The Path: The Miracle – Game Changer (Review)

Aaron Paul as Eddie Lane in The Path

“The Path” follows Eddie’s journey as the rest of the movement freeze him out. Only Sarah keeps him from being expunged from the group completely, an act that will keep him from seeing his children.  Lane visits Abe at the hospital and prays for his daughter to heal naturally and to not need the surgery.  The infant is healed and does not need the operation, is this a miracle?

There are a number of miracles in this series.  Alison Kemp walking across the frozen pond/lake with stones in her pockets does not die, although the ice should have broken. This could be classed as another miracle. She really wanted to die after Sarah gave her Jason’s journal.

Eddie is having visions, or hallucinatory flashbacks, and it leads him to seek answers.  Heading to Peru he goes to Steve Meyer’s room and finds the dying man gone from his bed and standing. Alive, awake and very aware, Dr. Meyer has “returned from the dead” (so to speak) and this too could be classed as a miracle.

Cal has nurtured  the lie of Steve writing the last three rungs, which Sarah has discovered is not true,  and after telling the compound that Meyer will be arriving, he has changed it to Steve’s essence is there.

Mary recognizes the damage in Cal; the darkness, and the two finally have sex. Mary is drawn to the bad part of Roberts and always will be; just as he is drawn to her.

Sarah tells Cal that their relationship will always be on a professional basis and then starts investigating Silas’ disappearance.  She learns that Roberts lied about his whereabouts and she breaks into his office and laptop. She now knows that Cal wrote the last three rungs on his own.

Roberts marries Mary and Sean, re-inducts Alison Kemp back into the movement and accepts Hawk into the group properly.  Cal tells the group that Steve is now pure light. He also declares Sarah and himself as “Guardian’s of the Light.”

Summer uses her invisible light pen to write messages to her father and one can easily imagine the UV light used with the pen being a huge plot device in very short order. Cal’s murder of Silas guarantees a lot of physical evidence at the crime scene.

Sarah will obviously keep channeling her inner Nancy Drew until she learns the truth about Silas and Cal may be moved to do something desperate to protect his lies.   Roberts and Sarah has declared an uneasy alliance, of sorts, but she has declared war on Cal by letting him know that she will find out what happened to her mentor.

Cal Roberts is a dark and damaged man. His immediate goal is to take over the movement by hook and by crook.  Eddie Lane (Aaron Paul) who has decided that the movement is “fairy tale bulls*t” is having visions and may well be responsible for a miracle.

Abe Gaines (Rockmond Dunbar) is now in an awkward position.  Even while Eddie told him that “The Light” was rubbish, it was his prayer that, presumably, saved Gaines’ daughter from life threatening surgery.  Abe is no longer investigating the movement but he must be torn. 

Now the battle for the Meyerist Movement is between Cal (Hugh Dancy), Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), Eddie and Steve Meyer (Keir Dullea). Meyer, who may just be in remission, is at least cognizant and may be ready to dethrone Roberts. 

(If he is really there in the room at all. Eddie has been hallucinating a lot, is that really “Doc” or is it another vision?)

Cal told the comatose Meyer of his plans. Medical experts have postulated that coma patients can hear everything going on around them. Did Roberts’ news upset Meyer enough that he fought free of his coma, via the light? (Again assuming that Eddie did really see Meyer in the room.)

Roberts is dangerous.  It has been pointed out by elders in the movement. All that remains is to see how the danger will manifest itself when the truth comes out.  The only miracle may well be Sarah surviving her investigation into Cal’s murder of Silas.

“The Path” airs Wednesdays on Hulu.  Tune in and get caught up in the movement.

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