Rosewood: Benzodiazepine & the Benjamins – Team Work (Review)


Something is happening on Rosewood and it is not helping the series out. At all. “Benzodiazepine & the Benjamins” may have ultimately been about team work, or “family” but, once again, the show tipped its hand right off the bat.

The villain of the piece, a woman, was clearly seen in the first scene. Despite the balaclava, aka “mask” being worn by the silent shooter, the murderer was obviously a woman. Later, when Erin turns out to be Marcellus Vega, there should be no surprise.

Since those curves were female until Erin was tricked into revealing her identity, the female FBI agent; Harrows, looked pretty good for a time.  She was unpleasant and had a long backstory that she eventually trotted out to explain some of that hostility towards the precinct and the criminal she was after.

Perhaps more surprising was the plot line where stolen black market maple syrup was being bought and sold down at the dockside warehouses. This exact same plot device was used on “Elementary“although to be fair, on the CBS show the stuff was being moved by the barrel and someone died to keep the crime a secret.

In Rosewood the product was being transported in gallon jugs and was merely a red herring, as the real crime being committed had to do with counterfeiting $100 bills, aka “Benjamins.”

Despite the villain being all too easy to spot, if one paid attention at the start of the episode, there were some nice touches throughout.

Ira seemingly killing Pete Harmon (an old classmate of Villa’s),  the fake Marcellus an this shyster lawyer being shot on the steps outside the police precinct and the animosity between Villa and Harrows were all well played, entertaining and each helped the episode lead up to the big payoff.

Just as satisfactory was the Dirty Harriet vibe that Harrows emitted. The agent sticking her thumb into the shady lawyer’s bullet wound, a’la Dirty Harry to get him to talk was spot on.

The move to have Rosie act the tough guy was yet another excuse for Morris Chestnut to flex his muscle and act like Villa’s enforcer.

Stepping away from the main storyline of Pete Harmon and his tragic high school years and tendency to be a wannabe bad guy, there was the continued worry about Rosewood’s health. After destroying his kidney’s during that Tawnya binge partying episode, the pathologist is in dire need of a new one.

All the team members, aka Annalise, Pippi, TMI, et al, have been tested, voluntarily, to see if they could be a donor. Rosie gets a call and learns that a match has been found.

Viewers who stuck around to see the previews of coming attractions already know that Captain Slade is the match and he will not be taking no for an answer.

The numbers for Rosewood have been consistently dropping. Whether this is down to the new yellow hued look of the show, or the current tendency to make the mysteries all too easy to solve is not clear. It could even be down to the move from Thursday to Friday.

With MacGyver being a solid hit for CBS and airing at the same time as Rosewood, it seems that FOX have doomed their own cop/pathologist show on purpose.

The series is still airing on Fridays and fans of the show should enjoy it while they can. This move by the network to put Rosewood up against a strong series may have doomed Chestnut and co to a quick death.




Guest starring Dawn Olivieri as Agent Harrows, Felisha Terrell as Erin Given, Aaron Himelstein as Pete Harmon, Thom Rivera as Mayer Monteverde, Jean Paul San Pedro as Jude Manifort and Andy Milder as Howard Godfrey. 

Rosewood: Clavicle Trauma & Closure – Feels Great (Review)


Rosewood “Clavicle Trauma & Closure” finishes the story of the treacherous con artist Tawnya and continues the concerns about Rosie’s health. An entrepreneur ends up dead after some investors back out and his demise looks like a suicide. Rosie and his team take a closer look at the body after Tawnya shows up pleading with the man she took to the cleaners to prove her innocence.

Rosie takes the case on but only after getting Joo Joo to fit his thieving ex with an ankle bracelet that will track her every move.  Donna Rosewood is not pleased and later removes Larson’s corpse to the EMPD.

In actuality no one is pleased with Rosie’s mission to clear Tawnya of murder, even though he does have an ulterior motive. In the meantime, Villa and Adrian go through a rocky patch when the pathologist for the EMPD gets a mysterious text.

Toward the end of the episode Villa learns that Adrian’s mother has Alzheimer’s and it has gotten worse. Initially, however, Annalise finds out that Adrian has applied to resign from the EMPD. Things work out for the couple though and it is smiles all around for the pair.

Rosie and Adrian work out how the entrepreneur was murdered and by who.  Team Rosie pull out the stops of lift prints from a silk bathrobe belt, the murder weapon, and Villa, along with Rosie, arrest the “hanger-on” and later bring in his accomplice, the killer’s sister.

This murder case was back on par with the older Rosewood mysteries. The killer was not obvious from the start and the episode managed to bring some closure to everyone. Rosie faces the woman who broke his heart and cleaned out his bank account.

His final line to Tawnya (that watching her take the fall for her crime was great) was spot on. The pathologist with the big billboard advertisement was put through the wringer, as well as having all his money stolen, and our heart went out to him.

Captain Slade and Ira Hornstock were missing this week but it was confirmed that TMI and Pippy are now back together. While this may be temporary it was still nice to see and these two made a great couple.

It is also interesting to see  Adrian once again step up and help out Annalise’s partner. Donna Rosewood confronting her son about the dialysis was moving.

This storyline seems to be moving toward a slowing down of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. Will the health issues be an excuse to wind things down? The series has been moved from its Thursday airing to Friday.

Rosewood is now the lead-in to Sleepy Hollow and could have been moved to bolster the latter show’s ratings. Although Rosewood itself has been a bit of a let down this season. This latest offering however seems to be a move in the right direction.


Guest starring Kamal Angelo Bolden as Julius “Joo Joo” Zeeman, Phillip Rhys as Raymond Larson, Eric Ladin as Ivan Keller, Chen Tang as Bradley Morgan and Cameron Kelly as Sarah Anders.

Rosewood: White Matter and the Ways Back – Reboot (Review)


Rosewood has, over the last two episodes, cast serious doubts as to the overall health of our hero.  The previous segment had Rosie putting Mitchie out in the field and Donna investing in Magic City Lab. In “White Matter & the Ways Back” there are some teething pains with mum’s involvement in the day-to-day running of the lab and there is a locked lift (elevator) murder mystery to solve.

Once again, the murderer was almost too easy to pick out. As previous episodes in this season it seemed pretty obvious from the very start that it was the automated concierge who killed Bobby Huff.  There was the usual questioning of suspects and some interesting backstory involved while Rosie and Villa did their bit to find the killer.

The victim, one Bobby Huff, was the son of a producer who had a 1980’s hit with a kid’s show called “The Ways Back.” This plot seems like a nod to Full House or Boy Meets World.  The dead man was best friends with the star of the show and Micah Holmes. Micah and the rest of Bobby’s friends are suspects.

Huff lives alone in a huge apartment complex managed by Chuck Furwell. The man is murdered in an elevator. It is a classic “locked door” scenario. Later they learn that Furwell has his mistress in another apartment in the “empty” building and that she or Chuck could have killed Huff.

As the investigations continue, they realize that Bobby was not struck in the back of the head after all. He died when the elevator dropped suddenly slamming his head into the ceiling. By the end of the episode, Rosie figures out that Furwell’s assistant killed Huff because he caught her stealing things from his apartment.

Meanwhile, Ira has been acting all “Rosie-fied” and it is bothering everyone except Rosie. Villa and Slade are worried about this new leaf that Hornstock has turned over. He is all smiles, vegan food and philosophical bon mots.

After the case is solved Rosie learns that Ira found out about his health issues. (Rosie is, it seems, now on dialysis.) Hornstock offers to have Rosewood’s back if and when he needs it.

They carry on this conversation in Magic City Lab and Donna, who was standing under the stairwell, hears it all.

It seems that this season is all about Rosie’s health issues after the Tawny “meltdown” where he tried to drink Miami dry.  Clearly this is a storyline that will be here for a while longer as the teaser to the next episode shows the con artist reappearing in Rosie’s life.

Missing from this episode were TMI and Ira’s new lady, Daisie. Gerald, after getting a mention from Donna last week has also gone MIA. These episodes are all about the deteriorating health issues of Dr. Rosewood Jr.

This is beginning to look like a way out for the show. With Rosewood ailing, if the viewing figures continue to drop, the series could bow out with having Rosie expire from his Tawnya binge.

The series moving from Thursdays to Fridays has not made too much of a difference either way, figures are still down, and while this may seem a little drastic, killing Chestnut’s character off may be the path of least resistance.

Rosewood airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see what you think. Has the show lost a lot between seasons?


Guest starring Patrick Fischer as Chuck Furwell, Justin Bruening as Micah Holmes, Derek Mio as Rick Wu, Matt Doherty as Alan Rast, Dan Mast as Bobby Huff and Stacie Theon as Claudine. 

Rosewood: Pufferfish and Personal History – Katherine Isabelle (Review)


Just when it seemed that season two of Rosewood was going to sink into a morass of mediocrity and yellow-tinged colours, along comes an episode like “Pufferfish and Personal History” to set things back on course. Guest starring the ever talented Katharine Isabelle (Ginger SnapsAmerican Mary, Hannibal) – whom we have had a mad crush on since her bad-girl werewolf role in “Ginger Snaps” – this Rosewood starts on a classical note.

Amidst the musical backdrop of Mozart’s “Così fan tutte” there is a montage which features four people, five if one counts the baby held by the running woman. Rosewood, an unidentified man, woman and baby, and another woman who is losing consciousness behind the wheel of her car.

All four are connected but we do not learn how until towards the end of the episode. Rosewood, however, is only connected to one of the players in this multifaceted vignette. The dead woman behind the wheel of the car.

Last week’s episode ended with Rosie learning that his Tawnya bender took a toll on his heart condition. He is told that he needs to get his affairs in order in case the medication does not reverse the damage done.

As he prepares to meet his day, Rosewood replays the message received as  the woman dies while driving and crashes her car into a local farmer’s market. The victim’s name is Naomi Bauer and she was a documentary filmmaker.

Rosie arrives with Villa who is dismayed to see Mitchie on scene already. The body is delivered to the Magic Lab for a pathological exam. On the table, Rosewood begins his incision and Mitchie says, somewhat surprised, that there is a lot of blood for a “dead person.”

Naomi is still alive and Team Rosie bring her back to life with some CPR and a few jolts of  electric paddles.  Bauer was poisoned by a substance known as TTX; so too was her biggest rival, another documentary filmmaker whose mother taught them both in school.

There was a lot going on in this episode. Naomi, we learn, was a “system child” someone who was shuffled from foster home to foster home. Her biggest rival, Emmett Townsend is number one on the suspect list until he turns up dead. He was killed by the same substance that caused Naomi’s paralysis.

The parallel plot line has Rosie and Villa talking about rivals. Rosewood maintains that he never had  rival and Annalise does not believe him. Later in the episode Naomi realizes that Rosie’s rival was not a person at all but his health problems.

Clearly, Rosie feels an affinity with the filmmaker after her very close brush with death. Throughout the episode, when Rosie looks at Naomi, he sees himself in the hospital bed surrounded by friends and family.  Her continuing health issues, a type of cancer, puts them in a category as ethereal twins.

Naomi finds out that her mother was an escapee from a  religious cult who gave evidence to law enforcement to put the leader in jail. (The running woman with the baby in her arms.) The man’s  son turns out to be the murderer of Emmett and the attempted murderer of Naomi.

Leaving the main storyline alone for a moment, it has to be said that the real draw of this episode was Katherine Isabelle. The performer effortlessly ruled every single scene she was in, easily dominating the action. Her presence insured that everyone upped their game and brought the show’s standard back where it should be.

There was another issue in the show brought about by Rosie’s somewhat grim diagnosis last week.  The pathologist needed an investor in his company and Donna Rosewood opts to take her payout from Gerald to do fill that requirement.

This episode also benefitted, somewhat, from the lack of Villa’s new fella, Adrian Webb. Nothing against this new romantic attachment in the detective’s life, but the combination of Rosie and Villa works best when they are the focus.

As noticed by Naomi Bauer, these two have a special chemistry that makes them very interesting. She tells the duo that perhaps she will “do” their story next.

Rosewood, despite the interesting storylines this season, has palled somewhat.  This episode, with a powerful guest star and brilliant presentation, headed back to “Rosie-Land” and it is a welcome move.

The series airs Fridays on FOX.


Guest starring Katherine Isabelle as Naomi Bauer, Chandler Rylko as John Teller, Lony’e Perrine as Greta and Patrick Cage II as Craig

Rosewood: Asphyxiation & Aces – Escape Artist (Review)


Rosewood “Asphyxiation & Aces” is another one of those episodes where the killer can be identified within the first few moments of the show. In other words, before the second commercial break, the culprit; questioned and passed over by the team, is as clear as the nose on one’s face.

An escape artist and magician is found dead in a trunk at the bottom of a swimming pool. The first suspect, apart from the victim’s female BFF’s boyfriend, Nathan, Zavier Salvas did the dirty deed. A case of professional jealousy being the main motive, a life-long “also ran” who hated the younger man for getting that Vegas gig.

In this episode, however, the murder was not the main storyline. It too was an “also ran” with Rosie’s careful vetting of Adrian taking up part of the segment along with Ira Hornstock’s mysterious behavior taking up the rest.

These two plot lines were also, to an extent, filler. The big news, coming at the tale end of the episode was a “cliffhanger” meant to make the last two episodes of this season of Rosewood a couple of shockers.

Rosewood goes to see a doctor who tells him his Tawnya binge affected Rosie more than they initially thought. If you have family, the doc says, you will need them around you.


The other relationship issues, Villa and her new fella Dr. Webb, take the entire episode to solve.  Even though Rosie finally clears Adrian, Annalise is being too cautious one moment and is then temporarily “all in.” Webb is uncertain about where they stand and finally, Villa explains where the vacillating behavior comes from.

Resident Evil: Extinction actress Spencer Locke, as Danni Wagner, is the other relationship puzzle piece. Her best friend Emilio is murdered and at first Danni’s boyfriend is the suspect. Nathan, however, is a nice guy who had no issues with the murder victim.

Later they find out that Danni has an incurable disease that Emilio was using his sleight of hand skills to steal money. He was cheating at cards at a local casino in order to pay for his best mate’s medical treatments.

Ira and Daisie are also up to something. Initially, it looks like the two are being secretive for relationship reasons. Later, after Daisie gives up her pappi’s big news, Villa learns that Hornstock has applied for a captain’s position at Palm Beach.

In another one of those relationship storylines, Captain Slade puts in a good word for Ira. At first Hornstock believes that his replacement tried to scupper his chances. Later, he learns that Slade really sold Ira to the new precinct.

The former captain  turns down the offer and Slade realizes that Ira feels that Villa, Rosie and the rest of the precinct are his family.

This was an interesting episode but it was far too easy to work out who the bad guy was in the murder investigation. It was fun though to see the team clear their three main suspects.

It was also amusing to see Rosie get caught short when he and Webb try to get the surveillance tapes from the casino where Emilio was cheating. Rather interestingly, at the start of the episode, Rosie sees Villa dancing with him at the club where he and Annalise and Webb are double dating.

Clearly, Rosewood still has a thing for Villa.

The last two episodes promise to have some heavy “life-threatening” drama with Rosie’s heart condition being affected by all that boozy partying.

Rosewood now airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in and see just what has happened to the billboard pathologist’s heart.


Guest starring Spencer Locke as Danni Wagner, Joel Swetow as Zavier Salvas, Adam Chambers as Kristoff Kade, Kendrick Sampson as Nathan Turner and Maurice Mejia as Emilio Sanchez. 

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