Killjoys: Shaft – Green Goo and Monks (Review)

 Killjoys - Season 2

Killjoys starts  with Dutch confronting Khlyen. He responds to her questions about “green sh*t”  by cutting her stomach and letting the green stuff out.  The episode then goes back to the meeting with Turin at Westerly where he brought their ship.  He sends them to collect a salvage warrant and to rescue  another team of Killjoys who went down in the Northern Badlands.

“Shaft” features some killer moss, filled with green goo and another bit of history about those Scarback  monks that D’Avin saw in his “memory” back at Red 17. Pawter Simms proves once again that she is not above ignoring the hippocratic oath when it suits and Alvis has a  crisis of faith.

This episode shows more sides to each character and Alvis has a chance to show what he is made of. Even Lucy has a chance to show another layer.

(Lucy has a chance to show her more “human” side when she offers some soil sample analysis information to Johnny and he says to wait. “Fine,” Lucy replies snappily for a great comic moment done as an aside.)

The mission is to rescue a husband wife team who sent out an evacuation request that Khylen covered up. They find the downed ship in the Badlands and the interior is covered with  moss. After several questions  about the stuff from D’Av and Dutch, Johnny asks if they think he is a “moss-ologist.”

Back at the ship he calls Pawter who cuts their conversion short.  Alvis  borrows a shirt from D’Avin and he tells Dutch that he may leave the order. On the planet, D’Av asks how long Alvis will be staying with them

They are interrupted by Tanya (Lina Roesslerone of the Killjoy’s who sent out the evacuation message.  Tanya asks them to come down into the mine and save Deena from Paulo who has gone crazy. The Killjoys get Alvis to help  with the mine.

Alvis asks about the fancy gear they use and Dutch replies that it is part of being a Killjoy, “Like the fancy jackets and early death.”    Alvis reveals that he was a miner and D’Av is surprised.  Dutch explains that is why they have him in the mine.  D’Avin replies, “Here I thought it was ‘bring a monk to work day.'”

Back at Westerly Jellco tries to ingratiate himself with Pawter and reminds her that he is in charge.  In the mine, the walls are draped with moss and Johnny can get no readings on his instruments.

D’Av worries about breathing in moss spores.  Johnny asks Alvis how they can “salvage” a monk and he replies that they are very recyclable.  Jellco explains that he wants Pawter to drain his heart and he will help her in return.

In the mine Alvis finds messages scratched in the walls by Scarback miners.  D’Avin finds a deep hole and Tanya sees Paulo. She chases after him and the team lose her momentarily. She shoots at her husband and he runs off.

Dutch demands that Tanya be sent back to the ship.  Tanya  shoots at Paulo again and causes part of the  mine to collapse. Johnny is trapped on the other side and  must work out another way to rejoin the Killjoys and Alvis.

Pawter operates on Jellco and nicks his heart after he  passes out. The guard steps in and Simms takes him out. She now has the DNA needed to send out file to her mother. The one  showing Jellico murdering Healy.

Lucy tells Johnny that  a massive microwave message was sent from Red 17  just before it exploded. In the mine the Killjoys find an underground tree and a lot of skeletons that are picked clean.  They find a Scarback story scratched on the mine floor. It is, Alvis says, a tale of 12 monks who fought the devil at Arkyn.

As Johnny returns to  open another way out of the mine, Tanya shouts for her sister and Dutch follows. Tanya bumps into Paulo again and falls into a deep pit.  Dutch tries to save the other Killjoy but the moss kills  Tanya.

The killer moss turns out to be killer bugs. Johnny examines one and tells the others that the bug looks like a vagina.   The bugs are closing in on Alvis, D’Avin and Dutch.  Pawter gets a message from Lucy and she opens the data jack. Simms finds the plans for the wall around Old Town and a lot of others.

Alvis and D’av split up and leave Dutch on post. Johnny discovers that if the bugs are cut in half both ends live. D’Avin stomps on one and learns  that the things are full of green goo like the stuff Level 6 Khylen used on D’Avin.

Alvis finds a dead monk hidden behind a mine wall. Dutch sees Khylen and chases him.  As Johnny cuts through the mine wall, Dutch falls into a hole in the mine floor.  She confronts Khylen and he tells her that she is already a level 6. He cuts into Dutch’s stomach to show she has the green goo inside her.

It is an illusion and Dutch is cutting herself.  Khylen vanishes to be replaced by Dutch, like the mirror image in last week’s episode.  Alvis gets through to the hallucinating Dutch.

D’Avin discovers that the killer moss bugs are afraid of him and they  move away  when he approaches. Dutch makes it back to the ship for treatment. Johnny keeps one of the bugs to study and the Killjoys head to Spring Hill to rescue Pawter.

The doctor actually leaves on her own. She has attached her explosive device on Jellco’s heart so he cannot leave the facility.  Simm’s gets the line of the episode when she tells her jailer not to push it too far, “or else the little prick will go boom.”

Pawter is attacked as soon as she leaves Jellco and Alvis makes a connection with Dutch. He reveals that out of the 12 monks who fought the devil on Arkyn one returned. This is what D’Avin saw in his memory.

Alvis says he will go to Leith for answers. Dutch visits Turin  and changes the rules of engagement. She now calls the shots.  Turin agrees.

As Dutch points out to Alvis, there is a lot of unexplained things going on in the Quad. The green goo and Level 6 for starters. D’Avin still repels the moss bugs and the RAC is apparently still corrupted.

In this second season of Killjoys show creator Michelle Lovretta has upped the stakes and added new layers of mystery and allowed the characters to evolve further; even Lucy.  

(On a sidenote: Did this episode of Killjoys make anyone else think of “The Ruins” with its killer plants?)

Killjoys airs Fridays on SyFy and Space. Tune in and catch the mystery, the humor  and the action.


Guest Starring: Pascal Langdale as Jellco 

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

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