Rosewood: Badges & Bombshells – Season Finale (Review)


Rosewood this week has blackmail, murder (of course) and backstory.  It also has some pretty surprising twists. Captain Hornstock turns his badge in,  TMI backs out of the wedding and her relationship with Pippy, Donna appears to be dating a convict and Rosie gets blasted by Villa on their first date.

The episode begins with a man being blown up in his car. An autopsy of the bits and pieces of the victim reveal he was poisoned before being blown up. The deceased was a lawyer for a pharmaceutical company and as a lad was placed in juvenile corrections.  His murder is traced back to those days.

John Billingsley guest stars as a corrupt judge who took payouts for giving young offenders stiff sentences and he is connected to the pharmaceutical business.  Captain Hornstock is blackmailed by a fixer and told to stop investigating the murder of the lawyer. The same man ambushes Villa and Rosie while they question Louie Van Winkle (Chad Lindberg).

Pippy (Gabrielle Dennisquits after TMI breaks up with her and ends the wedding and Daisie Villa (Lisa Vidal) gives Annalise a “love basket” for the Rosie date. Mom is overjoyed that her daughter has moved on from Eddie’s death and has opted for Beaumont Rosewood. 

The bad guys are caught and Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) goes to Internal Affairs; drops off his gun and badge along with evidence of something he did 18 years ago.  Donna meets with Gerald who is an inmate. Rosie makes Mitchie run the toxicology report on Eddie one more time. 

Rosie arrives at the date with Villa to tell her that he believes Eddie was murdered. Villa flips out. After explaining how hard it has been for her to move on, she then accuses Rosewood of being damaged. She tells him that his need to be a  hero makes him underestimate and undervalue those around him.

Annalise tells Rosie to get out of her house and her life.

Back at the lab, Rosewood continues his investigation.

By the time the dust settles, or the end credits roll, everyone’s lives are in turmoil.  Annalise is furious with Rosie and called things off before they could even begin. Hornstock has turned in himself and his  badge and gun. Pippy and TMI are through and Rosie’s sister has quit.  Rosewood is still working on his Eddie was murdered theory and the only person unscathed by the end of the final episode is Mitchie (Sam Huntington).


While it may seem appropriate to panic a little at the Rosie/Annalise blow up, this may soon pass. After all, Villa was all revved up and ready for some Rosie “rumpy-pumpy” (Enrique Iglesias, chocolate covered cherries and some heady romance was on the cards not a “your husband was murdered” revelation.) and nothing spoils the mood quicker than poking a sore, recently healed wound.

Villa has forgotten that Rosewood’s mind never stops.  It is what makes him the best pathologist in Miami.

The chemistry between Rosie and Villa was hot, hot, hot in this episode. The little daydream sequence, where Annalise lowers her top and Rosewood sweeps the glasses off the tabletop, was steamy and seemed to be a “finally” moment.

It was, however, a false start.  Even after ascertaining that these two strong-willed people were on a bona-fide date, it was all too easy to see it getting screwed up somehow.

“Rosewood” will be back for a second season so perhaps this finale is another false start.  Time will tell.



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