Stitchers: Midnight Stitcher – The Kirsten Candidate (Review)


“Stitchers: Midnight Stitcher” is an episode that may just be a season two highlight.  The storyline  of brainwashing,  a’la “The Manchurian Candidate” was brilliant as was Kirsten’s getting caught up in the plot to murder a film industry wunderkind; Roman Bain (Michael Graziadei).

The episode starts with Linus and Camille talking  about the new woman in Cameron’s life, Nina (Jasmin Savoy Brown). Kirsten hears that discussion and she tells her “roomie” that she knows about Nina already and  relates the information about Elizabeth Stinger.

This episode’s   victim is  a girl falling to her death from a rooftop. (Screaming all the way down.)   A suicide note is found which appears to reference Kirsten.

“This is his fault. K.C.”

Kirsten wants to stitch and Maggie says not until Mitchell Blair (John Billingsleysays yes.

“Mary Poppins Man” is back, aka Liam Granger (played by Jack Turner) and he “bumps” into Camille while she is Krav Maga training.  The practically perfect in every way chap, who was last seen asking about a Kirsten “plan b,” is still in the area and curious about his old flame. Camille and he “hook up” at the gym.

Kirsten and the gang do a midnight stitch.  They have 23  minutes till Maggie shows up, who actually turns up in 21.

Maggie: “I made all the lights.”

Before she arrives, there is an issue in the stitch where Kirsten is caught up in some sort of “field” and she has to be pulled out and put back into action. She discovers that the girl was murdered and it was not a suicide.

Maggie cracks the whip about the “illegal” stitch and blames Kirsten:

“This is not the ‘Help Kirsten Clark Find Her Daddy Show.'”


Following leads, Camille and Cameron question the dead woman’s roommate, who apparently murdered Sandy Abrams (Vanessa E. Garcia), he also tries to kill himself,  and Kirsten later dreams about the stitch and goes sleepwalking. 

Liam and Camille connect and it appears that the two are getting on rather well.

Nina and Cameron take their new relationship to the next level, after arguing about Torchwood,  (“Captain Jack Harkness is hella compelling,”  says Nina, ” and a dreamboat, and he is bi.”)

Kirsten oversleeps and while Camille acts like “mother” Linus calls and tells Kirsten that he has worked out what the barrier was that she encountered in the stitch.

Pop Culture References:

There are several, in this episode making it a regular cornucopia of PCRs. For a start, there is “The Manchurian Candidate “plot device and the episode  even references  the 1996 film “Jerry MaGuire:”

Camille: “You had him at ‘hello.'”

Cameron: “First of all, she didn’t. Second, nice reference. Third…”

“Star Trek” again. (Because Linus and Cameron have  a Trekker thing going on.)

Linus: “It shows reduced activity in parts of the brain’s default mode network together with increased activity in the prefrontal tensional systems”

Cameron: “Fascinating.”

Linus: “Thank you, Mr. Spock.”

Cameron “We agreed, I’m Kirk, you’re Spock.”

Linus: “I never agreed to that.

Dr. Who” and of course “Torchwood.”

Cameron calls Kirsten “Veronica Mars” (New Millennial “Nancy Drew”) when she pushes for the midnight stitch.

Nerd Love” (2014)  referenced by Camille.

Back to the Episode:

Kirsten goes after  producer Roman Bain to kill him.

Sidenote: This may be me putting way too much into this but, it could well be that the decision to name the thieving film auteur “Roman” is either a nod to real-life director/producer and convicted kiddy fiddler Roman Polanksi, or a wink to “Roman Bridger” the fictional character in “Scream 3.”  

Before Bain is almost shot, twice, Kirsten and Fisher warn the producer and they talk about Kim Charles, the former MI6 agent who apparently put the “Manchurian” on the dead woman and her roommate. (And also on Kirsten who became susceptible after the stitch.)

Camille, has been set on Liam Granger by Maggie, the stitch leader  does not trust the “Poppins” man either and Linus is being kept in the dark.

Cameron talks the brainwashed-by-proxy Kirsten out of murdering Bain.  In the “talk down” Goodkin reminds Ms. Clark of when he died for her.  Kirsten comes out of the trance with one tear rolling down her cheek.

This teary-eyed recovery does not impede her aim as she  shoots dead the  former MI6 agent who attempts to kill Bain when Kirsten fails to. Later,  after Cameron’s emotional speech, Kirsten asks if they can get together but Goodkin has a prior date; presumably with his new nerd love.

Fisher turns up with information on Elizabeth Stinger and reveals to Kirsten that the first Mrs. Stinger got remarried and is now Elizabeth Brown. There are roughly 250 in the immediate area and Quincy gives a thumb drive to Kirsten so she can start searching.

The Boy in the Red Ball Cap:

The little chappy in the red cap makes a fleeting appearance on the rooftop in the stitch.

Things of Note:

Camille has turned into a total “bad a**”  and is kicking it in the field. The girl from Bakersfield is great as a “double agent.”  Maggie is clearly in charge here, as mentioned in the first interview with the females of the cast,  (with Salli Richardson-Whitfield)  Maggie is the “mommy” of the group and is not afraid to show those Mama Bear claws. 

Fisher and Camille are bonding more, he understands her issues, and Kirsten kills her first person.   Linus is afraid that Camille is pulling back again, although in reality she is not, she is working on her “Liam mission.”

Speaking of Liam Granger, he is obviously entering into Plan B, although we do not know yet who he is working for. Smart money should be on Stinger…Just saying.

Be prepared for a Linus backlash if he finds that Camille has been lying to him. In terms of Cameron, despite the brilliance that is Nina, odds are not too good that this perfect couple will last long.  Kirsten kicks butt when under the influence of brainwashing and Goodkin is still acting more like a new action man than the old Cameron.

“Stitchers”  airs Tuesdays on Freeform.  Brilliant writing and great acting and splendid television.


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