Blindspot: One Begets Technique – The Return of Rich Dotcom (Review)

Blindspot - Season 1

“Blindspot: One Begets Technique” sees the return of Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) who cuts a deal with Ally (Trieste Kelly Dunn). Weller is against dealing with Dotcom but  his team end up joining an operation to steal paintings from an infamous art thief who uses the artwork to help terrorist groups finance their missions. 

Dotcom comes out of prison, after being beaten to a pulp for cheating at cards and he reveals all that he knows about  the advanced security measures of Randall Turner (Neil Jackson) the art thief.  The mission is to grab the famous paintings and usedthem to gain access to international terrorist Shohid Ahktar (Ajay Naidu). 

Ahktar is an elusive figure in the terrorist world and only Dotcom, apparently, can identify the man.

The actual mission, and the montage prologue leading up to it, feels like a “Mission Impossible “plot with elaborate safeguards and paintings wired to either shoot a would-be thief in the face with a shotgun shell or to burn the entire lot.  Dotcom manages to remember every single security measure bar one, the handprint, which is now a retinal scanner.

Patterson shuts off the electric and the doors open. Unfortunately  Turner is alerted and he comes back to confront the FBI team in his panic room.  A battle ensues where the former Marine, armed with a Samurai sword,  fights with both Ally and Jane until Weller uses one of the booby-trapped paintings to kill the thief.

That priceless painting is damaged and Dotcom proposes a forger he knows, Boston (Josh Deanto fix the piece. The forger is as annoying as Dotcom and he makes Patterson angry enough that she starts to attack him.

The episode features Rich Dotcom running circles around the team and ultimately escaping with all the priceless paintings. He also keeps remarking on how Jane and Weller obviously really care about one another while insulting Ally. It should also be pointed out that this installment of the series does not rely upon any of Jane’s tattoos to drive the story.

(The line of the episode award has to be Rich Dotcom calling Ally the “female Tommy Lee Jones.” Ouch.)

While the atmosphere of the Dotcom episode was a cross between action and comedy, there was the underlying tragedy of Kurt ‘s (Sullivan Stapleton) who  reconciled with his father last week only to have him collapse.  This week Bill Weller (Jay O. Sanders) is in the hospital and not doing well at all. 

The parallel plot of Jane having to convince Weller that she remembers more about her childhood and him is worked  into the tail end of the episode. She comes to visit Bill and pretends to remember the three of them fishing. Weller senior believes she is Taylor Shaw  and Kurt so obviously wants to believe it as well.

Ally takes a break from her romance with Kurt based partly on the fact that he argued against the mission, which culminated in Rich escaping with the real paintings, and jealousy over Jane (Jaimie Alexander). It could also be that Kurt could not resist an annoyed “I told you so” moment  at the mission debrief.

Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is still romancing her new damsel in distress and it appears that an old flame, Sophia, has not disappeared from her life after all.  On top of this sudden crowded love life, the branch head is trying to get that CCTV  picture enhanced. 

This episode of “Blindspot” was a 180 degree turn from last week’s, which focussed on Patterson, and the change of pace was brilliant.  It also carried forward Jane’s discomfort at lying to Kurt and highlighted what Oscar told her in  an earlier  episode;  that Weller never got closure from Taylor’s abduction.

It does appear that there is something going on in the FBI, just as Oscar and Zapata’s “new friend” ascertain . While it is not clear what is happening it is obvious that Mayfair has more than her fair share of secrets.

Undoubtedly more of Bethany’s backstory will come out soon and we will learn just who Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) really is.

“Blindspot” airs Mondays on NBC.


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