Agents of SHIELD: The Team – The “I” in Team Stands for Infection (Review)


In “Agents of SHIELD: The Team” the actual calvary charge of Daisy and her limited crew ended rather badly for the good guys.  Before the whole Hive, aka Alveus infects  inhumans news,  the team’s rescue and Fitz’ MacGyver solution while in the Hydra headquarters was exciting and edge of the seat stuff. But by the end, the “I” in team stands for infection.

Malick being captured was a bonus, right up until his vision came true and he died. (Amazingly, as he foresaw, his death was caused by Hive, albeit indirectly.) Still Gideon (Powers Boothe) manages to pass on some information to Coulson before he buys it. The most important, that we know of, is that Hive can infect inhumans. 

Alveus has, it turns out, infected at least one inhuman; Daisy.  In terms of Chloe Bennett’s character this is deja vu all over again, as Yogi Berra used to say. Under the power of Hive, Skye/Daisy is once again playing double agent, just as she was way back in season one.

(And somewhat fittingly, she is once again under the tutelage of Grant Ward/Alveus (Brett Dalton). It seems that even when Ward is not really himself, he is drawn to Daisy.)

Malick’s defection from Hydra to SHIELD is no surprise, Hive’s lack of understanding about people may be his downfall. Gideon already felt he had sacrificed his brother, Hive’s murder of Malick’s daughter Stephanie in front of him was not a wise move.

Daisy reveals to Lincoln, at the end,  that she was the one infected.

In a flashback sequence, Daisy looks as though she was sexually aroused by the whole experience of being penetrated by that sandy extension of Hive or, at the very least,  in love. Not to mention that she seems to be excited at the prospect of getting those things from SHIELD.  Considering Hive’s expression borders on bland disinterest obviously the parasite affects different inhumans differently.

It was interesting to note that the team immediately started finger pointing at one another when an alarmed Coulson explained his concerns.

(Brilliant scene with Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)  after he leaves Vault D and Gideon Malick. The former head of Hydra has told Coulson about the hive infection and as he walks away from Gideon, all the inhumans look threatening and suspicious.)

Daisy works both sides against the middle perfectly. Playing her team members until Coulson can trap them in a containment area and she has already framed Lincoln by planting the artifact in his locker.

Near the very  end, where Daisy grabs the sphere and the terrigen crystals and then starts the SHIELD base shaking itself to pieces, looks bad for Phil and his little group of agents.  On the plus side, at least “Fitzsimmons” appear to have partially broken that curse.

Interesting note: Hive/Ward refers to Daisy as Skye. Does this signify a weakness? Are Grant Ward’s memories disjointed or fragmented? Stay tuned to find out.

Favorite Moments:


Phil Coulson owning his sin; the one that allowed Hive to come into the world.

Malick’s rodeo line.

Joey’s total feeling of betrayal.


Things are getting darker for the Agents of SHIELD. Daisy being a puppet of Hive and taking all that stuff to her new master is disturbing. Almost as upsetting as her flashback sequences when she is taking to Lincoln.

With the final moments of the episode showing Hive deciding to go on the world’s biggest shopping spree, things may well turn even darker.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC.




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