Stitchers Gets Third Season

Emma Ishta

After a very long wait, Freeform has given the greenlight for fan favorite procedural drama series, Stitchers. This means the show will have a third season and executive VP of Programming and Development Karey Burke made the announcement on October 6.

This makes it official and all the fans who complained about the amount of time it took Freeform to renew their favorite series can now smile.

Stitchers has a very vocal and passionate fanbase, Burke said. She also revealed that the show has been proven hit.  The series has performed strongly and Burke revealed that the network was very proud of the Stitchers focussing on #smartgirls “everywhere.”

In the Adults 18 – 49 demographic, Stitchers comes in as the firm number two new series of the past two seasons. The show came in closely behind Shadowhunters.

Only Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters came ahead of Stitchers making the sci-fi, drama show the number three original series across digital platforms.

The lead character, Kirsten Clark is uber smart and intelligent. Add to that  a stubborn resistance to giving up and you have one formidable young lady hacking into the memories of the recently murdered victims.  The Stitchers program is part of the NSA and thus far the team have no real idea what the hacking technology is really going to be used for.

Neuroscientist Cameron, a brilliant and dedicated teammate who has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture works along side Kirsten. They also have a “connection” that tantalizes fans enormously. Camille, an expert computer graduate and hacker extraordinaire  works with Clark and she is romantically entangled with…

Linus who is  another pop culture aficionado and the team engineer and comms expert.  Maggie runs the show and she also looks out for the younger members of her team.  Detective Fisher is a new yet important part of the team.

The season two finale saw another cliffhanger and fans are desperate to learn more about “Camsten” and the mystery behind Kirsten’s father and what really happened to her mother.

Stitchers is executive produced by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, who is also the show’s creator. Jeff is also well know for Overruled.  Jonathan Baruch and Rob Woken also executive produce the series.

Freeform have not explained why they took so long to renew the series. Fans, who were impatient to learn their favorite show’s fate,  created petitions for a third season. Social media platforms were used to query  why there was no immediate renewal of the show.

Regardless of the reasons, Stitchers is now going to return and fans will hopefully learn more about the characters and where they are headed next.

There is still so much for Kirsten to learn about her father and what his true intentions are/were. Many questions still need to be answered and more layers peeled back to reveal secrets that have been hidden throughout the first two seasons.

Many fans want to see Cameron and Kirsten get together as a couple and it will be investing to see what Jeff and the writers come up with this season.

Congratulations to all the cast and crew for finally getting the greenlight for season three. Suffice to say, we cannot wait.

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Stitchers: Season Three Still Not Confirmed by Freeform

Stitchers Logo

Stitchers started two seasons ago on ABC Family. The network,  in an effort to sound more hip and relevant to the younger demographic it  wanted to appeal to, changed its name to Freeform.  Regardless of the name change Stitchers has stayed the same. An entertaining procedural crime show set in a high tech world of science fiction.  As fans wait anxiously, Freeform has yet to confirm a third season for this excellent show.

The reason for Freeform dragging their feet on a decision could be blamed on live viewership dropping  in the second season. This could have been down to the fact that the network changed the slot for the show. Marketing also shifted. A lead-in show finished and it seems that Freeform was, and still is, more interested in its summer replacements.

(For the record these are the London based “Amanda Knox” style murder mystery Guilt starring Daisy Head, Emily Tremaine and Billy Zane – Anthony Head, Daisy’s dad,  also has a role in the show. The second  is Freeform’s answer to MTVs Scream; “Dead of Summer.”)

Thus far neither show has performed overly well in live views. In the opinion of this reviewer “Guilt” never will garner a huge audience for a number of reasons and unless the body count and humor increases in the Friday the 13th homage, neither will “Dead of  Summer.”

Regardless of whether the network is hedging its bets with the two new shows or not, fans of Stitchers have busily started petitions to get the show brought back for a third season.  There are two petitions online right now.

The first was started by Alyssa Lemke on (click on this link and sign the petition if you have not already) and the second is on The latter petition was started by Stitchers fan Tyler Parker. (Head over and sign this one if you have not already.)  Both fans have managed, between the two of them, to garner over 9,500 signatures.

Why do the shows fans care so much?

It could be down to the personal chemistry of the show’s stars: Emma Ishta (Kirsten), Kyle Harris (Cameron) ,Ritesh Rajan (Linus), Allison Scagliotti (Camille) ,Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Maggie) or Damon Dayoub (Quincy Fisher).  

It could also be down to the ongoing storyline of Kirsten Clark…Or the brilliant writing, or the characters or the  pop culture references that make the show so much fun.

Having interviewed the show’s creator and executive producer Jeff Schechter on more than one occasion as well as the cast, on-set it is easy to say that Mike’s Film Talk can be counted as a huge fan of the show. (After finishing this article we will be heading over to sign the petition as well.)

In our humble opinion the show’s fans love much more than the romantic possibilities of “Camsten.”  Stitchers has so much more to offer. Strong female characters and men who appreciate them for starters.  A running mystery that begs to be solved and of course the question of the real reason  behind developing the “Stitch” program.

The show tells of Kirsten Clarks ability to be “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased. The lab and the program are part of the NSA and no one has revealed just what the agency really means to use this technology for.

It is inconceivable that Freeform have not yet given a third season the greenlight. Surely the + 7 figures have come in by now and shown that the live views are inconsequential.  The way the world watches television has changed.  DVR, VoD, Hulu, and Internet streaming are all avenues that viewers can use to watch their favorite programs.

Other networks have realized the fallacy of this old fashioned ratings system.  Freeform should step out smartly and do the same.  Bring back Stitchers for another season. So many things need answers and the fans are crying out for the show’s return.

So come on Freeform, it is time to get off the metaphorical pot and make your move.

We were going to post a survey on this article about what you, the fans, want to have happen if the show comes back. Instead we urge everyone who loves the show to head over to either  (or both) the petitions and leave a signature. Let Freeform know how you feel. So many of you already have but more can never hurt.

Follow those links and sign. Help to bring “Camsten” and Stitchers back.

Stitchers: Hack Me If You Can – A Hacking Ninja (Recap/Review)

Kirsten and the team are still adjusting to her new-found emotions in Stitchers: Hack Me If You Can. Camille makes a move to learn self-defense, Fisher is back on form and Cameron is undergoing a second childhood/midlife crisis thing since his return from the dead. The team get their first “proper” stitch since Goodkin’s death defying stunt.


Kirsten and the team are still adjusting to her new-found emotions in Stitchers: Hack Me If You Can. Camille makes a move to learn self-defense, Fisher is back on form and Cameron is undergoing a second childhood/midlife crisis thing since his return from the dead.  The team get their first “proper” stitch since Goodkin’s death defying stunt.

A man, who was blackmailing a “cheating website” is murdered by someone hacking into his  insulin pump  causing him to pass out in front of a moving  car.

Linus has moved out of his parent’s house and into his own “high tech” place. Cameron wants a Harley and Kirsten is mulling over what Stinger (her father) meant about moving the asset.  Cameron urges her to give it a rest  and  the two go through a bit of calling each other by  “love” names for the saleslady at the motorcycle shop.

Getting a call from the lab, Cameron asks the sales clerk to put the bike on hold. Back at the NSA facility  the team, sans Camille and Fisher, learn about the death and Les Turner’s boss who wants to meet  with Maggie.

Linus and Cameron have their bro-thing going again as evidenced with their little “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” gag.  The team want to meet the new big boss, Mitchell Blair (John Billingsley),  but Maggie says no.  

Fisher offers teach Camille how to take care of herself although he questions why. She points out that he was shot and Turner is dead. Camille then goes out to hack their first suspect in the insulin murder and she is surprisingly effective in the field.

Blair turns up and Maggie pulls a gun on him and Turner’s boss congratulates her on being promoted into the vacancy left by Les’ death. She asks Mitchell about Stinger killing Turner and Blair evades the question.

The team work out that the murdered man’s insulin pump was hacked by an expert via cellular connection.   As the investigation continues, it boils down to Kirsten versus the killer;  a woman in the dead man’s life.

Ellie (Cassidy Freeman) is the murdered man’s ex-wife who takes the whole team on. She depletes Cameron’s bank accounts and credit cards, sends the police to Kirsten’s to arrest her for prostitution and almost kills Linus in his new app controlled apartment. 

Kirsten calls Ellie a hacking ninja and she  enters  into the dead man’s memories again and learns that he cheated on his wife, who reacted badly.

This episode, which had  an impressive  number of comic/amusing moments features a villain whose life was ruined by her husband’s infidelity. Ellie has an accident which leaves her partially paralyzed and alone.

At the end of the episode Kirsten asks Ellie how to find her father and, just like the earlier Star Trek reference Ellie makes, both women have  indeed developed a grudging respect for one another.

Pop Culture references:

Cameron calls Kirsten “easy rider” after the Harley scene and before the first stitch, referencing the cult film of the same name.

He also  references the  I Love Lucy show, and Desi Arnaz  with his “Lucy’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

Ellie references the old Star Trek episode Balance of Terror (1966), where Kirk and a Romulan commander battle each other and develop a grudging respect for one another at the end of the episode,   to Kirsten who states that she has no idea what the woman is on about. Cameron, listening in on the conversation nods his head and says, “I do.”

Cameron outside the elevator tells Camille to “Release the Kraken.” which is from Clash of the Titans (1981) and Norse mythology.

Comic moments:

Cameron tackles Linus in his new apartment (Ellie has turned on the gas so the whole place would explode when he accessed his app tablet) and he asks Linus:

Cameron: “Do you smell gas?”

Linus: “Well you startled me.”


Linus and Cameron’s reaction to Kirsten’s “ideas in the shower” question and Camille’s reaction to them.

The Harley buying scene.

The whole NSA secret facility gag along with the windowless van reference…Twice.

Honorable Mentions:

Linus’ parents and the apartment tour.

Camille brushing Linus aside, muttering “get out of the way” as she goes to hug his mother.

Camille, again, hacking the owner of the cheating website via his phone.

Linus having to explain that he owns stock in the cheating  website.

Final thoughts:

The writing on this episode was tight and offered a “baddie” with depth and a sadness that was touching. Stitchers this season is slowly allowing us the chance to get used to Kirsten’s new emotions and the “new” Cameron.

All the humor from season one is there and, as mentioned in interviews with the cast and show creator Jeff Schechter, a darker feel is also there. Camille wanting to learn self-defense after the violence and death of season one is a perfect example of that.

Clearly there is no love lost between Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Blair.  Also, while Maggie is in charge officially over the whole Stitchers program, Kirsten still  pushes hard against authority when she feels it necessary. 

Thus far season two is offering the same sort of top notch performances from the first season and the writing is tighter than ever. We have the cases themselves to focus upon but there is also the whole “Stinger” issue and an interesting new “big bad” in the organization, aka Mitchell Blair.

Stitchers airs Tuesdays on Freeform.

Stitchers Season 2 Interviews Part 2: Kyle Harris, Ritesh Rajan & Damon Dayoub

The second of the Stitchers interview articles is all about the fellas. The season two conversation with Kyle Harris, who came in first to “tell all” and then Ritesh Rajan.


The second of the Stitchers interview articles is all about the fellas.  The season two conversation with Kyle Harris, who came in first to “tell all” and then Ritesh Rajan. Ritesh actually segued in-between Salli Richardson-Whitfield and finally  Damon Dayoub; who was right before Allison Scagliotti.  All three chaps were friendly, accommodating, and forthcoming with a lot of information.

All of the men in the show are attractive as well as charming.  It is easy to see why they have a legion of fans, both female and, I dare say, male.  As with the ladies, these performers dropped by between takes and rehearsals and, as mentioned in the first interview, even though this was the season finale being filmed; all were happy to have a chat.

It is rather interesting to note that many of the cast mentioned that the second season was going to be an “amped up” version of season one, and  creator/executive producerJeff Schechter mentioned it, all referred to this new season as the “2.0” of Stitchers. This was more than idle talk here, because  if one heads over to IMDb, the title of the first episode of season two is…drumroll please…2.0.

First up was Kyle Harris, aka Cameron Goodkin, whom we last saw motionless, presumed dead, in the season one finale. There very fact that Kyle was there filming and talking to me made it seem a certainty that Cameron has not shuffled off his mortal coil.

(It should be mentioned that since the January interview Freeform has aired a  sneak peek of the season two premiere and Cameron is not dead after all. Whew.)

MFT: Well, you obviously didn’t die in the season one finale.

Kyle: (Laughs)

MFT: So here you are…At the finale already.

Kyle: Yeah, feels super fast…

MFT: So what has this season been like for you?

Kyle: The season has been, and the overall tone; following the pre-season brief was that we wanted to mature the character along with the show. I think that has been underlined throughout. I think the production value, the quality of the characters, the cases are even more mature and the relationships are more mature as well.

Everyone’s going to find out who they are this season, whether it be in the lab or outside of the lab and I think that’s what you can expect for season two, that all the characters you fell in love with in season one are now growing up a little bit. They are also growing up outside of the lab and taking that a little more seriously.

MFT: In terms of characters it was a bit of a mishmash at the end of the first season. Linus was upset because he felt he’d been overlooked by his BFF…

Kyle: Right…Exactly.

MFT: So the “bromance” between you guys was a bit rocky.

Kyle: We do mend things though. I think that what happened in the season one finale kind of makes us all realize that we’re nothing without each other. So we take that into consideration and the upset in stride and move forward. That whole thing gives Cameron a whole new lease on life and he is now, kind of, the official leader of the Stitchers program in the eyes of his peers as he put his life on the line for this.

That maturity reveals more layers of Cameron and he takes his relationship with Kirsten more seriously, whether with or without her, making  decisions on that front,  and in regards to his stance on the program taking more leadership and just stepping up to the plate a little more. As opposed to taking a back seat to Kirsten which he did in the first season. 

MFT:One of the really good things to come out of the season one finale, when Kirsten was in your “freshly dead” brain, was the connection between you two that started when you were both children. Is that going to be expanded on this season?

Kyle: Yes that will definitely play out as a touch and go kind of secret between me and Kirsten as to whether or not she wants to let me know what she saw. And it does get to a point where Cameron kind of knows that this might be what she saw and whether or not she wants to admit it. He does kind of bring it to the forecourt and places the ball in her court like, “Now that you know, what do you want to do about it.”

MFT: In terms of finding your character, how hard was it to find that place. I love your character, although I adore Camille, Allison’s character, as she seems to predict what is going to happen in the episode, but your character does these really fantastic references to films and so on just before going into the stitch. How hard is that for you to remember?

Kyle: I mean for me it’s funny. Jeff [Schechter] and I have this joke because growing up, I spent a lot of my time outside and not too much time inside watching all these things so I don’t know a lot of these references and have them shown to me on YouTube. So I know what I’ve been saying, I’ve done my homework, but I’ve not seen the movie; only the clip.  So I think the main focus, for us, is to make these character ‘s relatable in this completely un-relatable world. 

MFT: Yes:

Kyle: I mean whether  or not the people are invested in the case or the characters, we have to make sure they can believe in both sides of the story. 

Stitchers: When Darkness Falls – Zed’s Dead Baby (Review)


Stitchers is back. Not all the way, it is still a long time before  the next season starts, but this little taste of what makes this show so special proves that the gang are not resting on their laurels.  This one-off Halloween episode, titled When Darkness Falls, keeps the topical humor running and has some real “treats” in the script and a couple of clever tricks.

In the area of humor, what can be more topical than Kyle Harris, as Cameron, doing a “corn” riff, a’la Amanda Stenberg‘s “Don’t Cash Crop my Corn Rows” video. And…for treats, Aussie actress Emma Ishta, aka Kirsten Clark, gets a few “in-jokes” included in the script. The tricks all belong to the plot twist in the episode’s storyline.

In the area of treats, for example, the automated zombie that Camille uses in her attempt to scare Kirsten is referred to as “Zed,” by Allison Scagliotti‘s character  which is obviously a reference to the “Z” letter being called zed in the land down under, just as it is in England. Later, Kirsten herself mentions Australia and actually drops a little “Crocodile Dundee” type pronunciation in the same line.

Clever writing and topical humor aside, the plot for this Halloween episode of Stitchers is top notch and offers fans of the show a Cameron and Kirsten “cuddle moment.”  It also has Linus (Ritesh Rajan) in a much happier mood than when he was last seen in the season one finale.  Suffice to say that Cameron is not dead, or in a coma, in this episode but as the time period is not really specified, this could be somewhere in the middle of season one’s time line and not after the “Cameron!” shouted out by Kirsten at the end of the finale. 

In terms of  plot, it is noted that everyone is well aware of Camille’s annual Halloween party which has to be relocated, meaning, apparently, that the group have all known each other for at least a year. However, It should also be noted that Tim from engineering (Cameron Britton) is not at the party and after spectacularly saving everyone in the lab towards the end of the season, his lack of appearance at the Halloween “do” indicates that this is before the gut wrenching final episode.

When Darkness Falls starts with Camille being frustrated about not getting rise out of Kirsten. The stitcher explains that she does not do “scared” (as in creepy, ghosty, scared) and after an amusing scene where Cameron and Linus trot out some costume ideas for the upcoming party, things move to the lab under the Jade Frog.

Linus with real “working” udders…

Cameron gets out his corn rant just before the alarm sounds for the latest stitch. Enter the “victim” for the episode, (2003’s Peter Pan star Jeremy Sumpter in a brilliant guest role) one Devon Landry, who is found hanged with a note stating that he is “Sorry for what I did.”

Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfieldtells the group that “what Landry may have done is kidnap a girl.” They have to do the stitch to find out where the young lady is and, if she is still alive, save her.  Cue Cameron’s usual “references” pre-stitch, which includes calling Kirsten “Scream Queen” and rumbling out “Here’s Johnny” as the the sequencing begins.

Once Kirsten is in the stitch, she learns a bit about the dead man and at one point, he talks to her while she is in his dead memory. Properly freaked out, Clarke ends the stitch and is not overly impressed with Cameron’s and Linus’ explanation about the occurrence. After the stitch, Devon shows up in the real world and once again Kirsten is, understandably, frightened. While Halloween shenanigans may not frighten Ms. Clark, nor the thought of being in dead people’s brains, a “stitch” following her around is a different matter.

While the “hauntings” continue, the group search for the missing student, Kelly Marino. Camille does not allow this to stop her search for a new venue for her Halloween party and when the stitchers gang (like the Scooby Doo gang sans dog) head to Landry’s house, Camille decides that this location is perfect for the “Nightmare on Camille Street” shindig.

There is a satisfying plot twist that involves twins, an apparent ghost, that is not dead at all, and some clever thinking on the part of Kirsten.

Before any of these things occur, Cameron and Linus explain to Kirsten that Devon talking to her in the stitch, did not really happen. She is not convinced. Clark also sees the dead man standing over a dead body, under a sheet, with a bone saw in his hand while in the stitch.

Linus (Ritesh Rajan), Cameron, Camille and Kirsten all head to Devon’s house and Kirsten sees someone upstairs. The four colleagues enter the dead man’s home,  and the two guys decide the the place is decidedly creepy. After finding “no body” (Linus’ joke) they leave.

Later, after Camille makes “eye-dourves” and then leaves with Linus to pick up a coffin for the party, Kirsten is visited by the dead man who looks at her through her bedroom window.

A creeped-out Kirsten heads to Cameron’s apartment (one of the funniest bits in the show has Ms. Clark knocking nonstop on the door until Cameron answers it) and after having a spoonful of “calming” hazelnut spread,  Kirsten tells him he has the couch and she is sleeping in his bed.

Kirsten has a very intense, and scary, nightmare and after waking up, she sees Devon in the hallway outside of Cameron’s apartment door. Grabbing her host, they look and Landry is nowhere to be seen. Kirsten then  asks Cameron to stay in bed with her. The next morning, the two are sleeping when Fisher (Damon Dayoub) calls and the stitch pilot seems pretty pleased with himself. 

As the episode moves on, they learn that Devon worked in a cadaver lab (bone saw) and when they arrive to search the lab, she finds a clue; Landry’s phone.  Before finding the smart phone, Kirsten mentions that Cameron snores and Fisher’s  bemused response is, “TMI.”  On the dead man’s phone, they find a picture of the missing student and “Devon.”

Later, back at the stitchers lab, Camille does  the math and finally explains that the kidnapped girl has 124 minutes to live. (Note: Listen to Kirsten’s pronunciation of “parameters.”-  “Tie me kangaroo down sport.” Great nod to her place of birth and a nice treat for her fans.)

After another stitch, where things are quite weird and Devon speaks to Kirsten again, she learns where the girl is and the group go to rescue her. After the student is safe, it is time to party and the gang show off their outfits and have some brilliant moments of interaction.

By the end of the episode, Kirsten proves that she really can take care of herself and Camille shows that she can clear a room.  Turns out that Devon was not the kidnapper or  attempted killer of the girl and not the ghost that was scaring Kirsten.

Brilliant episode with some hints (Maybe?) about Cameron and Kirsten as well as Camille and Linus. Example: Was the fact that Linus and Camille are arguing at the party a coincidence?  Probably not.

It has to be said, that Emma Ishta wearing a set of purple angel wings and outfit  is gorgeous as an angel (or Superhero That-Look) and Allison Scagliotti as a vampire space princess totally rocks it. (Great vamp teeth…and oh so impressive in that outfit.)

Stitchers: When Darkness Falls was an excellent telling of a “one off” tale for the season. (The scary one, not the Ho-Ho-Ho one.) A reminder of what we love about the series and all the characters that fans care about.  Who can possibly not like an episode where Cameron “gets the girl” and fans get to go “Awwww.”

The second season of Stitchers returns in 2016 on ABC Freeform. While waiting for the second season to start, have a look at Emma with Zed (Brian La Rosa) or do a little binge watching of season one.

Zed’s not dead baby…




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