American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story: Freak Show Ditches Clever for Bodycount (Review)

American Horror Story Freak Show in its latest two episodes ditches the clever Ryan Murphy touches which have made the show such a delight and instead focussed on bodycount, taking the series to an even darker place. The descent into increased homicidal tendencies and macabre episodes of violence seem to indicate that Dandy Mott’s inbred madness is contagious. The first episodes of season four had many sly touches of humor interjected with the overall oddness so prevalent in this carnival side show world of human anomalies. One such clever touch was the blending of musical numbers that were out-of-time i.e. anachronistic with the 1950s setting of the series.

Author: Mike's Film Talk

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