Stitchers Season 2 Interviews Part 2: Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan & Damon Dayoub

The second of the Stitchers interview articles is all about the fellas. The season two conversation with Kyle Harris, who came in first to “tell all” and then Ritesh Rajan.

MFT: Well, you do a great job and whenever your character comes up with these references I immediately know that I’ve heard it somewhere. One of the more oblique ones, for me, was the Buckeroo Banzai reference.

Kyle: That’s all Jeff…dating himself! (laughing)

MFT: Yet your delivery is spot on.

Kyle: Thank you! Fake it till you make it!

MFT: So back to your character surviving. I could not figure out how, if Cameron did die how things would continue apart from a coma or a way to do “long term” stitches with Cameron’s memories. But you are alive.

Kyle: Yeah he is alive and the experience has matured him and forced him to be more in charge and put Kirsten more in the back seat in terms of things I wouldn’t have normally done last season, I’m doing in this one.  

MFT: That does make sense as your character was taking charge a little bit more towards the end of the season…

Kyle: Yeah, towards the end, in so far as  always really knowing that Kirsten would take the lead and I would follow. We have now switched roles and see each other more eye-to-eye, as equals after her knowing that I put my life on the line for her. 

MFT: The finale was brilliantly shot…

Kyle: Yes, I know and now this season is about to end on an even better one.

MFT: So we’ve already ascertained that you are miles away from your character, being much more of a physical  out and about sort of lad when you were younger…

Kyle: Yeah! My parents could only dream that I  would become a neurosurgeon. (laughing) It’s one of those things where I can relate to his passion for his work and friends and I think he’d do anything for both. I think that is where I can connect with him the most; putting anyone and anything before himself. That’s sort of the way I go forward with my work.

MFT: Just before coming up here to do the interview I found out you’re filming the second season finale. So the one question I have to ask is, if  the series gets the greenlight for a third season, where would you like to see your character  go?  Completely leaving the writers out of the equation.

Kyle: Oh! I’ve written a whole different show in my head! I would like to see, if we got to keep going with the show, I would like to see the Stitchers program exposed. And see how that would affect them in their public life and how that affects the public, knowing that these kids essentially have access to their loved one’s memories.  How they could react and how we could be blamed for just doing our jobs.

How it would affect our public life and whether we would have to keep looking over our shoulders. Because the program is now out there. Now the world knows that we are the secret team doing this and we might have access to more information than people are comfortable with. I think if we can meld the two worlds of how that program is now affecting ourselves, characters you’ve grown to love…

I think the audience will connect with that even more. Learning who the program works and find how these character’s relate to one another and how that affects everyone would be, for me, for my money, that’s where I’d like to see it go. 

MFT: Brilliant move. I mean there’s still so much that’s unknown about the program…

Kyle: Exactly! So why do these kids come back to work for something that they don’t even know what the higher purpose is. But at the end of the day, it’s one of those things; you can’t live without it. Whether or not it could kill them or not, it doesn’t matter because that’s what they love to do at the end of the day.

MFT: Chemistry-wise you and Emma get on very well onscreen…

Kyle: Yeah, we got lucky.

MFT: In fact all the character’s have a great chemistry on the show, Linus, Camille and even the lab technicians in the “background.”

Kyle: We do have a great cast and we all have a good give and take and bring something to the table.

MFT: I have to tell you that when I watched the first episode, I was a bit iffy as to whether I liked the show but by episode two I was hooked. Then with the season one finale, I was like, may this show run forever and ever…or until they all get my age and can’t pull it off any longer…

Kyle: (laughing) Exactly! Well we have an even better cliffhanger this season. We try to leave the audience, and the network, wanting more. 

So after ascertaining that a) Kyle does not have a face for radio and b) that all the actors look the same off screen as on, we moved on…

MFT:  So when do you think you’ll get at the greenlight for another season?

Kyle: Rumor has it after the first couple of episodes. I think, they’re pretty happy with us, we do what we can with the budget we have and viewing figures are good. So we just keep our heads down and keep doing the work. 

MFT: I’ll ask you what I’ve asked everyone else. Do you spend much time together outside the “office.”

Kyle: Oh yes. Tesh and I both spend a lot of time together outside work. We’re basically the same offscreen that we are on. We’re sat a home playing video games in our pajamas all day long. (Laughing)

MFT: And that comes across…

Kyle: Yeah in the few scenes we get together…

MFT: You guys have this spark and it’s like, is this really good acting or do these two really get on that well.

Kyle: And of course Emma and I both live in New York so when we’re not here working we spend time together in New York on the odd weekend. 

MFT: So that’s where you’re actually based and you have to come out here to work.

Kyle: Yeah, I’m originally from Orange County and my family is still here. So when I come out here to do the show, it’s nice to see them and when we wrap, I’ll head back to New York and brave the weather.

That ended the interview and after asking Kyle to please, “Keep doing what he was doing” (as Cameron) as he does it so well Mr Harris was need back on the set.  There was time for a quick photograph and then it was  back to work for Kyle.

Kyle Harris, aka Cameron Goodkin and writer

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