talks, she notices Sandra tied up on the floor.  Mendoza slips a knife to the woman who cuts herself free and throws the knife into  the hillbilly’s chest killing him.

Another man enters the kitchen and Sandra shoots the shotgun carrying robber. Theresa calls James.  Camila accompanies James to the house and questions the wounded man on the floor.  She sends Theresa back to the club and tells Sandra to turn on the stove.

Meanwhile Brenda arrives in Dallas and calls Theresa. One amusing moment is when Brenda takes a selfie with Tony outside the “biggest gringo supermarket” she has ever seen.

Rather interestingly, Brenda is upping her game. Using her boobs as bait she manages to get some money from men passing by who glance at her “assets.” Tony is amazed that the plan works so well and Theresa’s friend may survive after all.

At Camila’s club Cesar  “Batman” Guemes zaps Theresa with a taser in the  parking lot. He takes the unconscious woman and begins the long drive to Sinaloa, Mexico. Mendoza’s phone is ringing and Batman wakes her up to get it from her. He throws it out the window.

A guard at the club sees the broken driver’s window on Theresa’s car and checks the CCTV footage.  Camila learns that Cesar has taken Theresa and James reminds her that there is only one road to Mexico  from Dallas.

Cesar is stopped by the Highway Patrol and he tases Theresa again.  The two State Troopers approach the vehicle; one with his weapon drawn,  and the other tells Cesar to wake the unconscious woman up.

Theresa is rescued and Cesar is put in handcuffs. He is roughed up after threatening  the cop who works for Camila. Theresa meets up with Brenda and gives her some money. She explains that she cannot meet visit  her friend right then but will be back tomorrow.

Camila has Cesar and the two have a little talk.  She explains that her husband Epifanio is setting him up.  Vargas also reveals that she will be letting Cesar go.  She tells him that if he cooperates she will reward him in the way he deserves. (Which actually sounds like a veiled threat.) Camila says it is up to Cesar  to decide what he tells Varga.

Back in Sinaloa, Cesar proves he is not very smart when he tells Epifanio that he has found Theresa.  In Dallas, Mendoza is visited by her future queenpin self who reminds Theresa  once more that she is “Lirio de los Valles” (Lily of the Valley) and that she is going to bloom in the darkness ahead.

This episode brought the body count back up to two incredibly stupid robbers who paid dearly for their trespass.  We see just how powerful, and cold-blooded, Camila is and how determined Epifanio is to get Theresa back.

Queen of the South - Season 1
Veronica Falcon as Camila Vargas

It is also apparent that while Cesar may be clever, he is not intelligent.  He talks to Varga and never hesitates to ignore Camila’s advise.

Alice  Braga continues to kick it as Theresa Mendoza and Veronica Falcón  is intimidating as Camila Vargas. This rehash of the telenovela La Reina del Sur is entertaining and gripping enough that it may well survive its decline in popularity this week.

Queen of the South airs Thursdays on USA.  Tune in and see just how dark it gets for Theresa Mendoza.


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