Stitchers Season 2 Interviews Part 2: Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan & Damon Dayoub

The second of the Stitchers interview articles is all about the fellas. The season two conversation with Kyle Harris, who came in first to “tell all” and then Ritesh Rajan.


Last and by no means least was the newest regular on Stitchers Damon Dayoub.  This tall (six feet, three inches) Texan was another met earlier outside the studio so once again no introduction was needed. Damon was, from moment one, an absolute blast to interview, funny, irreverent and not afraid to “try it on.” This recent addition to the Stitchers family was great fun.

(You can tell from the selfies.  When asked, Damon replied in the affirmative but insisted that “they” be themed, captions will reflect the theme of each selfie.)

MFT: Hello Damon. Firstly let me say I was tickled to death to see you on “The Last Ship,” as one of the chaps at the ship yard…

Damon: Yes, I was a Navy SEAL.

MFT: I was quite pleased to see  you. I was like “Hello! I recognize this gent. He’s really busy right now!”  Right off the bat, I’ve got to agree with what everyone’s been telling me; that season two is darker than season one, just from what I’ve seen today onset is pretty edgy stuff.

Damon: Yeah, it’s 2.0 for us.

MFT: That’s what everyone has been saying

Damon: I think we take it to another level and it’s a great payoff for the fans. I think they’re really going to enjoy the season. There’s a lot more “peaks and valleys.” 

MFT: Oh and congratulations on becoming a regular on the show!

Damon: Thank you very much. They decided to keep me alive. 

MFT: I thought that it was excellent that they did not let you die after being shot twice.

Damon: It wasn’t too bad…

MFT: Great stuff

Damon: Thank you.

MFT:No problem…

Damon: I like being alive.

MFT: It certainly beats the alternative.

Damon: It does. 

DAMON DAYOUB Selfie Number One – Normal

MFT:During the first season,  I always saw your character as being at a bit of a disadvantage as you were an outsider for so long, before they finally let you into the fold, then you were shot and put in hospital. In the second season, after you were allowed  to live you are now a part of the whole process now. How hard was it to make the transition from the first season where you were kind of on the outside peeking in and yet trying to control all these wild and crazy kids.

Damon: I think it’s all about trying to understand what the program is all about. Fisher is a smart guy but he is not a scientist. He doesn’t have a PHD so he’s trying to wrap his head around what this really is. In the first season, he was kind of like the voice of the audience. “What is this thing? Is it real?”

I think the second season is now more of “Okay, so this is real, this is really happening. I’ve pinched myself, we’re here; now let’s figure this out.He has to figure out what he can provide to the program, really provide to the program and I think it shows in season two.

MFT: It was picking up a bit in season one where your character was becoming a bit more hands on.  One of the other things apparent in season one was thing chemistry between Fisher and Emma’s character.

Damon: Yeah.

MFT: Is that still going to be there in season two? Or is she pretty much Cameron’s “gal” now?

Damon: Ooh. (laughs) Well, I think that in season one, Fisher was starting to see the chemistry between them (Cameron and Kirsten) and she is much younger than Fisher but I think he really appreciates her and her value to the program. And as the person she became throughout the season. She opened up so much through season one that by the end of the season he really knew who she was and he really cared about her. And not just her but everyone in the program. 

MFT: Yeah. There was a bit of friction between Fisher and Cameron…

Damon: Well, I think it was playful friction. He’s this guy trying to be more than he is, but what we see in season two is that Cameron becomes the guy that Fisher trusts. Fully trusts in the program, cause he knows that he has Kirsten’s best interests at heart. And I think that’s the most important thing.

MFT: Speaking of dynamics, what was it like having to “push” up against Oded Fehr last season?

Damon: (Laughing) Well, they had to give Oded an apple box cause he’s too tall…Seriously, it was great. We’ve actually works together on NCIS before and he is a good man, not only  a great actor but a really good man. It’s nice to be around someone like that. But it was nice to have that bit of confrontation between one another to kind of check each other out. 

MFT: I thought the whole thing was so well done. He played such a brilliant baddy.

Damon: Yeah.

MFT: I mean in my mind he was a baddy from day one. The moment he opened his mouth and started talking, I was like “Oh yeah, he’s the bad guy.”

Damon: And he’s got he accent, and his answers are so vague. Yeah, you just know he’s the bad guy. He was fantastic in that role and did a great job, he’s a great actor. 

MFT: I understand that he’s back for a very, very short time in season two?

Damon: Yeah, yeah, yeah…um I can’t tell you what transpires but he is and we’re lucky to have him.

MFT:The dynamic between you two was brilliant. His character wanted to intimidate you so badly and Fisher was like, “Nope, not happening.”

Damon: Yeah, that’s just not happening. The episode was directed by Rob Greenly and he really captured that whole thing very, very well. 

MFT: I’m going to ask you the same thing I’ve asked everyone else. Do you pal around a lot off set.


Damon (tone dead serious): No, we hate each other.

MFT:( Laughing as literally everyone else has spoken of how well they all get along)

Damon (Glowering menacingly): Oh that’s funny? I don’t find that funny at all…(glowering again)

MFT: (Laughing) I find it hysterically funny.

Damon:  Seriously, it is hard to get six people who all have completely different personalities to get along and we have, somehow, become a functional family.Now there’s a little dysfunction now and then but are very honest with each other and very supportive of one another. 

MFT: Your chemistry comes across so well and talking to everybody and the message seems to be that you’re all on this ship together and having a hell of a good time.

Damon: Yeah a hell of a good time and we have a fun show that we do and we are the few that get to do this for a living. You know there are so many people out there who want to be in this place and we’re doing something very special here. You know Allison and Salli had so much experience and they’ve really given us some wisdom through out the season. You know, the do’s and don’t’s and helping us with different scenes and it’s just a very fun work environment. And we’re so lucky to be here. 

MFT: I heard a lot of laughter when I came into the studio on set…

Daman: Yeah, we don’t like to have fun at ALL. And Kyle? Kyle just sits in the corner by himself. But really, on other shows when there are a load of guys, there’s the machismo factor but we there love each other. And we try to help each other…I love my job.

MFT: Do you want to see it go on for  a third season?

Damon: I’d love to see it go on for a third season. I’d like to see it go on for six seasons. 

MFT: I’m with you. I think the series has gone so outside the box with this and I think this is going to be addictive TV for a long time.

Damon: We have a lot of fun and I think we have a lot places to go yet and that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

And with that, Mr.Dayoub was called to the set and the interview was over.  Damon was the prankster of the group as can be seen by the selfies taken. The themes are, for the record; normal, asleep and the one below is “The rollercoaster.” The final interview, with executive producer/creator Jeff Schechter will be the last before the second season premieres on March 22.







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